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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Still way smoother than mine :smiley:


Having greatly mismanaged my time this week I have not ended up putting as much time into this game as I have wanted. I would have liked to have broken the 3:40 time but that does not seem likely to happen. Here’s everyone’s reminder that the deadline for this week is tomorrow morning so get any new times you have not yet reported posted before then and get a few more last minute runs in tonight.

Thank you @Pylinaer for also taking the time to make a recording. I had hoped to analyze it closer and learn from it, but I have not had time to do so yet but it was interesting to see.

I have something in mind for the map next week so I want instead to ask you all what cars you want to go with. This is something I have almost no prior experience in so I’ll just throw a few ideas out here.

  • Lets stick to the 60 era, I like the Renault just slightly too much.
  • Incremental baby steps please, lets see what the 70s has on offer.
  • Jump straight to something modern, new and shiny stuff!

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Though engagement waned a little for our 2nd run I’m still happy with the turn out and hope to see most of you for next week.


More like I have to resort to the Mini just to finish a run still… :rofl:



I guess this is my final time for this week :slight_smile: I’m pretty happy with it since i had almost no time to practice this week ( busy real life week ) compared to the last week. Also excited about 70’s cars because tbh i was growing tired of Renault.


Didn’t really have the right mood to ride a lot this week, but managed to improve a bit.

Spent most of the time practicing handbrake. Funny thing: I thought it was A button rather than B so I didn’t use it last race at all.


That is a perfectly respectable time @Strifeborne, well done. I hope you will have a better time of it next week.

I also polished up my time ever so slightly though this really wasn’t what I was supposed to spend the evening doing.

Still can’t break the 40s.


As we close the doors on the 2nd week of the Chrono Rally League I have the pleasure of congratulating @m00 for holding on to the top spot with a seemingly unbeatable time of 03:34.424. @Pylinaer got amazingly close though with 03:34.558 a mere 134ms behind. I think an honourable mention to @Doomy is also deserved for breaking 4 minutes with the MINI cooper.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated.

Week 38 Col de Turini
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 M00 Renault Alpine 03:34.424
2 Pylinaer Renault Alpine 03:34.558
3 DontBeSilly Renault Alpine 03:36.174
4 Doomy Renault Alpine 03:37.224
5 Vandem Renault Alpine 03:40.174
6 Frag-ile Renault Alpine 03:40.741
7 Vindace Renault Alpine 03:42.841
8 Nick9x9 Renault Alpine 03:47.157
9 Doomy1 MINI Cooper S 03:51.674
10 Strifeborne MINI Cooper S 04:01.756
11 YQMaoski MINI Cooper S 04:09.890

Despite many of us lacking time to really fine tune our performances this week these are definitely results to be proud of.

The stage will be set in Germany for Week 39 and we’re going to embark on a bit of a longer trek this time around.

We’ve talked previously about the one try nature of the game’s leagues where you have to be a bit more careful because you’re going to live with the consequences of a crash. Well I figured there might be a middle ground possible by picking a longer track. Sure you can restart but you’re going to spend a lot more time here and later stage mistakes will set you back a lot of effort. So I’m hoping this will encourage more careful and mindful driving.

Which is probably going to be necessary because we’re bringing out the 70’s era cars today and they’re not going to be easy to tame.

The Italians decided to make a rally car out of a V6 mid-engined supercar? The Lancia stratos is rather ridiculous, but still manages to not offer the highest power/weight ratio option. That credit goes to the Opel Kadett which is a small cheap family car. This could also be said about the Ford Escort, but then small cheap family cars usually tend to make the best rally cars, I think?
There’s also a Fiat.

All of these cars are rear wheel drive, they’re all way too powerful and I am as of yet unable to keep any of them on the road for any reasonable length of time. Good luck everyone, you’ll need it.

The only real starting advice I can offer here is to just never put the accelerator down 100% here, that just doesn’t tend to end well.

Thank you again to everyone participating, I hope to see more great runs this week and with that I declare the Chrono Rally League of Week 39 opened!


I guess i’ll be first to provide a time ? 06:47.183

One ‘tip’ if you will is to pick Fiat for the first few laps to familiarize yourself with a track as it seems to be the one with easiest handling while Lancia seems to be most trouble without much payoff.


Unfortunate then, the Lancia is one of those designs I really love (transformers anyone?)


Tried a few times, only finished one run… After trying hard to stay on the road and nothing else.


thx dude, and congrats to all who participated, can’t believe that time held up thoughout the whole week :smiley:

I’ve said it before and i say it again: the stratos is just way too crazy, not even gonna try, i cant tame that beast i think, and i cant be bothered to try just based on what i remember from it

I think the 3 other cars might all be pretty close to each other in both speed and control. From what I remember they’re all good cars though.


Well done @M00, @Pylinaer. (very close!)
Stratos is definitely not the right choice if you’re inexperienced with it here. Good luck everyone.


I think I’m pretty much going to pick car based on which engine noise I dislike the least. I really do not enjoy these cars unfortunately, the noises they make just don’t feel right. The Opel or Ford I think felt the least terrible to drive thus far, but I’ll give the Fiat a proper go as well.

If you’re looking just to try the cars out then you might want to pick one of the shorter tracks just to have it over quicker.


Only minor improvements:

It’s going to take a while to get used to this track I think, plus the cars…

I tried the Stratos once, was spinning uncontrollably before I totalled it, hehe, so definitely not for me.

Do everyone use a controller here?

And just out curiosity, I use the D-pad to steer, anyone else use the d-pad instead of the joystick?


controller, joystick; i never use d-pad for anything


Oh ,do not use d-pad to steer. Also do not use one of the sticks to accelerate. Use right trigger.


Lancia is definitely a hot mess.

I’ll have to try the other two to see how they handle. Also think I should set up the car much differently than they have it.


Shaved a minute, with a lot of braking… (Default settings for the car)

by the way, I can’t steer using the stick, D-pad only… lol. Tried and was miserable.


Yeah but that’s something you should work towards to . Once you can get in grips with it i assume you would get way , way better times .


Gotta say, although it’s a nice track, it’s the most frustrating of the ones we had so far, for me at least. I totally get Fraggles’ idea to create an incentive for people to drive more carefully. But since this is a competition and we are not driving our grandmas to the supermarket, driving fast and making a slight mistake is just so much more punishing :sweat_smile:

anyway, here’s my time for this track. Almost certainly will remain my last attempt for this week.

ps: I can only agree with all the others, the stratos is a spinning piece of machinery from hell. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it’s Coralines favourite vehicle to murder children.