Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


Aw… but the fur must be so bedraggled after that… must take a while to get dry…


The time it takes for us to get back to the tree is enough to dry.



As a history and war movie enthusiast, its hard to belive it was inspired by reality, but there it is. Its true propaganda can make one look worse than it is, and, as true as a forest having rotten trees, a desert having roses is true aswell.
The movie is good and the full version is also free on youtube.


I couldn’t find the game related one to save my life. I wish some of the threads would be stickied…




Man, these people don’t give up do they…


Phew… the backing though - all that glitters isn’t gold comes to mind. This is why people stick to “name brands” in most cases, or at least a brand with better reputation.


The irony is, they had RIP Samsung ads, but their phones were Samsung with Escobar brand stickers :laughing:


Hi! I’m Duck🦖
Im a two legged lady catosaur double amputee rescue and I’m heckin photogenic


A classic-Potter Puppet Pals




okay, that duck should totally go to the duck park :joy:


Hopefully the guy brought his floaties otherwise, he will be denied in the duck park.


OMG that dude seriously could’ve killed himself

but hey, his hand was completely safe



@Enki I saw Caleb yesterday and yes, it’s kinda sad how very accurate that vid is…