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[closed] ROUND 2; Gnuffi's Extravaganza Bonanza 🎁, spring cleaning giveaway, sloppy seconds finale [ALL WINNERS NOTIFIED CHECK YOUR PMs!]



STAR WARS™ - The Force Unleashed™ Ultimate Sith Edition
The Sexy Brutale

Thank you again for hosting these giveaways, Gnuffi.

P.S. One of my favourite bands, not to mention them having one of the best concerts that I have ever attended


Thank you for this giveway!

I’d like to enter for:

My current guilty pleasure:

GL all!

  1. KOTOR
  2. Hiveswamp
  3. The Sexy Brutale
  4. STAR WARS The Force Unleashed
  5. Morphite
  6. Pixel to the West

and here come some favorite tunes

  1. Immortal Redneck
  2. HIVESWAP: Act 1
  3. Subterrain
  4. Morphite
  5. Ebony Spire Heresy
  6. War for the Overworld
  7. Pankapu Complete Edition

I have way too many favorite songs, so I decided to pick some songs from one of my favorite games.


closed for entries

alrighty, commencing shaking of the sack shenanigans and other closed eyes randomizing hat-pulls’ rewarding events

in the meantime, have a little comforting substitute reward tune, while y’all wait to see if you get showered with rng affection:


Wow…Bo Burnham. I know what song I’m gonna link if I win… :wink:


Thank you again, @Gnuffi !

Can’t get enough of this:
Kingdom Hearts III Theme

Part 2 or not, I tried hard “not to think twice” about which games to choose … so here I go:

  1. Pixel to the West
  2. Ebony Spire Heresy
  3. Dungeon Gambit Boy
  4. Grey Goo Definitive Edition
  5. PAYDAY 2

Ah, I just saw the notice that it just closed.

My mistake :sweat: . Until next time :smile: .


Oooh ouch, Rosette as usual trying to get in at the very last minute and finally failing to do so, bummer.


Good luck everyone!


Woohoo! I am now out of luck points, thanks for the giveaway and thanks for the game. I got the super uber mega hyper Sexy Brutale :smile:


I got Dungeon Gambit Boy! Thank you @Gnuffi !
Good luck to everyone else, I hope you get the game you want!

I’ve listened to this song literally over 100 times and still didn’t catch every reference it has. Every single line is a joke, see how many you can spot. :smile:
It’s the ‘Where’s Waldo’ of songs :rofl:


I hope 1 w1n


I won Kotor! Thank you @Gnuffi! The chrono gods favor me this day!


i got layers of fear. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


Whew, close one!


Thanks Gnuffi, I managed to snag Ebony Spire with my luck! :+1: :relaxed:


alrighty, all winners have now been notified, minor snafus and all that, :sweat:
-so some will have gotten a "by proxy"PM from @onLooSe again, and a couple will have gotten an “old”/reused PM from a time i might have PM’d you before

Be sure to check your PM’s before the deadline tomorrow please people! :clap: Congrats to all the those favoured by the RNGesus :tada:, and my humble apologies to those that didn’t -wish i had a game for everyone of you

And thank you all so so much for the wonderful music and entries, i’ve really expanded my playlist a bunch (and i think y’alls kinda might have totally scrambled my YT suggestions :rofl:)

as we all know, nothing lasts forever, and even half decent stuff(/giveaways) must come to an end :wave::disappointed_relieved:

see you all (hopefully) for the next time we do some gifting shenanigans :hugs: until then, i’ll leave you with this


Classic choice.


Someone, go grab the other alts.


Were there two @Gnuffi? I believe there were. I also got the so called “Uber Mega Hyper Sexy Deadly Brutale”.



This may burn your eyeballs with sudden cases of your brain either melting or exploding. Please take with caution.