Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend



I can easily recommend this channel to anyone who’s into tech,futurism,sci-fi and generally into space stuff but this particular video could be interesting to someone who’s not that much into those things.



Hey what do you know Tom and Jerry was the Chad this whole time? (Looney Tunes was second by the end don’t worry)
Also love the whining of TTG in the comments.



Looong, looong, maaaaaaaaan!



ROFL :rofl: The heck is that candy? Ha ha ha!


Looks like some sort of bubble gum, I don’t know.

What matter is that these series of commercials are very funny. :joy:


Japanese commercials tend to be entertaining, one of my friends always check the yearly compilation of them. They are extremely different from the usual we have in Brazil (which are mostly boring).


Yeah, it’s cool how this one had a funny plot to keep people engaged on what’s gonna happen next. Wish we could have more commercials like this.

I believe we had something similar in Brazil a long time ago with the comercials for Sukita.


This is a continuation to the crazy news post a couple of days ago, about the new Chinese national security law.

This is a practicing business lawyer who also runs a youtube channel where he discusses, breaks down and analyzes legal situations and frameworks primarily in relation to gaming.

I thought this was a pretty good video if you want to understand better how this new Chinese law is going to function, what it’s purpose is and what the ramifications probably will be.


A rather interesting watch. If you ever thought of getting a gaming laptop or in general are interested in differences between gaming laptop and gaming desktop hardware this is must watch.


Based on what I’ve been seeing I think a Ryzen 5 4600H or Ryzen 7 4800H paired with a GTX 1660 Ti is the best option currently for laptops.

HOWEVER, good luck finding a good one. Apparently MSI’s laptops are trash, ASUS’s laptops are trash in the thermals department, I have yet to see a HP Omen or Lenovo Legion, and Acer has only one. Which is sad because the Ryzen Mobile chips are very good.


Get your popcorn ready and watch this YT video. It is just amazing what this Twitch streamer tried to get away with.


Yup, I remember this girl. sigh I still said Twitch is really forgiving of its female streamers, lets them get away with some risque stuff, but that’s just me, an idealist.


There is a problem with double-standards…

…and inconsistent punishment on Twitch…

…but occasionally Karma will bite 'em in the -ass- arm.


oh my brain cells

One of our cats also bites when someone is being noisy. It stresses her.



Yah, the Stork would make you think that maybe Mothman exists, but there are also some cute, chonky, land and aquatic animals in the vid.