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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend



I have found new art… Thanks for this @TR3NT and @orbus .


Scarlett Johansson & Hot Wings :heart_eyes:






Now I’ve seen everything I guess … the commentator is even talking about different levels of armor and how those “knights” (that’s the word he is using) are mainly worried for head trauma if not properly using their helmets… like wtf is that :smiley: How we got back to medieval times is beyond me. I blame Dark Souls though.


“sir, i say siiir, would you kindly saunter over herean so that may be possible i can do a floggin upon yer noggin”


My god, is been too long since I watched this movie, I need to rewatch it asap! I keep looping around Me, Myself and Irene and Fun with Dick and Jane that I almost forgot some of the others. :rofl:



I hate it when that happens :40. These videos have been popping up on my YouTube as well and it makes me sad that I don’t have the balls to longboard.


Saw one of this guy’s videos where one of his friends couldn’t slow down fast enough in a turn and smashed a guard rail and gashed his leg pretty good.


better that than wondering if it was worth it once yr in a wheelchair for life or in an early grave


Um, I’m terrified just looking at the speed the first guy was going at down that road. Nope. One of those things not to try just once.


I like movie reviews, in any shape or form. Loud and flashy, like Nostalgia Critic, or calm and cynical, like YMS or I Hate Everything.
If anyone here shares my love for this genre of videos, here’s a few maybe lesser known channels I wanna shout out real quick, before we get to the main attraction: Cynical Reviews, Steve Reviews, Mista GG, The Cosmonaut Variety Hour, 24 Frames of Nick and Saberspark, also Irish gamer CallMeKevin’s video about Neil Breen’s film Double Down was really fun.

Recently, a fun lil channel called Noodle got recommended to me, more specifically YouTube thought I’d like their then newest video about a movie called Elves (That’s where the link is going. Click it. Do it.).
He’s got some other interesting uploads as well, for example talking about cinematic games (like Uncharted, modern Tomb Raider, Dad of Boy) or metroidvania done right (comparing Super Metroid and Hollow Knight), and finally some random shit like GameGrumps and SuperMega animations, short videos about memes, and Kazoo covers of modern opera songs like Bohemian Rhapsody.
That guy is so talented, and he clearly deserves many more subscribers than the 48k he currently has. I hope I woke somebody’s interest here. Anyway, thanks for reading this. :heart:


Damn, that’s a funny scene. I need to see that movie sometime, I heard good things about it.
Also I recognize that place! It’s Medieval Times in LA, Game Grumps shot a super fun 10 Minute Power Hour there! :heart:


she should have used gueule, would probably have gotten some bonus points at least :smile:


Another longboarding vid my dewds & dewdettes.The redo he has to make when his slide puck gets pulled off was funny.


As amazing as his strength and balance is, I lost it when the car drove pass him. O_o That ups the level of danger.

Also, I wonder what his mom and dad think watching that vid. If I was a parent, I’d be freaking out so special.


While he gets pretty close sometimes to the cars passing by he is informed about them ahead of time. In one of the first videos i’ve watched of this guy he stated in the comment section he has a lead car about 30-40 seconds i think it was ahead telling him of upcoming cars on walkies. I guess it could be terrifying as a parent seeing them do things like this but i also guess it would be like if he was cop or stunt man where danger is always there. I guess they don’t enjoy the fact he is doing it but come to the realization it’s his passion his life and he has to live how he wants.