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Chrono Rally League 🏁




03:44.791 , for now :slight_smile:
Also after trying each car in this new track i think that @Pylinaer 's idea to limit car selection is actually smart one because Renault is just all around the best car and even though Mini or Lancia gets through those corners smoother their lack of power just doesnt add up in the end. Renault blows them out of the water in any track.


I managed to beat @m00’s old time so I’m going to let that be my first entry for this week.

I suffer no illusions he’ll take those 5s off me with interest once he gets around to trying.

@DontBeSilly yes we’ve established that the Renault is the better car. So it’s not going to surprise anyone if most of us use it. Limiting the car choices further would mean banning the Renault and that might be an interesting idea for a future week. Though I am unsure about forcing car choice on everyone and make something like a Mini only week. The point here is still to have fun and if someone just plain don’t enjoy certain cars then I fear they’d rather not play than use a car they don’t like.

This track is a lot of fun so far, there’s plenty to improve at here. At the previous track I felt rather quickly that if I could just do the first quarter really well and then just keep steady for the rest of it I’d do pretty well. For this one rather I feel like you can gain a lot of time in any of the segments and make up for previous mistakes, so it is worth completing the track almost every attempt. Hairpins are going to be the death of me though.


Yep… @Pylinaer was watching live my last few attempts and he can confirm that i made 0 of those in any sort of elegant way :smiley:


Thanks! I had a lot of fun with it.

I’m pretty sure the tracks in Monaco have different parts frozen over depending on the time of day you choose, remember to select midday / sunny conditions in track selection or you might be in trouble.
I’m looking forward to zipping through this one in the mini :smiley: Maybe the small format makes it competitive in this stage. We’ll see.


Alright first run with the Renault and I’m at 3:50.007, so just have a second above @M00’s Old time, but I need to shave some time off to catch @Fraggles


well, just like last week, I’ll provide an interesting time to beat :slight_smile: but i have no illusions it will be beaten, probably a bit faster this time around :confounded: this was far from a perfect run, but it was pretty good i think; I’ll leave it at that for the time being

btw @Fraggles quite impressed with yr time there; looks like yr rly getting the hang of this

I love this car.

I think that’s the right choice, cuz this is probably the only category where there’s rly 1 op car in the mix, so it will be a lot more interesting once we drive other categories as ppl will mix it up more and get to try all the different cars to see what suits them best


'Tis a slippery slope there… I slid off the road a few times with the Renault, so I went back to Mini





If anyone missed the giveaway…this is your lucky day!


This one is more slippery than I remember. Also the sharp turns with easy exits aren’t that good for the mini. Damnit!


Is it possible to switch to winter tires or something?


Unfortunately, no.


That’s a shame, I was hoping I had missed something. Guess I just suck then. lol


that wouldn’t do any good cuz 92% off the track is just regular tarmac, if i remember right, and only 8% is covered in ice.


The clean up crew sure left the ice in just the right places to make you to sliding around! And in my case, tumbling into many counts of involuntary manslaughter sitting aside the world’s most calm navigator.

I do find the Mini to be a lot easier to control, of course it’s acceleration really stinks compared to the Renault. But you are going downhill here and on a very windy road, so the advantage of having that extra boost in speed is less obvious I think. You may also try the chase cam instead of the headcam, that might be better for you? I know @Pylinaer plays with the chase cam. I am enjoying the headcam experience, so I have been sticking with it.

There are two sets of settings that you can fiddle with, one is your game profile preferences, with ABS, traction, etc, etc. The other is when you start the event, just before you launch into the little animation of you driving up to the start line, there’s a bunch settings that you can adjust for your car in the top choice in that menu, so play around and see if some other settings are better.


Sure feels like a lot more. But I did try another more snowy level and that was even worse.

I already play with the chase cam, you should see how bad I am in first person.:sweat_smile:
I’ll mess around with the other settings tomorrow.

Wait the game has VR? I need to try it. My driving will probably kill me irl.


Well, I just realized that your time is a lot better than mine… lol… I must just suck more then… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am making improvements on the Mini, I would be happy to achieve a sub-4 here this week.


Well we’ve barely spent a day in Monaco and everyone got crabs.

@Truly I fully recognize what you mean about controlling the cars. I felt much like that myself when I first played this game. That is why I suggest starting with the Mini, it is far easier to get to grips with and serves as a better vehicle, if you wish, to understanding the physics of the game itself. At first I was kind of annoyed with the game as it felt unrealistic and stupid that cars would be just flying off the road like this… I’ve been in cars, they don’t go airborne from a few pebbles on the ground!

But then I looked at the speedometer and I was doing 100-140km/h through a forest path I wouldn’t even go full speed on my bicycle through and it made a little more sense.

That’s why the first advice I typed in this topic was to go slow at the start and I mean really slow. You want to figure out how the cars and the game itself handles and you can’t do that flying down the street at break neck speeds. Keep an eye on your speedometer, imagine what speed limits the road probably has and keep to it for a few runs.

You’ll be bored with how slow it is but you will get a better feel for everything, then you can start speeding up and probably find you have better control over it all. I was honestly surprised myself when I switched to the Renault with my ability to keep it on the road where previously it felt like an impossibility.

I’d also suggest taking a look at the controller settings @NICK9X9 posted here and try those out. I spent a couple of days last week trying out different settings after at first not feeling much difference, but in the end these settings felt the best.

Another piece of advice I got in this thread was breaking, do it, a lot! But do it only while your car is moving straight before a corner, the weight shifting that’s talked about in the game’s tutorial videos really works and it rather amazed me with how much of a difference it can do in a corner. Other benefits of breaking hard ahead of a turn instead of coasting up to it is that you can keep your engine RPM up better if you keep your engine engaged as long as possible. This gives you more power to accelerate out of the turn with.