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Chrono Rally League 🏁


I would think about playing but I don’t have enough disk space to install this game oops

(I mean eventually I will install it… lol)


It’s ok! It’s not that big a deal, I appreciate you trying :slight_smile:


@Vindace, I got a spare, one second, wait for a PM…


04:01.773 :smiley:


Game is downloading now, I’ll post my time later today after work!


This is really awesome, too bad I don’t have a PC capable of running the game anymore. I got the game when it was released because I was in need of some good rally game for a long time. Had lots of fun with it during early access and I already miss it, and no I was no master at it! Hope you all have fun with this event, gg @Fraggles


3:56.240 (not sure about the .240; closed the game already)

that should do it for now :smiley:


If anyone has a spare key i would give it a home :slight_smile: I was away for few days and missed Humble promotion stuff and @Fraggles idea/game looks really tempting to try out.



I’ve sent you my spare key, I hope it works.

Looking at all these amazing times already being posted. I guess I’m the one who needs to put some more practice in, the rest of you are great already.


It did, thanks !


how do we set it to daytime? my map is at night.


At the point where you select the stage you have the option of selecting stage conditions as well.

R/L bumper to cycle conditions.


ah cool, thanks!

Out of curiosity, how many of you (if any) are playing in first person mode as opposed to third person?


i play first-person only, from within the car (not the front of it, which i think is also possible)


You all are amazing. My best time so far is 5:02. Looks like I need alot more practice.

Edit: having more success with the minicooper, but i still need work


I finally managed to score an under 5 minute time.

Only recovered vehicle twice, so there’s clearly improvements to be made. I have 2 primary places I mess up. First one is in the first area where you get the first 90 degree curve with rocks on the inside and a wall on the outside. I always under steer into that wall. Second place is up in the mountains there’s a left 2, long curve with a wide parking space on the right side with an ambulance and some audience. I always end up in the out of that curve, again under steering.

@vindace you’re doing great though, well better than many of my first attempts. I also play in first person mode or ‘headcam’ as I think the game calls it.

@NICK9X9 I tried out your control settings, can’t rightly say if I notice a difference though.


Hit my best run by far, 4:25. @M00 I don’t know how you went under 4 minutes.

I’ve started getting the hang of it. I think I can shave some time off in the first half of the course.


He’s on my friends list so I can verify his times. Unless he’s found some way to cheat in game of course but I have no reason to cast such aspersions.

He’s the one to beat as it stands.


the best I can do for now that last section is hell so i took it super easy, tbh I don’t want to grind it anymore.