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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


welp. Day made.



have some trunkin snuggles for the weekend :+1:



Also have a wonderful weekend:


how did i ever forget this guy existed :joy:
"safety is number won priority"

i’m ded :rofl:


Good thing youtube suggestions reminded me of this gem, so I gotta drop it here for the folks who never listened.


i think someone just spiked my drink with LSD… i’m both hearing and seeing things @.@

Detective Pikachu

I seriously don’t know if i should be ironically or unironically excited to see this.

You know what i got reminded of when i saw Mr. Mime?

Just gonna hide it for the sake of @coralinecastell's health


Felix Colgrave. Talented animator. check him out.

First. Here’s a music video to present his personal tone, where he made both the visuals and music all alone.

And now, a tale of a king, in need of crown.


Yaaaaas, felix is great!

Here’s a particular favorite of a friend and myself



dude, that’s a genuine horror story right there wtf


there’s a new one, don’t know if you have seen it already:


I’m not a big Beethoven fan but this was brilliant, bravo! :clap:

Thanks for sharing.

@Enki jesus christ that honk video.

Happy Thank Give y’all


Hougard!! i(about moo you posted 10 years go xD) freaking love you for remembering me those dope video… damn the memory


@Eidos @Fraggles


Always! If i can continue supporting Youtube animators with stuff like ‘‘shoutouts’’ and patreon, i’ll f#ckin do it! Gotta protect the dying breed. Which reminds me.

Don’t know about you @coralinecastell but every month or so, i seem to be recommended AtLA videos that progressively builds up my urge to rewatch it. And this so far was the biggest contender.

Super simple exaggerated shapes to accentuate their characters. I love it :heart_eyes:


did we have this already ? :thinking:


That… was… glorious.


Wouldn’t surprise me if so, but still one of my favorites from last year.