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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend



It’s old. But why not? I’m sure some of you remember this.


Now I can’t unsee that. O_o

@Enki Any idea what the song was? It’s cool. Also, guess the critter will just fly away when it’s done dancing. Heh. :sweat:




@Enki That wouldn’t play for me. T_T Found this one though, so thanks. ^^ It’s a fun song - but this is a weird video, lol


Ran across this lady today and just thought I must share this with everyone.

She has a lot of great covers on her channel so make sure you check a few more out. The couple of Hendrix tracks she does are great, feel like she manages to capture his style pretty well.


Every musical performance from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, not the greatest movie ever made, but definitely one of my favorites…


Coolest rhythm game ever. :stuck_out_tongue:




One of my faves as well, I watch it yearly :rofl:




Aw… the good feels. ^^


I found this while I was studying Korean and it’s adorable. But is it adorable because I understand the language? So maybe reading the subtitles won’t have the same effect? :man_shrugging:





i don’t how to describe this video…


The Area 51 “raid”.

It’s an entire joke. One proposed strategy for raiding was to “naruto run.” And one guy did it behind a newscaster.

I have no idea what all these people will do there since the entire thing is an internet joke. But since they have the time that makes it more funny.

EDIT: I just saw the same video on the crazy news topic. Oops. I was a few hours late. Shame on me.



It’s CalebCity week at Comedy Central! I’m really excited as I personally think the dude’s one of YouTube’s funniest. :joy:

This is a restaurant where people go to rage… I NEED TO GO.