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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Welcome one and all to the Chrono Rally League!

This is an attempt at getting together and playing a kind of game many of us are rather unfamiliar with, Dirt Rally. It may seem a daunting task when you first attempt it but that’s why we’re all here, to share our experiences and give each other a playful competitive nudge to tackle the challenge.

The idea is for everyone to practice one track for as much as they desire over the coming week and post their times in this thread to later be compiled into a high score at the end of the week. We will also be discussing the problems we’re facing, the solutions we come across and anything else interesting that occurs. This post will update with the details of each active week below the break.

I have the pleasure of announcing the first week of Chrono Rally League over and extend a huge congratulations to @Doomy for this weeks top placement with an astonishing time of 3:44.174.

@Vandem takes the top newcommer spot and honourable mentions also go out to @NICK9X9, @DontBeSilly and @Pylinaer for their rapid mastery of the game, cars and track. I was delighted to see we also had a couple of late entries filling out the week’s table. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Week 37 Final results
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Renault Alpine 03:44.174
2 Vandem Renault Alpine 03:47.790
3 M00 Renault Alpine 03:51.274
4 Nick9x9 Renault Alpine 03:52.057
5 DontBeSilly Renault Alpine 03:53.324
6 Pylinaer Renault Alpine 03:53.340
7 Frag-ile Renault Alpine 04:13.056
8 Truly Renault Alpine 04:13.573
9 Strifeborne Mini Cooper S 04:17.339
10 Vindace Renault Alpine 04:19.089
11 PeteMcc Mini Cooper S 04:22.756
12 YQMaoski Renault Alpine 04:35.922

Well done everyone, I am greatly surprised by how well everyone did and the brilliant turn out. I hope you’re all interested in joining us for next week which starts right now!

Let me introduce the next stage for Week 38:

We’re taking the show over to Monaco and Col de Turini another mountain road but as opposed to Greece Monte Carlo can afford tarmac and removing boulders from their roads. This will be a very different track for everyone now used to the nice slippery gravel of last week. The grip will surprise at first and you will feel safe end secure reaching some exhilarating speeds rapidly as you waste no time or power throwing gravel at spectators, but don’t take it for granted as it will inevitably betray you in the corners.

This stage will test your cornering mechanics, mastering tight and fast hairpins is likely what will bring you to victory this week.

We are still working with the 60’s era cars.

The Mini or Lancia might see a revival here where the huge power of the Renault might not be quite as much use but we’ll see. I suspect the Renault will still put up a great fight.

Again thank you to everyone who helped make this first event a huge success and good luck to everyone who participates in stage 2.


With no further delay then let me introduce the first track, chosen by me after careful consideration and elaborate analysis. Mostly because it’s the first track easiest to find without digging around in the menus.

It’s a bright early morning here in Greece, unless you change the settings to night and rain, where we will tackle our first stage.

To reach the starting location you will want to take a sharp right at the start screen and drive onto the Custom Event road, follow that straight through the rally intersection and it should be the very first stop after that.

Lets look at the cars and the map itself.

The map is kind of poor in detail, so I added a little and will share my initial experiences with it.

Green area: The start of this map is pretty nice. The road is fairly wide and there’s mostly open sight lines. Good couple of straight stretches to get some speed up and only a handful of hard turns. Main hazard are a handful of boulders along the side of the road. Protip: Don’t hit the boulders.

Red area: Horror and treachery. The road narrows, cliff sides closes in around you, tall trees obscures your vision and everything is terrible. You get a sheer drop on one side and a wall of dirt and stone on the other. Three quarters of this map is rather tricky, you’re going to want to go slow here.

Orange area: As an extra added bonus to all the previous conditions this part also have a few interestingly placed ditches along the wall side of the road that can really throw your car around if you hit them weird. You will probably roll your car a few times, positive note though there is an achievement to be had here and I’ll be looking to see who earns it.

We will be starting out with the 60’s selection this week and this will be my brief and inexperienced opinion, but I think it might help slightly as a simple starting guide.

Mini Cooper: It is small and light which makes it feel a lot safer on the narrower roads. Since it’s wheel base so much shorter than the other cars it feels very nimble and makes it easier to take tight turns. What it lacks in horse power I think it makes up for in weight and breaking performance.

Lancia Fulvia: Larger, heavier, more powerful. I think this one might just be your standard car. I don’t feel like it has any particular benefits nor drawbacks. You can feel the back of it hanging out in corners a bit and since it is wider it makes the narrow roads feel less safe.

Renault Alpine: This I have been told is a later addition to the car pool and really isn’t a good beginners car and I can see where they’re coming from with that. The rear wheel drive of this car makes steering different to the other two, it’s also much more powerful and as a result in my inexperienced hands it feels unpredictable and slippery. I think it might also be a bit larger than the Lancia further increasing the difficulty of just staying on the road. Statistically it’s a better car and if you can handle it you’ll probably get some good times out of it.

Feel free to try them all out, pick the one you enjoy driving the most. I don’t think the cars are likely to be the deciding factor for us at this time, none of us will be able to fully utilize their full capacity so it shouldn’t matter too much if one is technically faster than another.

I hope everyone has some fun with this game and please post your thoughts, experiences, questions and times as you go this week and we’ll try to help. Your primary objective is to have fun.

I’ll provide the first ‘benchmark’ for you to beat as I tried out the cars yesterday.


Current standings

Week 38 Col de Turini
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 M00 Renault Alpine 03:34.424
2 Pylinaer Renault Alpine 03:34.558
3 Doomy Renault Alpine 03:37.224
4 DontBeSilly Renault Alpine 03:37.441
5 Vandem Renault Alpine 03:40.174
6 Frag-ile Renault Alpine 03:42.107
7 Vindace Renault Alpine 03:42.841
8 Nick9x9 Renault Alpine 03:47.157
9 Doomy1 MINI Cooper S 03:51.674
10 YQMaoski MINI Cooper S 04:09.890

Week 37 Greece - Ourea Spevsi
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Renault Alpine 03:44.174
2 Vandem Renault Alpine 03:47.790
3 M00 Renault Alpine 03:51.274
4 Nick9x9 Renault Alpine 03:52.057
5 DontBeSilly Renault Alpine 03:53.324
6 Pylinaer Renault Alpine 03:53.340
7 Frag-ile Renault Alpine 04:13.056
8 Truly Renault Alpine 04:13.573
9 Strifeborne Mini Cooper S 04:17.339
10 Vindace Renault Alpine 04:19.089
11 PeteMcc Mini Cooper S 04:22.756
12 YQMaoski Renault Alpine 04:35.922


I don’t understand how to “play”. Are we supposed to play an actual videogame for this? Or is this something built into Chrono like a browser Flash game? :confused:


Ok so there was this big thing, whole thread we’ve been running for a week about how Dirt Rally was being given away for free. I realize now that I never mentioned the name of the game in this post however. I suppose I shall remedy that. I still have a key for it that should work, if anyone managed to miss all that and want to join in.


Also a bit of help with the callouts.


Oh, okay, now I get it :smile:

Good luck to everyone who’ll be joining in. I won’t though as I’m strictly a Point and Click, Turn based strategy and City building Sim player :slight_smile:


Here’s my new PB at this track (will update if i do better):


Also for people who use a controller like me, try out these settings, it helped me a lot:


You’re talking about “Nailed It!”, right? If so I already got it in career mode :upside_down_face:



First Attempt (Really better than I thought… well, minus the 3 times I drove off the road and needed rescues…)

Are you racing against AI drivers? It was default to with AI racers, of course I came in last.


ooh, i need to get in there :slight_smile: still downloading atm


So this is my first time playing this game and really the first time playing a more simmish racer but after about an hour or two of many rolls, accidents and restarts i got my fairly clean run. Still not good at that triple 1 turn section, I just handbrake it around there.
I also recommend the Cooper for newbies, Front wheel drive felt less slippery on the back end when cornering.


Wait, @PeteMcc, different track?

You did amazingly well though, no matter, since you out-drove all of the other AI drivers… :+1:


Wait oops did I do the wrong one?


Well, I am sure we will come around to doing that track, so your score will stand pretty well no matter what.

Just like there’s no wrong path to your destination, just a more scenic route.


Damn it, I’ll try the proper one now


If anyone needs a key, I have one. Hopefully Humble hasn’t deactivated it yet…:crossed_fingers:t3:


Could I claim then @delenn13 ? I thought I had rally but it turns out I have Dirt 3 instead, and I’d like to join in.


hm, 4:23 on first attempt

does my all-time best of 4:02 count? lol

i guess if i did it before i can do it again, though i’m curious which car i did that with, as this was with the alpine, and i didn’t make any mistakes, tough i guess I was quite careful as well

i’m gonna run this with all 3 cars to see what’s best for me

edit: nevermind, it says it right there, it was the alpine as well


I am STUPID!!! STUPID!!! STUPID. I know better. I didn’t get the key before It expired…I could have sworn I did.

I am so sorry for getting your hopes up :cry: