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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


I can keep YOURS at the top… And make a note that these were added from ongoing thread…ANd move them to yours. Yours has all the petitions all in one post… All the others would just add to the conversation and make things clearer…


That one is really well made and something I think a lot of people would benefit from watching. Most of his videos are really good, though knowing nothing myself about creative writing I’m mostly going by how he’s able to really sound like he knows what he’s talking about and most of it makes seems to sense. : )


Same here, I pretty much “learned” everything I know about creative writing, pacing and cinematography from watching various movie channels who seem to know what they’re talking about. And The Closer Look seems to be one of the smartest out there. His video “How To Begin A Movie” was amazing.


I’m not exactly sure what you mean.



I moved them…



Arthas Reforged- telling Uther to destroy Stratholme in Warcraft 3. Chef Edition.



You need to stop

Top-tier shitpost though


Strange stuff coming through my YouTube feeds lately, this was rather fun… Super impressive stone skipping results


That ending though… What did I just hear?


sometimes i spend my time watching the darndest things out of nowhere o.0
probably the 4th or 5th hour of these i’ve watched today :rofl:


Most Popular TV Series 1986 - 2019.

Most of the TV shows appearing you probably watched already. Mentalist and Everybody Loves Raymond were 2 of my favorites.


Its kind of amazing Game of Thrones stayed consistently popular even after that controversial ending.
I’m one of the few who hasn’t watched like most of these, nor have any interest in watching those remaining ones. Maybe Breaking Bad and The Sopranos but not Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, though, I don’t want wild jumps in quality or a series running for way too long for me to comfortably catch up. As you can observe from my pfp, you can tell which kind of content I’d prefer, unless there were also some kid’s content on there because I skimmed through it.


I only watched first season of the walking dead and I could strongly recommend doing that. The first season is fantastic and it has a pretty good end that I think works as a finale.

Now I’m sure the quality of the show kept up for a few more seasons beyond the first, I doubt it’d get… damn there’s 11 seasons to this thing? …otherwise.

Anyway first seasons tends to be good and have an over arching story line planned out because they don’t know if they’ll get renewed or not. As soon as they’ve been renewed once shows tend to enter the never ending chase for renewal and writing stops being concerned with an ending as much as they want to cliffhang everything to keep it going in perpetuity.

So watch the first seasons of good shows, pretend that’s all there is to it. Because even if 5 of the 11 seasons are good, the 5th season wont have a satisfying ending and you’ll be on the hook to be dragged behind as they spiral into mediocrity.


GoT is still fairly recent, but like many of the other shows you see there, after it’s over it drops hard in a few months time. I guess a lot of people only watched because there was so much talk about how bad the ending was.




Billie Eilish shares her inspiration for becoming a musician.