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Chrono Rally League 🏁


hahaha, the difference is, in some places in monte carlo, if u do fall off, it’s insta-death cuz it’s just a cliff and u get a message the car was totaled, lol

but i guess it might be a lot easier to handle since it’s asphalt, which changes everything


quickly phoned in my participation here (2.0) just to get the free car:


In this particular case, the warranty does not apply. It’s bright white all the time except when the monitor is off.


I concur with Col de Turini, so much fun.

You get insane amounts of grip, just remember to slow down!


yeah, which is why i feel i might not be in the running to win those, cuz u need a lot faster reflexes, and im getting old, lol


This is why I’m a fan of only giving experienced players 1 try, you need to drive a lot more consistent or you’ll put in a lot of DNF’s. Should allow for some competition


I finally managed to wrestle the Renault around the track and make a notable improvement on my personal best, still not beating @Vindace though.

And that’s still with one proper crash and a few little instabilities that forced me to slow down to regain control.

There’s this part early on in the map where you’ve had mostly straights and you come flying over a crest into a right 1 that I just can’t seem to figure out how to deal with.

You do have a good space to break for this corner, but no matter what I do I always seem to either just hit the wall or I’m too slow to make the turn, spin out and go off the road after the turn. Then there’s another hairpin right after this one which leads to yet another one some 20m ahead.

This whole segment I feel like I might just as well get out and push the car through for how fast I’m going. Anyone have any insights and advice to share?


impressive improvements!

these 3 turns are the only ones, i think, where i use the handbrake

first turn, just hit the brakes hard as soon as u land (but there’s no need to keep braking the whole way till the turn itself normally, u’ll get it with practice, i guess), then at the turn itself use handbrake slightly just to get the car turning and use full gas to start gaining speed while using the slipping tires to help u complete the turn, then do the same for the 2 other ones; once yr in these turns, how hard you turn should be mostly dictated by the power of yr rear tires actually

it is essential to understand that a major part of taking corners is braking and giving gas, u can help the car turn more or less just by slightly braking or by giving full gas or just a touch of gas depending on the situation and it can often get u out of a pickle by helping u rectify a wrong trajectory, but i guess that comes to you with time and better knowledge of how the car works maybe

if u spin out, it means u turn too hard or give too much gas or dont counter steer enough (counter steering is also vry essential)

also @Fraggles if yr using headcam, change camera point of view to 0.5; u’ll thank me later!!! (and stick with it, even if it feels weird in the beginning; it will help u judge speeds, corner approaches and apexes way better)


Can’t counter steer when you don’t have enough speed to start sliding. That’s what I mean by going too slow, but when I go fast enough to get into a counter steering situation I inevitably hit the wall because the road is too narrow for me.

Handbreak turning might be the answer but is something I have no experience with yet. I wish this game had an open field or something for you to just run around in and test your car out in. Would really help with experimenting with the tuning stuff too.


ok, this is where u need to take the assists off (traction control) then, u dont need speed to slide with this car. You can slide from a standstill just by giving full gas and turning the wheel (just like ppl do donuts with cars)

also the handbreak is not essential to take these turns, you can do it just by breaking and using the rearspin also, but the handbreak will help u do it faster is what im saying

also when i say handbreak it’s rly just a quick touch just to help throw the back of the car around while already just having started turning, it’s not used to slow it down

(also do note my advice might be lacking as im not that experienced with handbreak turns and drifting either myself)

also it’s rly rly bad form and vry lazy to start every paragraph with also, so dont do it!


You guys keep talking about Renault so even though i think i will get my best time on Mini i now going to try Renault as well and see what that beast can offer.


it is faster than the other too; it’s not even close.


Wow what a car !! Took me few laps to get grips with it but i was so wrong. Already shaved 14 seconds from my previous best. Speed is just insane.


The RWD has a MUCH faster acceleration rate. I mean MUCH faster. I’m thinking to even the playing field we should consider limiting the car choice a bit more.

@Fraggles hand brake on those corners and only partial power. I also tap the brakes just before the jump, coast, and then start braking right before I want to start the turn using the turn to slow. It is all about drifting basically. It can take some time to master.


Don’t go flat out on the gas pedal when you’re turning, this will spin you on the loose gravel in these turns every time all the time. I think @M00 covered the rest of this pretty well.

I concur with this, Unless you’re sitting very far from your monitor or have a very odd size. There are fov calculators for this sort of thing if you’re into hardcore realism.

The Renault is overpowered.


it could vry well be that I don’t give full gas through those turns and only half-pull the right trigger instead (that sure seems to make more sense now that i think about it, lol); i rly don’t know; it’s been 3 days already since i last played as well.


I can’t find the settings to turn the assists off. Where are those located?

Edit: I found it under profile


in the back of yr head, just above the neck


That explains a lot.


hm … yeah … i’m pretty sure i wasn’t supposed to tell you … so … hm, just forget about it maybe, yeah? i think that would be for the best actually

also, i dont think yr supposed to turn those off anyways, I mean, they are there for a reason, obviously