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[closed] ROUND 2; Gnuffi's Extravaganza Bonanza 🎁, spring cleaning giveaway, sloppy seconds finale [ALL WINNERS NOTIFIED CHECK YOUR PMs!]



:thinking: there might have been two :wink:



Never heard of this guy before! Thanks for this, I loved it! Didn’t realise the last pun until I read his name again properly, LOL! Got to listen to Gnuffi’s now. Chrono peeps are the fun-est!

Btw, won Figment. Thanks once more to @Gnuffi. :slight_smile:


If you liked that one…


Dang it I won.

Here are some other of my favourite songs:
Horror :E

switching vocals:

Omg I love the sound:

For a nice note to your beloved rival<3 It’s a bit… uhm… I just gonna hide it :wink:


Nostalgia (I have a GBA SP blue edition myself ;)):

Song for Soraka mains and people who want to calm down:

My favourite Dubstep of all time! MEOOOOW~

I got plenty of songs more :wink: you wanna know them? send me a pm<3

THANK YOU FOR THE HONOR OF WINNING A GAME RANDOMISED CHOOSING ROBOT! And thank you to @Gnuffi for the giveaway <3 :wink:


Loving my Chrono education. :stuck_out_tongue: So now some fine day, Bendy and the Ink Machine is something I’ve got to go through - the art is lovely. I’m a sucker for Noir and generally black & white style games… The inky monster in the trailer looked so cool! (Okay enough fan girl squealing).


Haha I get u. I’m a real P.Cat when it comes to horror games. But I had to watch the playthrough of Bendy and well… I might had nightmares but damn it was worth it <3


Beautiful and unique in my opinion :grin:


You may also be interested in this video.

It’s a pretty good YouTube channel, I recommend it. :grinning: