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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


Man, these people don’t give up do they…


Phew… the backing though - all that glitters isn’t gold comes to mind. This is why people stick to “name brands” in most cases, or at least a brand with better reputation.


The irony is, they had RIP Samsung ads, but their phones were Samsung with Escobar brand stickers :laughing:


Hi! I’m Duck🦖
Im a two legged lady catosaur double amputee rescue and I’m heckin photogenic


A classic-Potter Puppet Pals




okay, that duck should totally go to the duck park :joy:


Hopefully the guy brought his floaties otherwise, he will be denied in the duck park.


OMG that dude seriously could’ve killed himself

but hey, his hand was completely safe



@Enki I saw Caleb yesterday and yes, it’s kinda sad how very accurate that vid is…





I can easily recommend this channel to anyone who’s into tech,futurism,sci-fi and generally into space stuff but this particular video could be interesting to someone who’s not that much into those things.



Hey what do you know Tom and Jerry was the Chad this whole time? (Looney Tunes was second by the end don’t worry)
Also love the whining of TTG in the comments.



Looong, looong, maaaaaaaaan!



ROFL :rofl: The heck is that candy? Ha ha ha!