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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Still nothing. Maybe copy paste your URL? Or am I just too stupid to find you?

Edit: Put in ayydoomy directly after id/ and I think I found you. Unfortunately, I’m not logged in the browser.

You’re also not showing up in search, interestingly enough.


For those who missed getting the game for free it seems that there will be a free promotion on steam in a few days, so if you didn’t pick it up on humble and want to participate keep an eye out


Here we go guys!
I think I’ve got a time I’m finally happy with.

The hand breaking advice really helped. I could practice those turns a lot more and probably get a good bit better at those turns in particular and there’s definitely many parts in the later parts of the track that I could improve on. This is my first time without any crashes.

This takes me from 9th spot to 7th. Not sure if I can reasonably find another 15s to cut in order to catch up @Pylinaer though. I’ve posted the current standings in the 2nd post up top for those interested.


Especially since I JUST shaved 2s off. Sub 4m. I think that’s a good spot. There are definitely spots I could do a lot better.


Oof, gotta catch up! Haven’t had time to tame the Renault yet, I’ll try to do that some tonight


ok… make that 18s then. Damnit Py.
@NICK9X9 @Pylinaer only got you beat by .033s you going to let that stand?




Well look at that, suddenly I am no longer happy with my time. Better watch your back, @Doomy, Py’s coming for you.


got @Vandem too
@YQMaoski was watching that run too. was trying to help him with the Renault.


It was pretty amazing to watch live…


Guys, stop it, i dont have enough free time to keep up :smiley:


Ummm, I had a new personal best 3 days ago, 03:52:057, i have a screenshot in my first post, you might have missed it, no worries! :slight_smile:


Well of course I’m going to miss it if you just sneak in an edit of an old post. I don’t get notifications from that. Table has been updated, seems @Pylinaer still has a little work to do.


I did have an other post as well with my new PB, and at that time top 3 people, but don’t worry, i don’t blame you for missing it as i only posted in text, and it got buried, there has been like 60 posts since then. :slight_smile:


alright… I meant to leave it at my previous time but since you kicked me off the podium, I sat down for another hour:


rip me :smiley:

I was pretty sure this would happen but was hoping it wouldn’t, lol


Well done, you really managed to beat @m00 you mad man.

I have analyzed my driving a lot today and found a common occurrence between all of my crashes that might help explain the problem

Look at this. My driver isn’t even holding the wheel, no wonder we can’t control the car!

Can I install a better driver who will actually hold on to the wheel while we’re driving? I’d like someone with the caliber of the navigator, he’s stone cold. He keeps reading his notes out while we’re sliding on the roof at 120km/h off a mountain cliff. He’ll be all like “keep mid over crest, caution, left 2 don’t cut” while treetops are rushing past the side window.

That’s the kind of dedication I need.


@Fraggles what’s the deadline for this week? I have way too much work to even hope to get some time in, and that’s besides the point that I rly don’t feel like trying either; i dont think i could beat this time, but just would like to know when it’s over so i can maybe hope to do better next week, lol


Deadline is some time early Saturday EU morning. I’ll make a new post with the final standings and a note about the new map, update the top post with new stage info. I was thinking of making a poll asking for new maps and cars and such but I think it’s a little early for that and I can’t be arsed to go over the information gathered anyway.

Monaco was suggested and I think that sounds like a good idea. There was a suggestion also to limit the cars more but I don’t think that’s necessary. I believe we’ve demonstrated that the Renault is the better car, but I believe that the Mini has a chance and if someone likes the mini better then I don’t want to stop them from using it. I think we’ll do another week with 60’s era cars and maybe after that we’ll see what you all fancy.


Alright, doing much better with the renault now.!

Still needs work though. Nearly had what was looking to be a 4 minute time when I took a turn wrong and flung myself off of the cliff.