[closed] ROUND 2; Gnuffi's Extravaganza Bonanza 🎁, spring cleaning giveaway, sloppy seconds finale [ALL WINNERS NOTIFIED CHECK YOUR PMs!]

ah, alas, all good things must come to an end, but let’s not cry over dust filled lungs, spilt milk or lost winnings

told you i might had more in store for y’all :yum:(yes my cellar is a giant mess, and apparently full of long forgotten artifacts and trinkets, -along with all the remains"chronie experiments") :man_shrugging:

But wrapping this year’s vacuum and wash bucket up never to lay my eyes upon again (at least for another year),
and as i dig out the garden chair from the behind the moldy christmas decorations, in preparations for this seasons yard activities; of sitting grumpily in the chair, shaking my fist, yelling at them there dang hormonal spring squirrels/kids to “get off my lawn” :triumph:
Cue the celebration band: :notes:

Now, since no fun is without stipulations, here are the rules:

  1. have 2 Weeks Community Forum Membership
  2. have 8 Badges
  3. List games in order of preference
  4. Can max ask for 7 games
  5. lets get some more tunes: include your 1 favourite song of all time(or currently) in your reply! (YT vid, soundcloud/spotify/etc audio link, whatever) :musical_note:

^if you are able to follow these simple steps, the spoils lie before you *

This week’s cobweb encrusted “treasure” findings are:

Giveaway will end Friday March 8th at deal reset(6pm CET).
Will use RNG to decide results, and Winners will be notified via PM on forum; which you then have 24 hours to respond to(reply window ends at Saturday March 9th 8pm CET)
so put a note in your calendar to check in on forum between 8pm-8pm CET from Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th! -otherwise will redraw winners that don’t respond in time.

*(Note, by entering this giveaway you accept; in the rare chance that if a potential key doesn’t work, there will be no replacement, due to Fanatical store policy on past purchases)


Since i won a great game from the first one i will skip entering again but good luck to everyone and thanks for your generosity @Gnuffi


Don’t be silly, enter again.

I’m not entering, i just want to share my favorite song:


First of all thanks you for another awesome giveaway.

Oh god so many songs to chose from but its not that hard to pick one over the rest.

Has got to be “Fuga y misterio” by Astor Piazzolla.
Mind you its different versions of the same song.

Original version

Alternate versions made over the years are good too.

There are tons of versions and variation of instruments of it but for me nothing beats the original.

Damn now I will spend the rest of the weekend listening to more instrumentals >.< thanks for that.

Anyways, as for the game, lets see…

  1. Figment
  2. The Sexy Brutale
  3. Jalopy
  4. Subterrain
  5. Punch Club Deluxe
  6. War for the Overworld
  7. Overfall

Thanks again for another great giveaway, fingers crossed!


^this :point_up_2:

i don’t think i’ve ever put a limit to people being able to enter if won previously/“last round” in any of my giveaways. And while it could be considered sorta gracious/“in good sport” you opt not to;
don’t be silly, -if there is a game you like, just go for it, and see if you get lucky. That way, (if you do win it), you can just tell yourself it’s the Universe’s way of saying “you really should have this game” :smile:
no worries :+1:


Another nice giveaway

Have some music themed about moving your feet (left right left)


ANOTHER giveaway!?! I thought I was seeing double! Thanks again for sharing the games in the bottomless bag you seem to have @Gnuffi ! I’d like to enter for:

  1. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trilogy
  2. Morphite
  3. Pankapu Complete Edition
  4. Dungeon Gambit Boy
  5. Figment
  6. Ebony Spire: Heresy
  7. Jalopy

Good luck to everyone else in this giveaway! :smile:

The song I’m choosing is going to be pretty hard to beat so I apologize beforehand to all those that post after me. :smirk:

Mic Drop


Hey @Gnuffi , I was so confused, I thought this was the old topic. Not sure if anyone else got confused, but could you add a “PART 2” or something like that to the post’s title? TY!

EDIT: THANKS! :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

Just to make it clearer at a glance (although, then again, I might have been the only one who didn’t realize) :blush:

@rporter711 I bloody LOVE Astor Piazzolla! You are a beautiful human being for sharing his work here. Btw, have you ever watched the movie “Happy Together” by Wong Kar Wai? Has a few of his iconic tangos and is an outstanding movie – one of my all-time favorites. It’s set in Argentina!

In fact, I wanna learn one of his pieces on the violin… wish me luck! On a side note, I absolutely love this rendition of his “Vuelvo al Sur”:

I’m not entering the GA this time but, of the list of games offered, I recommend Punch Club, The Sexy Brutale and Hive Swap! Pretty great games, especially for free. Good luck to all entering! :blush:

Bonus piece. To all Bach lovers, definitely check out the Netherlands Bach Society’s YT channel. It’s breathtaking.


I know, so many great pieces by Piazzolla, glad to know im not the only one. I havent heard of that movie but I’ll see if I can find it and give it a watch.


Thanks so much for doing the giveaway! I’d like to enter for

  1. The Sexy Brutale
  2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
  3. Beholder
  4. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

You can never go wrong with some David Bowie in your life, can You?


A giveaway where it asks you to name your favorite song?! I’m in love with the rules. :star_struck:

My absolute favorite song ever is Siberian Khatru by Yes. Now I was going to list Astral Projection’s Mahadeva, but given that I am insanely in love with an unofficial remix of it, I cannot in good faith list it. :sweat_smile:

Now again, if I felt it wasn’t a cheat to list a remix, I would totally do it, but given that I’m in love with Yes as much as I am with Astral Projection, I feel its fine to “settle” a bit. :metal: :dancer:

Oh, and I’d like to enter for the following:

  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
  2. Ebony Spire: Heresy
  3. A New World: Kingdoms
  4. Figment
  5. Jalopy
  6. Immortal Redneck
  7. Morphite

Good luck everyone! :relaxed:

(Ebony Spire looks real good! lol)


Heres another great Frank Sinatra songs, I LOVE this one!

  1. Star Wars The Force Unleashed
  2. Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic
  3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R
  4. A New World: Kingdoms
  5. Overfall
  6. Payday 2
  7. War for the Overworld

Might I add, I love this type of giveaway.


My favorite song of all time is:

Looks like i missed Round 1 :smiley:

1.Pankapu Complete Edition
2.The Sexy Brutale
3.S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
5.Immortal Redneck

If possible i have a spare key for Deponia the complete journey from the last giveaway, i can give it to u @Gnuffi, maybe some folks missed it and can have a chance to win it here :smiley:

GL to everyone <3


Oh round two @@ i was not prepared :scream:
but i would like to enter for

  1. Alicia Griffith - Lakeside Murder
  2. Figment
  3. War for the Overworld
  4. Pankapu Complete Edition

And for the music, currently this melody can’t get out of my head


In thaaat case…

  1. Figment
  2. Immortal Redneck
  3. STAR WARS The Force Unleashed

Currently listening to:


Wasn’t gonna enter this one, but i really want the force unleashed. It’s been a long time since I’ve played it.

So with that,

  1. Star Wars The force unleashed
  2. Pankapu.

It’s almost impossible to pick a single favorite song so I’ll instead give you my favorite classical piece.


Thanks for the opportunity!
I would like Jalopy, Immortal Redneck or Punch Club.

As for a fav song, i can’t stop listening to this lately:


Thanks for another giveaway! :smile: I hope you’re getting some cleaning done in between :wink:


Hi my name is Wasabi, and i am here to eat cheeks.
I enjoy subway and apex legends, and with that i shall enter this geevewey :stuck_out_tongue:

1 - Immortal Redneck
2 - Layers of Fear
3 - Figment
4 - Pankapu
Smells funky

i still have back pain, send help pls.

  1. The Sexy Brutale
  2. Punch Club
  3. HIVESWAP: Act 1

I did win 1 before, but because of that I’m going for a shorter list this time. Good luck and Ut Alea Iacta Est! EDIT: I realize that that may be a bad translation. What I tried to write in latin was: “May the die be cast!” :smiley:

Quite possibly my favorite instrumental song. :star_struck: