Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


Someone went to some real effort to create this thing


First few seconds and my jaw dropped coz I know how hard this is… Just a few seconds is SOOO many pics and micro poses. This is super insane!


You think that all sports are cancelled? Well think again.

It has everything. Physical contact! Sportsmanship! Smelling salts! A Doctor on standby!


Good insight towards the production of A Goofy Movie.


This is absolutely amazing, what a partnership, even the official commentator hahaha

Formula E > Formula 1, fite me


New Championship!?!?




If you are watching Last Dance or want to learn more about Michael Jordan, check out this video about his brilliance as one of the best basketball players.



I posted this one in the wrong topic :smile:


cat one reminds me of:


@Enki Still love that song (parrot vid) ^^

@Pylinaer And ya’ll called me out for Baby Shark? lol





Some really high quality AMV work here, enjoy.


@Fraggles The editor is seriously bad a$$. Makes me wonder if the song title is just for the video or a reference to his/herself, lol.



CW: Bugs, lots of bugs.

This guy has a glowing scorpion, so that’s cool


Demonic centipedes in Sekiro. I winz!


I found out that Michael Jackson was sued for stealing a song but he proved he made the song by talking and singing the whole process. He also had old recorded evidence of how to song developed.

Though the most interesting thing was when he said he doesn’t read/write sheet music.