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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


@snake153 12 is better than 8




Bigger question… What kind of Pizza place asks you how many slices to cut into the pizza??


obviously stomach conscientious pizzerias that wouldn’t want their diners to be forced to accidentally stuff too many slices down :wink:
“watch the weight, only eat eight” :stuck_out_tongue:



Came across this youtube alternative decentralized peer to peer based site and also this rather charming little animation. With youtube rapidly circling the drain alternatives could be worth checking out.







It’s a sad era we live in nowadays where the majority of fan projects are better than the movies or video games they represent.



I like to watch all kinds of documentaries about everything - nature included, but I have severe insectophobia and arachnophobia. Whenever there’s something on Nat Geo Wild related to those groups, of course I switch the channel, but today I found this youtube channel that makes it bearable to learn things :smiley:

@hivefleetbothan I hope the information is accurate though :slight_smile:


Short, but quiet so turn your volume up a bit.


Nope. SO much nope!

Seeing insects up close is what made me afraid of butterflies. Too alien. O_o


Glad someone else had seen this (Sorry I was on hiatus). It is Mostly accurate, army ants have in some cases a two stage system where they do have a nest (instead of living in a perma-bivouac) but I don’t know how that differs in old vs new world army ants.



Harmony is in the ear of the listener. =^_^=


Are we doing funny music?

Check out this fun drummer. If you’re a drummer, you can only play at .25 speed to figure it out. And please do it whenever possible. I hope I didn’t already link it.


Just saw the trailer for JoJo Rabbit. It looks really good. After watching What We Do In The Shadows, and loving it to death, I really can’t wait to see this.