Chrono's Animal Farm: The Community Giveaway III - [WINNERS ARE NOTIFIED, Check PMs]

Welcome to the Chrono’s Animal Farm… For Chronies™

Yes, we went with an animal theme for the games this week, so what do we have for you? It is time once more for some Games to Giveaway.

First up we have TWO copies of Owlboy

For the FIRST time, we have two VR GAMES bundled together as one, both are as follows.

Duckpocalypse VR


We also have that classic in real life simulation with Goat Simulator

And erm, we… err… have… well, you see it does fit… ‘ahem’ …when you… erm… think about it and stretch the meaning… er… just a wee bit.

So We have:

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Check if your country allows it)

And that is it for this week.

So, what hoops do you have to jump through this time? Well, I did have an idea but that needs planning, so what I think we should do is keep the “You must have at least 6 Badge rule” from last week and also the “You must have at least a 2 Week Active Membership on the Community forums,” Rule. There is no real qualifying question for this time around though, sorry, so why not just share your favourite gaming moments below and you are in. (I promise, this will get more effort put into it for next time) Please also remember to state which games you would like to be in contention for. It saves a lot of hassle for later on.

  • 6 (SIX) Badges.
  • 2 (TWO) Week Active Community Membership.
  • Share Your Favourite Gaming Moments From Gaming History.
  • State Which Game/s You Wish To Enter For.

Mostly the same rules as before, submit your entries by the time the new Chrono Daily Deal on Monday 5th February 2018 and please leave which games you wish to be entered for, good luck. The winners will be decided by Discobot’s RNG Die rolls shortly after closing. You must contact us after receiving your PM declaring that you are a winner within 24 hours of being notified. If you fail to reply, we will have to redo the draw for that game. Sorry, but we must be strict on this one.

NOTE: As some people keep failing to claim their games, we must be strict when asking you to respond to the PMs that we send out. You have a 24 Hour Window and we MUST stick to it. Sorry but it causes a lot of unnecessary hassle for us.

Additional Note: You can enter for all the games if you want? There is no limit for what you enter for, so if anyone reading this only mentioned one game because you thought that was the case then no, you can enter for each game if that is what you want. Either list the titles you are entering for or if you wish to enter for all start by saying… "I would like to enter for ALL games."

That is all, I look forward to reading your replies.

Oh, wait…
We do have another game for you but you probably won’t be interested in it and that is:

Stardew Valley

Lol… Good Luck. :vulcan_salute:

Chrono Community Giveaway Members Are: @delenn13, @PeteMcc, @Gnuffi, @HappyCabbage and myself. Contact any of us if you have any queries.


I would to enter for a copy of Owlboy who doesn’t love pixel art games. One gaming experience that i remember the most is back on ps1 with the original Diablo. Me and one of my school friends would get together during lunch and just plan out what we wanted to accomplish in the session.We would play for hours and hours day after day til one day the disc finally stopped working. So we were kinda bummed that it died but i ended up getting another copy. I have to say out of all my years gaming thats the first and only time i ever murdered a game by playing so much. Thank you for the giveaway.


Wow, what an insane giveaway, ty for doing this. I’d like to participate for Owlboy please.

My favorite gaming moment has to be the grand final of the last cs go major which just finished a week ago; it was pure madness and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it; to me, the level of intensity felt during that game truly was on the level of major sports competitions like world cup finals or superbowls or whatever’s yr thing, and I used to be a huge sports fan.


Stardew Valley =O

Well not too well known and I don’t know how much it qualifies (let me know if it doesn’t), but my favourite moments was the hilarious incident between game reviewer and game developer, which was Digital Homicide vs Jim Sterling.

I guess this video sums up what happened quite well (by Jim Sterling)

From the “debate”/“interview” to the desperate attempts to silence criticism while trying to come out as the hero I found it funny every step of the way.

Also I guess what happened to Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2/Bungie were interesting


lol y that was funny


OK, so my favorite game is The Curse of Monkey Island. Because it’s perfect and I WON’T HEAR ANY DIFFERENT FROM ANYONE HERE, OK?!

Since it’s a perfect game, all of it is my favorite gaming moment. But the special highlight goes to this:

of course I don’t know this by heart ha ha ha ha why would I are you crazy

There’s also this moment where the whole island is filled with fat chickens and you can squeeze them and EVERY SINGLE TIME I giggle like a maniac and do only that for like… hours.

Ha ha. I swear I’m sane. Kind of. Have some chickens and no judgie:


I’d like to enter for Owlboy.

PS: guys the banner is really good this time! Keep it up, folks!


This is quite a hard one since there are multiple gaming moments for me but my faulty memory won’t help me much. So, perhaps this one is just the right one for me and for this…

You know that moment when you know there isn’t much else to do in the game and you just go do your thing and fight the bad guy, save the girl, etc… and then…

You just discover that there’s a whole bunch more of stuff to do! The most notable game to do this for me was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in my early days of gaming, if you played you’ll know what I mean, mirror, stuff, yeah! One of the best feelings and one of my favorite games to this day. :purple_heart:

Now, for the game, you probably already know that I’m a lover of pixel art, so of course Owlboy would be my choice. Not that I have any other options, because I own the other interesting titles and have zero interest in VR (I’m sorry). So, thank you guys for the opportunity, even though it’s looking like it will be a tough one! Good luck to us all, but mostly for me! :rofl:


Legend Of Zelda for its puzzles and story (nostalgia) and Castlevania (synphony of the night specificly) for its music, arcade style combat and retro feel. I almost forgot the king of my memories! Banjo And Kazooie!!! The music and the collecting its just so blissful, there is so much to see and explore. ill never forget the Click Clock Wood Theme for as long as i live!

I’d like to enter for Owlboy , Goat Simulator and sleeping dogs :wink:


ha, animal farm I get it. :wink:

animal games.

shame you didn’t have a copy of “deadliest creatures” to give away too haha

also I thought that was new Dante in the picture before I saw “sleeping dawgs”


Entering For
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
Stardew Valley

Share Your Favorite Gaming Moments From Gaming History.
Well I don’t really know, well maybe when i heard eSports could be apart of the Olympics and at the X Games which is cool even tho i don’t watch esport tournaments.


I’d like to enter for Sleeping Dogs and Stardew Valley, thank you.

Favourite gaming moments is a hard question. There’s been plenty of amazing events and moments in esports, from early broodwars and sc2 tournaments, EVO finals or dota 2 TI, couldn’t really select any one to be the most exciting one. So it’s probably going to have to be something from childhood, some of the earliest experiences tend to stand out in your memory even if they’re rather mundane in comparison. Again many to chose from.

Maybe playing Super Mario Land for the very first time on the game boy I had saved up and worked for for over a year or more. Playing Syndicate, the first PC game I ever purchased. Installing Baldurs gate that came in this really cool 5 CD folding sleeve. Biggest game I had ever seen at the time and all the cool little extra things that came with it… suppose I could go on forever here.

I’ll have to go with the ending of Mark of the Ninja, man what an amazing game that is. Every part of it is of course worthy of populating this list but the ending really ties it all together in a way that really got to me.


“You’re as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee.”
“I look that much like your fiancee?”

Had to just updoot this game. It’s like the greatest ever!


Thanks for awesome giveaway, as always!

I would like to enter for Owlboy and Sleeping Dogs.

The question of having my favorite gaming moment is very tough, so here’s one of them. For most of my young childhood, I did not play much in the way of games, I often went to the local arcade and watched other people play. I had always wanted to play, but wanted to save up any money given to me. For what, I did not know, but I did not feel right spending money that came so rarely in my direction–after all, I did not have an allowance. I remember hopping on to play Street Fighter II several times though, and it was probably when I was 6 years old, and learned how to mash Guile’s Sonic Boom. By the way, I didn’t know and never knew what it was called, I just looked it up just now. But I remember throwing that out there repeatedly and winning a bunch of fights… It was so gratifying to win a few fights as a 6 year old in an arcade… :slight_smile:


Thanks for doing this!

I would like to enter for Owlboy and Stardew Valley

About the question: I already used bioshock as an example for voice acting in the previous giveaway, so… Instead of just saying the obvious moment in Bioshock, I will say that finding the first colossus in Shadow of the Colossus was a great scene. This one is appropriate too, cause they are rereleasing it now.


I would like to enter for Owlboy and Stardew Valley

My dad had a bar where he went to play on an arcade machine when he was young, always Bombjack. And years later he started collecting older games and consoles just because he loved it so much as a kid, so I grew up asking to set up the atari and play New Zealand Story. Those were the days, not really something of gaming history, but a nostalgic memory nonetheless! Great day and good luck to all of you! :slight_smile:


Entering for:
Stardew Valley

I don’t know why this comes to mind as the greatest but I think it would have to be something to do with Warcraft as that was the game in my family growing up.

My number one pick is; waking up one morning as a kid, probably 12-14 or something and when my brother and I got to the kitchen my Dad shouted from the study that we should come have a look. When we went in he was playing Warcraft 2 and he told us he was just about to finish it, clearly he had been up all night playing and we watched the closing cinematic where Khadgar closes the Dark Portal together. I remember it quite vividly.

Video with the last minute of the campaign and the cinematic


I am entering for either Vrog or Duckpocalypse.

Scanning my brain for a favourite moment in my gaming history I can only think of the feeling of finishing that last boss in any game. Completing a game is the best feeling for me as it means I can start a new adventure with a whole new game but there is also that great feeling of overcoming that last obstacle.
I once left Ganondorf sitting in hyrule castle for about a year in The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, before actually attempting to fight him. I don’t remember the circumstances around why I left him, maybe I thought I couldn’t beat him, maybe I didn’t want to finish it right away, maybe I wasn’t quite ready but when I did end up taking him on I did beat him and that was an exciting feeling but at the same time its a bit upsetting too because for me that means I will not likely play it again. (its just not something I do very often)


Another great giveaway! Owlboy and Sleeping Dogs are fantastic games, which I already own, but I will throw my hat in the ring for Stardew Valley. Everyone is always going on about how great this game is. I think it’s about time I see what all the fuss is about. I did enjoy Harvest Moon back in the day.

As for my favorite gaming moments, when you’ve been gaming as long as I have, it’s almost impossible to come up with just one. A few that come to mind are: Staying up all night (on a school night) beating Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1)… and showing up for school like a zombie the next day. Finishing some extremely challenging games like Devil May Cry 3 (the original release, with the Japanese hard difficulty), Ninja Gaiden Black, Dark Souls, the Adventures of Lolo (anyone remember that game?). Winning a match against the world #1 ranked Grand Slam Tennis (Wii) player in an online tournament.

Perhaps my best gaming memory was watching my father beat the Legend of Zelda on NES. My father wasn’t much of a gamer. He bought an Atari 2600 when it came out but was rarely seen playing it. There was something about the Legend of Zelda, however, that seemed to resonate with him. I was just a little kid at the time - and this was back in the days before the internet and YouTube - so seeing someone actually finish a game like Zelda was a real treat. I remember being outside, playing with some neighborhood friends, when I heard my father shouting from the window that he was at the final boss. My friends and I were no further than about halfway through the game, but spoilers be damned, we all rushed in to witness this monumental event!


We have a really similar story, different game, but almost the same


One of my favorite moments was back when I first played CS 1.6, also was the first time I played video game, I never knew gaming could be that fun.

I would like to enter for Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.