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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


Agreed. Also, thanks for explaining about the lead cars and that he knows when to expect traffic… The run looked crazy cool, but also just plain crazy before you said that. Still trying to decide if I like that sort of thing or not - torn between the beauty of his form during the run, and the biting nails feeling of “what if he falls!” :crying_cat_face: The same twisted feeling occurs watching Motorcycle stunts.


Should you decide you wish to find the answer to that question there’s a decent collection of videos where it happens. I’m not sure if any of them features this fellow in particular and I suspect only the ones where the person actually walks away from it ends/stays up on youtube.

For everything else, there’s liveleak.


The snake road vid i posted 11days ago has him wipeout. there is also this video (below) where one of his friends hits a guard rail trying to corner and gets an injury.


u have to agree though that not wearing knee and elbow protection in the very least is nothing short of stupid; in this case he had knee protection but it looked like some others don’t, though maybe they do under their clothing, but still, elbows…


When I was learning to rollerblade, I had the whole kit - helmet, elbow and knee pads. Felt clunky but I worried a heck of a lot less about falling - which is inevitable with any sport like that.

@Animosity Did a bit more reading up on long boarding and it’s not so much the danger of the sport itself, according to some statistics, but practicing it safely. Traffic seems to biggest hazard, but it’s not like you can have a dedicated long boarding road, I guess.

Weirdest article I read was on the sport being a good form of exercise and also an alternate method of commuting. O_o


Works great for commuting if you’ve got downhill both ways. Would have to live in the opposite direction of everyone’s grandpa.



But that was back in their day, when it snowed 50 ft, the bears were thick across the plains and tundra and medicine wasn’t sure what caused diseases.

Nowadays they flattened the world just so you kids wouldn’t ever be able to one-up a ‘back in my day’ story.


A compilation of Donnie Yen’s finest. :slight_smile:


yip man(s) was soo good :blush:
reminds me i should probably dust of Hero, think it might be ripe for a rewatch

but comn… no Rogue One scene?? that scene was epic and hilarious :smile:


I’m so proud of my country’s cultural heritage

please discourse, let me post this gem. thank you.






After the latest Game of Thrones episode ripped me heart out and stomped on it, I needed a laugh. Luckily Youtube has plenty of it!

*warning, swearing and whatnot

Scottish girl had me laughing and laughing. :joy:

(it is game related but sorta not, so I didn’t know where to put it. It was more comedy related, so…maybe game related? Hmm)


that’s such an awesome intro laugh :smile:


Yea, it had me laughing so much my sides hurt. :joy:

She returned, and with just as many laughs with another VR youtuber accompanying them.


That got really extensionalist at the end holy shit