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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


So accurate, lol! <3


LOL. I needed schooling on the flipping thing also as I was clueless :rofl:





I’m pretty impressed with that one guy’s quick thinking. Guess that was the least damaging way to stop everything.



“placebo cooling”,
:thinking: really can’t say Apple doesn’t “think different” :joy:




“violently blend” :rofl:




they are adapting to human civilization… :dizzy_face:
the Queen’s army is becoming more advanced, the end is nigh! :scream:


“Aqui até as capivaras são educadas!”
“Here even the capybaras are polite!”

LMAO! Thanks so mucho for tagging me, querido. I saw it on r/Brasil but didn’t have earbuds at the time so it was even funnier this time around!

Capybaras are gorgeous animals :heart_eyes:


three-hour-long trailer, lol


sees note, :dizzy_face:
sees Disney, :thinking:… makes sense :man_shrugging:

lets see, (if) disney+ fcn people over with other streaming services, i wonder if piracy will increase, hue hue :face_with_monocle:


Disney is just subtly flexing Disney+ haha



United Staters, please enjoy being made fun of:

:eagle: :us:


I need to get the lift
So I can get a lift
And go to the gym and lift.

Yes… my island was definitely colonized by those dudes back in the day, hee hee.