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Chrono Rally League 🏁


I think I may have intentionally selected all the options to hide my profile as much as possible in the past. :confused:

Samir, you’re breaking the car!

Good work everyone for some pretty good times, except @Pylinaer for beating my time with less than a second :stuck_out_tongue:

If we’re doing Monaco, I might get into some Mini/Fulvia action. Who doesn’t like understeer?


@Shalandir gave me a Key for Dirt Rally. If any of the REGULARS want it, message me. Hate for the key to go to waste.


@Pylinaer got me using the Renault, and after sliding off the road a whole lot more times than I would like, at least I can have my name display on the same page as you folks… hehe… So I am happy about that. :smiley:


Finally a sub 4 minutes time . 03:57.857


03:53:324 , got you @Doomy and almooost @Pylinaer , not bad for a sloth,huh?


Careful you might incentivise me to actually try :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually. You beat me by about 2 hundredths of a second


Hope you guys are in the mood to fire up DiRT Rally @M00 @NICK9X9 @Pylinaer


I forgot the renault had a 5th gear, for better results, consider lowering the gear ratio to the minimum.


no time and no will, lol

congrats though to both u and @Vandem and everyone else too for improving so much, it’s been a great week!

edit: OMG :eyes:


Congrats, and sorry, but i won’t bother trying to get a new PB roght now on this track. It’s for my own good. (:


My second try (the first one was too embarassing)…
I really can’t do realistic racing games where I can’t drift for half the race. But if you want to see me keep failing for another hour or so -> dlive


oh this is what you meant when you messaged me last week xD

I thought you just meant if I had downloaded the game.

hope you guys have fun!

Im not great at racing games anyway so I probably would have left it to people more interested anyway.


OK I can’t seem to improve anymore so here’s my result:

I can’t seem to get my head around those two yellow turns near the end of first quarter - I keep understeering into the wall on the first one or off the track on the second.
The long left turn at the end of the second quarter keeps tripping me up too - I keep understeering, it’s especially funny when I manage to get a green time for the segment as I come to a full stop halfway off the track and have to reverse back on the road which of course means that my overall time is going to be trash.
The second half of the track messes with my head - I keep taking the turns a bit too slowly even though by this time I should know them fairly well.


The mini is a front wheel drive car, so unless you have momentum it will always be a slow section. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of handbrake here! Accelerate, turn in, use handbrake to get the rear loose.

The second half of the track is really bumpy and difficult to do well on unless you really know the track. Don’t sweat it, slow down and try to do it consistently and slowly ramp up the speed as you get familiar with the track.

4:17:339 is already a good time in the mini!


exactly, which is why u should immediately switch to the Renault and see what u can do with that, u can probably get a top 5 me thinks


Mini <3


whatever time u can set on the mini, i’m sure u can do better with the Alpine


Almost caught up to @Fraggles thanks to @Doomy for helping me out a bit.
I should probably play the rest of the game at some point.


It’s not fair!! The mini lacks a bit of horsepower for this stage :frowning:

Maybe if we can keep this chrono league up you’ll have finished all the stages in 2 years! :smiley:


I have the pleasure of announcing the first week of Chrono Rally League over and extend a huge congratulations to @Doomy for this weeks top placement with an astonishing time of 3:44.174.

@Vandem takes the top newcommer spot and honourable mentions also go out to @NICK9X9, @DontBeSilly and @Pylinaer for their rapid mastery of the game, cars and track. I was delighted to see we also had a couple of late entries filling out the week’s table. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Week 37 Final results
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Renault Alpine 03:44.174
2 Vandem Renault Alpine 03:47.790
3 M00 Renault Alpine 03:51.274
4 Nick9x9 Renault Alpine 03:52.057
5 DontBeSilly Renault Alpine 03:53.324
6 Pylinaer Renault Alpine 03:53.340
7 Frag-ile Renault Alpine 04:13.056
8 Truly Renault Alpine 04:13.573
9 Strifeborne Mini Cooper S 04:17.339
10 Vindace Renault Alpine 04:19.089
11 PeteMcc Mini Cooper S 04:22.756
12 YQMaoski Renault Alpine 04:35.922

Well done everyone, I am greatly surprised by how well everyone did and the brilliant turn out. I hope you’re all interested in joining us for next week which starts right now!

Let me introduce the next stage for Week 38:

We’re taking the show over to Monaco and Col de Turini another mountain road but as opposed to Greece Monte Carlo can afford tarmac and removing boulders from their roads. This will be a very different track for everyone now used to the nice slippery gravel of last week. The grip will surprise at first and you will feel safe end secure reaching some exhilarating speeds rapidly as you waste no time or power throwing gravel at spectators, but don’t take it for granted as it will inevitably betray you in the corners.

This stage will test your cornering mechanics, mastering tight and fast hairpins is likely what will bring you to victory this week.

We are still working with the 60’s era cars.

The Mini or Lancia might see a revival here where the huge power of the Renault might not be quite as much use but we’ll see. I suspect the Renault will still put up a great fight.

Again thank you to everyone who helped make this first event a huge success and good luck to everyone who participates in stage 2.