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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


strangely satisfying to look at:


someone please tell i’m not the only looking at that thinking it’s highly inefficient ?? o.O


Look man, those pieces of balsa need to go from here to there. That’s what 8 ft? You wanna go hire a bunch of people to do it? For how long? That wood needs to be moved every day, year in year out (until all the venture capital drys up). Do you have any idea what kind of savings a robot like that offers in the long term?

Pending software updates, it will last until the lubricant dries up in the joints, or the pressure tank runs out of compressed gas to run the pneumonic bits.

Besides we, already have the track installed on the floor.




i would i eat a humonz even if it didn’t have arms and legs if it was legal :yum:


Chuck, f’n, Norris! :clap:


I always forget who’s the mod that loves sponge bob. Is it Dusty or frst or someone else? Don’t wanna tag unnecessarily but please help me bring this to their attention thank you :crab: :money_with_wings:


It’s an AD, but holy cow is it amazing.



@coralinecastell, being the resident violinist, you would probably appreciate this a lot more than I did, even though I was completely blown away…


I have no idea which music he is covering – sorry for my pop music ignorance – but what did he do with that poor bow? I’ve never seen that kind of bow before! :exploding_head:

Good technique, excellent pizzicato – that’s plucking the strings, for those who don’t know! Way above my level of playing, but not above my level of appreciation. Nice :+1:

PS: There’s a bit there that reminds me of Wii menu music and I’ve never even owned a Wii :joy: ex: ~1:08-1:10



taking blind turns on the opposite side of the road, right, what could go wrong…

too bad for the person in that car if u happen to fly through their windshield


First comment of the video guy had a lead car on walkies telling him about the traffic.


I wouldn’t call it pop. ^^


I just scrolled through 275 posts of why the internet is great and also shit at the same time only to arrive at some VULF. God bless you.


thanks for clarifying! this is SO Much better than the violin cover tbw. Those vocals are :+1:


weird stop motion video that youtube suggested to me.


That reminds me of the videos made by PES.