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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Thank you, managed to get under 4 yesterday, which i’m happy about. Also i only use headcam, i rarely use other ones.
And maybe it depends on the controller? I don’t know. Oh well, it worked for me, i was all over the place before that.

Also @M00 time of 3:56 is doable if you drive fast and carefully, and he has over 50 hours in the game so he’s got experience. Great time on the track by the way. :slight_smile:


My first attempt. Using xbox 360 controller and overhead cam.


Andddd second attempt is :


I feel it’s mostly about memorizing the track. Once i can remember every turn and jump in a track i see myself doing something around ~04:15


How are you all so amazingly good having just picked the game up? I mean I don’t have that much time spent on it but I wasn’t even getting within minutes of you guys on my first many attempts.

All very respectable times!

Damn and here I thought newcomers might be feeling put off if I made @m00’s and my times public at the start, so I went with one of the real early times I had SSed before. Turns out I’m the one who’s being left behind.

Great work everyone.


I think you should use automatic gearing (as I do on controller as well, cuz it’s just not practical; as i told u i only use manual gearing on my wheel, which im not using atm) so u can focus on just driving the track; it will definitely lead to better times

it is true that manual gearing is better and will lead to better times, but i dont think that rly comes into play until u’ve reached the absolute best u can do, only then will u be able to shave something (probably a good few seconds) off of there by going manual

one thing that might help when it comes to cornering (and counter steering) and stuff, though i feel it’s a lame tip that probably everybody knows already: look at where u want to go, not where u are going, and adjust accordingly

@NICK9X9 getting nervous here :grimacing:


That moment when you’re about the beat @M00 time by 5-10 seconds and you loose control and go down hill in one of the last corners.

Alt+F4 :laughing:


omg, i dont want u to beat me!


@M00 -uch love, my friend. Sorry that I was not here to defend thy honour :heavy_heart_exclamation:



Had a little improvement (still nowhere near you guys though)

@M00, I don’t know why, but when I look at the friend results, I don’t see your name, do others see your score?


Good work on improving your time, that’s a significant improvement, well done!

I see his name on the list. But for some reason I had to scroll up one step for it to show. It’s weird the game decided to not show the full list when there’s not enough people on it to populate the screen, I’m guessing it wanted to center on my name. My name then being pretty far down pushed @M00 up a step out of view.


Y u do dis to me? :smiley:


it’s totally yr fault; i didnt even plan on trying to improve my time in the first place, but i felt vry threatened


(i still do btw)

this wasnt a perfect run btw, lost some time in last quarter cuz i almost lost control and then got overly cautious and slow


It should be just a mix of many different factors me thinks. How many racing games have you played before ,How good you are at driving in real life, What input method you are using and so on.


@m00 I think we’re not friends on Steam for some reason. Add me! Haha then we can at least compare times.

I have been playing in first person (headcam) and with a manual (also a 360 controller). I like the manual overall, but shifting into reverse is an absolute pain.


I made some more improvements, but seem to have plateaued around here for now:


Tried with the Lancia and hit another 4:25 time, so like Maoski I seem to plateau here for the time being. I’ll go back to the mini and try it again later.


I love this idea, shall we make a custom league through the game so that everyone only gets one chance? This should be fun since you drive much safer when a crash makes all the difference. I’ll try to put in a time somewhere soon.

Add me on steam! (username ------)
edit: ID is ayydoomy


First attempt and another one after a few resets. I still made some mistakes and could maybe go under the four minute mark if I spent more time on it. But I’m content for now and will leave the battle for first place to Nick and Moo :smiley:

It’s a really hard game and I can only agree with Fraggles that all of you are doing great!

edit: @NICK9X9 @M00 I’m wondering what your ABS, traction and stability control options are set to. (found under profile -> game preferences)
@Fraggles is that something you’d want to standardise for our competition?



i’m pretty sure having all the assists off (including having manual transmission ofc) does make u faster, but it will be much harder to control too ofc

i always drive with all assists off (except transmission on controller), but I’ll also admit that there are certain cars that i can’t keep under control, like the lancia stratos and i think there’s also an insane audi and a few others that just have insane power

and though i absolutely love the alpine in Dirt Rally, i found it much less to my liking in Dirt Rally 2.0 and much less manageable

dude, if that’s the time yr setting as soon as u get in the game i’m pretty sure u will beat me ez if u keep at it