Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


the wolverine returns!!!



Just some impressive stuff.


nerds going the distance



curious to see that lightsaber in action; 10/14!


follow up!


This has been on youtube for several years now. Somehow hasn’t been dmca’d.

It’s a good children’s horror movie for Halloween if anyone is interested.


BTW I have this movie on DVD so piracy not needed :stuck_out_tongue:


Halloween will never be the same…


I just told my friend to watch this one, she loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, but never watched Coraline.


I’ve seen all those 3 and yup, recommend. ^^


It feels like I’m an alien in this planet, what the hell people


Nostalgia is on its way.



Skynet’s take on music? Interesting :thinking:


Lol. After several years of caroline being on youtube, it’s gone.

I’m 80% sure that somebody from this forum finally reported it. But that’s fine because I always test forums to see if lurkers do this kind of thing. It’s a channel with nothing else interesting so it can also be banned and doesn’t matter.

I’ll just keep everything else to myself. Too bad so sad.:poodle:


It is just damn funny. Over here we’re in low tier elections as well, and it’s just the same lies as always.


imagine if an ethics law got put into place, making it illegal for politicians to bullshit :laughing:



I just found this one here. It’s complete meme insanity, a 12 minute mashup journey that makes me smile so hard right now. :grin: :blue_heart: