Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


He… doesn’t …?! These geniuses. >> Grr… :heart:


Interesting how children view measurements.

The best one is the last one. I wonder until what age it will keep working.


I’m not against a vegetarian diet for yourself, but please don’t force a strict vegetarian diet on your carnivore/omnivore pets. Get yourself a herbivore pet, simple as that.



make your cats and dogs gay



Frogs gay.


Found a guy that got stung by the murder hornet. It was a show 2 years ago, that I never heard of. The swelling is very surprising.


It is so funny. xD


First was the Astronomia one, now it’s

I guess medieval version of meme songs is now a thing.


I supposed there 8-bit version out there somewhere too, sigh. :heart: Foster the People :heart:




it begs the question, have HBO completely lost their marbles ? :thinking:


Well they acquired Sesame Street all those years ago so in a way not really but also yes






@Enki @DontBeSilly I dunno about the number of years with fossils dates etc, but here are your “ancestors” and kin. :stuck_out_tongue:



Even modern sloths are mighty good swimmers and can move way faster and more agile in water than they do on land so this makes perfect sense.