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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Sub 3:50 is hard :confused:

And left foot braking! Not so much in this stage but in the last stage it was essential to getting a fast run.

I gave it my best shot in the Renault.


only just noticed now yr a fellow belgian, vlaming ou wallon? lol




I’ve gone down to 3:47 now, so I’m gaining on you @Fraggles. I just need to get that one perfect run. I’ve been working on going faster in the straights and curves but a single mistake just ends your run permanently on this map.


I will try but I tend to lose my patience too quickly.

It could also be that you’re playing it a bit too safe. You’re probably still the better driver.:wink:


Somehow I doubt that, given the many times I drive off the road or end a race with an almost non-recognizable vehicle. :blush: i appreciate the vote of confidence anyway…


Flemish, you?

This is why I dislike running the Renault through here, I prefer AWD/FWD cars in monaco so you at least have a chance to survive if you slip up :smiley:

Me too.


from Oostende, but dad from Brussels, so was raised speaking both, french at home, dutch everywhere else


I needed a bit of change of scenery so today I’ll just play some Outrun 2006 instead.
Now this is the type of game I feel really at home with.

The game is basically abandonware at this point so it could perhaps be fun for a future tournament.


These things aren’t consistent with eachother. -sincerely a limburgenaar :smiley:

Nice time, hurry up and grab first place already!

Uni starts for me this week so I’ll be busy.


maybe yr confusing german with dutch or something? I do mean nederlands, or vlaams, rather, or whatever u wanna call it

or maybe yr making a joke about west-vlaams accent? but then that would be inaccurate; plenty of ppl there are capable of speaking ABN too

@Doomy i get where yr coming from though, lol, there’s plenty of them who are unable to do so as well, i guess


cut another couple seconds down.

Sorry @Fraggles, you’re gonna need to speed up a little now.


It’s not that i have much free time on workdays anyway . Maybe i’ll slip in a few extra laps during the week but no real time for any decent practise for me either.


Well I messed up pretty badly, got a really nice run thought I’d get a recording of it. So loaded up OBS and started trying to wrestle it into capturing the re-run footage. Bloody thing wont cooperate, wont capture the game no matter if I run game, window or screen capture. Just getting black video with audio. Then the game crashed so now my time didn’t get saved.

Well I plan to beat this time anyway so I guess it wont matter in the long run.

Turns out though if you start OBS before running the game window capture works, but not if you start OBS while the game is already running in which case it refuses to capture in fullscreen.

Oh hey, congrats @YQMaoski. Just saw you joined the club.


Well still have not managed to beat the lost time, but I did get another one that beats Vindace.

Also so happened to record it this time. If anyone is interested in how I gained 5s on myself and then blow almost all of it away in a crash.

The start is pretty rough and stalling out in the first hairpin was not ideal, still takes almost 3s off my old time right there. So for next try I can hopefully polish that up a bit.

If anyone fancies looking through and see if you can spot any tactical mistakes I’m making I’d be happy for the feedback. There’s plenty of obvious mistakes here, but if you spot something that looks like I’m doing wrong on purpose, please let me know.


some solid driving there mah dood. There’s this one long hairpin where i think it might be better to try and take it in second gear or at least switch to it as it rly kept on going and u kept it in first all the way through it, but i rly have no idea how i take it myself since im in automatic and dont even pay attention to my gears, but it just feels like u lose time by limiting yr output to first for so long

and then one pretty obvious thing is try to brake a little bit earlier in those instances where u lock up yr tires, that will help u avoid locking them up or at least give u a bit more time to rectify yr trajectory before it’s too late

but overall rly good driving i feel, and we all make mistakes anyway


Yeah I think it’s the last hairpin, the one with the wooden railing, in this run where I get stuck in first, I do try to shift up but my button press didn’t register so the engine is just screaming at me to shift up for a few seconds. There’s also couple of turns in the last part where I am overly cautious, breaking too much too early because that space is where I’ve been making a lot of mistakes in runs past, I wanted to bring this one in so I drove cowardly for once.

The corner at 3:10, you have NO idea how many great runs have stopped as I find myself wedged in between that rock wall and the parked car. Who the hell parked there?


That’s a really good run. :+1:


I feel like in some corners your entry was too fast, which resulted in a lower exit speed because you need to brake in the corner. Ideally you accelerate out of the corner instead of after the corner. (I’m sure you know, it’s not always easy when you’re driving. =))

I think this feels slower but isn’t.

I turn a bit more in the first corner to get through the second corner faster, mini scandinavian-flick if you will.
I always fuck the corner at 1:15 up.
Good run.

EDIT: anyone have an up to date scoreboard with everyone’s times ? I don’t think I have everyone added yet-


I have a video of the replay. I apologize for the micro stutter. Didn’t realize I forgot to launch MSI Afterburner to make sure my card wasn’t being dumb.

And yes, I’m aware my Hairpin turning skills are a bit…unorthodox. and maybe even downright terrible.