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Chrono Rally League 🏁


i think that would be a great idea, though i don’t know who would set it up; i quickly looked for it and it said something about their website so i dont rly feel like doing all that, but in any case @Fraggles should get the first option to set it up if he wants too

we could have it as like a separate competition to this one, where like u said u get one attempt per week, so ppl could put in their attempt at the end of the week, once they know the car and the track well enough



that was a great tip. tried again with all assists off, felt much better.


Holy crap well done!


Damn, we’re pretty close to each other. :grin:

@M00 03:51:274
@NICK9X9 : 03:52:057
@Vandem 03:53:790

Mine wasn’t a clean run, near the end i bumped the side of the road so i lost like 4-5 seconds. :confused:


We’d all be very happy if you want to join in. I was considering the league system in game but as it requires codemasters accounts I figured it’d be better left alone for the time being. The more requirements to joining into anything the more likely someone will just not bother and I want as many participants in this as I can gather.

I don’t know how the leagues work but if they are only for single attempts then they would clash a little with the base idea I had for this thing, that is for people to get into the game and have a reason to practice. It could be an interesting extra capstone event at the end of the week, after everyone have had their chance to improve as much as they want and then we do a league race at the end maybe.

@Vandem damn that is one hell of an amazing time, you try hard! : )
I think the help options should be left to the user to decide, most of them will slow you down I believe so it’s a trade off you’ll have to make yourself. But I should probably go look at them and see what my settings are at.



I’ve been trying the Renault out a little tonight and while I still have not managed to beat my own Mini time yet I’m starting to at least feel like it can be controlled. Yesterday I spent hours running around in the Mini but today after 2 completed runs in the Renault I am exhausted. Some how it feels like so much work keeping it on the road, it also feels so light and any bump in the road just sends it flying.


These are the assist settings I have it seems:

But I turned the automatic launch control off after seeing @m00 holding is handbreak at the start and shooting off. Not sure that it save too much time on this track since there’s a turn right away, but on a straighter launch I bet it might.

Maybe I should turn stability control on.


I am with you on that one, I don’t understand this car, the oversteer is crazy, it just feels feels like it is on ice the whole time.


Thirded. I know if I could master it I could get some great times, but the slightest mistake in my run flips the car over and off the road.


My mistake, try ayydoomy

I’m trying to getting around to downloading it, but I have to do it at night because of data caps from my ISP. I’ll probably have time for it tonight and get a run in tomorrow.
You can login to codemasters with your steam account, so it should still be a low barrier to entry. I get where you’re coming from though.
If your intention is for people to start practising and get good at the game, then I agree that they shouldn’t dive straight into a 1-try only league. But it could be fun for the more experiences DiRT players among us? I like your idea of having it at the end of the week as well.

You can launch a tiny bit before the counting is over and not get penalized for it. Saves a few milliseconds.

Try loading the suspension / keeping the car stable by braking, even when you’re accelerating.

RWD cars take a bit of practice get good at for sure, but once you do start to get it, it’s a lot of fun. Arguably it’s more fun than driving AWD.

EDIT: I was messing with leagues on and it’s possible to allow stage retry!
I couldn’t wait and downloaded it during the day anyway, not a bad first run.

Tried to polish it up a bit.

And a bit cleaner yet. I am content with this time,
Maybe we should keep a leaderboard in the top post?


First of all sorry for the photo :smiley: dont ask me why . So i switched to mini and to cockpit camera (one with wheel visible ) and here’s my latest attempt . 4:23.372 though i did two big mistakes and lost almost 20 seconds . Biggest challenge i face currently is handbraking in corners , im losing too much speed, almost stopping to a halt




Got my first sub-5 time, so pretty happy there. :smiley:


Damn, you’re catching up. Still trying to wrestle the Renault into submission but I appear to have gotten ill and nothing’s going my way at the moment. Wrecked out of my last two attempts, have not even managed to finish a race today. I will probably give it a rest for a day or two.


wish you a speedy recovery and an even speedier race


Think I managed to break a pixel or two on my right screen over this game.

Will have to see how annoying it is and whether I want to replace it for $160 USD effective.


Aw no that sucks. That’s pretty expensive though just for a few pixels, i assume your warranty has run out. Did u run the test for dead pixels and see which ones that they are not just stuck pixels.


How’d you manage that? Stone chip? Would you prefer a less gravely stage for next week?

Speaking of which. For you top runners and anyone else happy with their times already, feel free to go look at other stages and let me know where you want next week to be. I think we’ll stick with 60’s cars for a little longer however, seeing as most of us have yet to really get to grips with those. It is my impression at least that later era cars are also harder to manage.


How about this track? It’s short, it doesn’t have many places for you to fall off, not many bumps, but you have to pay attention in corners for parked cars or the walls.