Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


Well he convinced me.



Sometimes you need a good laugh.


having an intense hatred for wasps i feel that last introduction so much :joy:


Here’s an innocent video.


I dunno if anyone here also follows Pongfinity, but the stuff they do on this channel is just nuts. This is a fantastic video from a couple of days ago showing the crazy stuff these guys are capable of.


Kinetic geniuses. Or they actually have telekinesis and are controlling the ball’s movement. :thinking:


We don’t always get to see stuff like this, it’s quite fascinating. Aubrey Plaza’s performance is 1:1, hahah



Hand, Wrist & Forearm Stretches for Gamers - Pt 1 and 2. Good stretches to prevent CTS or soreness.


this has been making its rounds on twitter and it’s just so fn heartwarming

-apparently Charles is making a whole thing of it and has been doing this a little while


This came across my YouTube feed, no idea why:

And this one (13 years later?) I think YouTube algorithms are a little broken:

But I had a couple of laughs.



Linus got his hands on 3090… size of that thing is just insane.


The “8k” cake was a lie.



the anime filter was pretty scary, it kinda managed to make both of them look sorta handsome o.0


I haven’t seen that one, got any links? lol


dafuq does my vids never work @_@


cuz the source material doesn’t have sound either? At least not for me.