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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Well I got myself a time now. But I didn’t get a screenshot of it. Ran twice with the Ford and twice with the Opel today best result with the Opel at 07:26.something, which beats the delta at least but I forgot to get a screenshot of it.

I liked the Ford’s heft, it felt more stable on the road but it also made it feel necessary to keep it stable as once it started skidding you had no control anymore. So it felt best for slow and precise cornering, which is fun to pull off but ruins everything when you don’t.

The Opel feels so much lighter and more familiar after the Renault, while I still don’t feel like I can throw it around and slide around corners it does feel like it breaks harder and I like the 3 little lights that tells you where your max power RPM space is.

At the very least the cars do not feel impossible to use anymore, so that’s progress!

I can’t decide if I really enjoy the track or hate it though. There’s so many tricky things that comes out of nowhere and will just ruin your run, but those are also fun to master. The first hairpin, no matter that it’s at the end of a long straight, just seems invisible. I have a really hard time finding the right breakpoints for it, but when I get it perfect it feels really good. Then there’s a simple right 5, that should be easy, but it’s downhill and right below a crest so I have to treat it like a 2 or I inevitably get thrown into the rocks outside it. Oh and navigator can go fuck himself with his “right 4 be brave” the hell do you mean?

It’s at the bottom of a valley turns into a climb that crests into another sharp turn with rocks ALL over both of them. Going through the first corner ‘bravely’ means killing yourself on the 2nd one. But I guess that’s bravery for you.





congrats to @Vandem and @Doomy for setting such insane times; I don’t know how they do it. @DontBeSilly has an impressive time as well.

In the mean time, I’m struggling with a huge controller issue, though regardless of that I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t be able to compete with these insane times. When I pull left trigger 75% back I get 75% braking power, but when i pull it 100% back my braking power is reduced to 25%-35% only. I tested my controller cuz my car was hardly braking (in rocket league i had this issue too this week but it was solved by simply unmapping and remapping the key and works fine). I know the exact percentages cuz I decided to now download an app to test it. Recalibrating controller did nothing; it just shows the issue while calibrating, so i had to decrease brake saturation from 100% ingame to 35% just to be able to get full braking power, but ofc that now means that when i pull trigger 0-50% i get 0% braking and then past 50% it starts braking but it almost immediately goes to full braking, which just doesnt allow for accurate inputs…

I’m really sick of buying controllers. They are insanely expensive here (xbox one controller [I have 4 of them and they all have a different problem now] $67 [I know! I know! I know! it’s with everything i buy here, mice, keyboard, headset, I pay 200% of the price, at least]) because they’re imported and there’s insane taxes on imported shit here + currency conversion + they just rip us of, but besides that I’m convinced that a lot of them are fakes and that the rest is basically controllers that failed QA and that they just dump on non-Western markets cuz why not; it’s not like we can return them. We can return them within 2 weeks if something is clearly wrong with them, yes, but then the store will just sell it to another sucker, and usually these issues, like this one, it worked fine for a month or so, show up after more than 2 weeks.

and ofc the first thing u’ll think is “don’t these things come with a warranty?” and why, yes, of course, they do, but the way warranties “work” here is that the seller will tell you, yes, your product is under warranty, but that warranty is with the company (in this case Microsoft) itself, not with me, rofl, so u need to go to the company

let me quickly call Bill Gates then…


almost spun out too F-


Tried a couple of runs this afternoon despite clearly being too tired. Didn’t get any useful times out of it.

This guy’s lucky my car didn’t flip over on that rock.

Impromptu hood modification did not help, turns out not seeing 100m of the road in front of you makes everything harder.

The Opel kadette snub nosed edition, sure to be a huge hit everywhere. Well it will hit things at the very least.


It’ll buff out.


Inching up in last place.

I think I really prefer the feel of a FWD car instead of RWD, I just feel like I am not in control most of the time.


Probably because of your controller setup. There’s a lot of advantage to be gained with giving RWD cars 30-40-50-60% throttle, steering input is also very important because 100% lock in either direction will almost certainly spin it out. When we get to AWD cars it will work a lot better for you.

Speaking of controllers, this league has me looking for a cheap second hand wheel again, unfortunately everyone here thinks they deserve sticker price for their used goods. Currently I’m playing on a controller that I made DIY paddles for. Pretty happy with it as far as a controller setup goes. No issues either with the xbox controller, I think it’s decent quality actually, only the charging port shouldn’t have been micro USB or whatever it’s called.

If you want I can repair the damage on them if it is repairable. I have decent soldering equipment/hot air station etc

That’s a nice screenshot :smiley:


I have switched to driving with the joystick, which is at the suggestion of @DontBeSilly and everyone else, apparently.

I need to figure out the amount of throttle, etc.

I use a DS4 controller, works flawlessly.

As for the controller settings, I am using @NICK9X9’s settings except for the sensitivity turned down to 80% instead of 90%.

I am looking at the throttle and braking mapping from controller to the game with the in-game button-checking, and it’s a smooth 0-100%, so I just need to figure out where to keep it for it to be good for driving RWD cars.

This is the first real driving/racing sim I have spent any more than a couple of hours on, because I am so terrible at them, so I am glad we have this league, thanks to @Fraggles.

@M00 lives a bit farther away from the rest of the world, unfortunately, so unless someone wants to pay for international parcel shipping both ways, it might not work out, though it might still be cheaper than him having to replace his gamepads… :smile:


As far as I’m aware, he lives within 250km of me :smiley:

Glad to hear you’re getting into it. This league is definitely giving DiRT rally a new life for me.


As far as I am aware, he probably lives about 3000+km whence he hails… (approximately where you are, I am probably completely wrong, I haven’t kept up every happening here on chrono actually. Pardon my presumptions…)


Exactly my own situation and the whole reason I wanted to do this. I don’t know what advice to give you regarding steering that has not already been mentioned. When I first scouted the cars out and went to take screenshots for the week I spun out immediately and couldn’t control the cars either. Before the first week I thought I had written off the Renault Alpine as too much a beast for me to manage… yet some how after trying for a while I surprise myself with overcoming it and almost wondering what the problem was in the first place.

So I guess it comes down to just figuring it out?
I think the thing that’s had the best positive effect for me is taking it slow. Like actually really boringly slow because that’ll let you get a better feel for the car. Don’t even go into 3rd gear, just get a feel for holding a constant speed and how the car acts on the road. I usually end up feeling far more confident in the car after about half a run like this.


Hmm… interesting notion, and may it be that I should switch over to manual instead of automatic? I didn’t think about that and maybe pushing the throttle up to full in each gear and testing out stability that way.

I have never driven a manual car myself, always driven automatic in reality, if I switch over, I might just forget to shift gears a lot of times. (Do you have to gear down with braking as well? Or does the game do that for you automatically?)

While I don’t think it’s boring, it’s kind of where I am right now, heavy braking and slow turns, just trying to keep up a clean run. (I had one recovery in that run above–my PB currently, so you can imagine how slow things are for me at the moment.)

Isn’t this more or less on all of the other cars as well, I tried the others, I think they have similar (though located elsewhere) indicators.


The ford also have a rather nice little curved meter that fills up with lights, I don’t fully remember the others one of them I don’t think have any notifier at all and you have to go on the shaded part on the dial and the other have a single light that comes on like the MINI.

What I mean is that you’ll find yourself on a straight at some point and you’re just going to want to get to the next corner because it takes ages at that low speed and you KNOW you could just put the gas down. The point is to not do that but to focus on maintaining your speed and control.

I have never driven a car at all. I’m using manual sequential and have altered the controls so I have shift up on X and shift down on A. Not sure what it was from the start but I remember not liking it. Anyway manual shifting allows you to use engine breaking by shifting down, it can make a rather large difference in slowing down over just breaking. I was curious about how the automatic handles things like that.


Do you not use the clutch for switching gears then? I know that the game has I think the left bumper mapped to clutch, and when I see clutch, I think to myself, no way on earth am I going to remember to use clutch every time I want to shift gears. So I just stayed with automatic.

I think this is just speed dependent, although I can see that in the animations, the so called “automatic” is the driver deciding to shift on his own accord, not really automatic transmission in that there’s no gear shift.

I will look at this later, thanks for the advice. We have guests over, and it’s going to be an afternoon of barbecuing and entertaining.

Cheers! :beers:


@Doomy I only said I was from Ostend (originally), lol; I’ve since moved to Ottignies, Brussels, Antwerp, Hadhramaut (Yemen), Alexandria (Egypt), and i’ve been living in Cairo for about 10 years now, which is, as @YQMaoski said, a bit further down the road

being a gamer here has its own complications (many of them), lol


Ah well then my assumptions were wrong. You’re quite the traveler then :smiley:

You don’t have to use the clutch, in a racing sequential gearbox you can literally slam the car into the next and previous gear without using the clutch. You can in a normal manual car as well but you have to rev match and you’ll wreck your syncro’s in no time, but it’s useful to know if you ever have a broken clutch.


and u can just use auto-clutch too, no?


The game doesn’t force you to use the clutch at all, the option is there so you can disengage the wheels from the engine if you want to. (More control in corners, allows you to spool up the turbo for example if applicable)
I was referring to real life mostly, where the clutch isn’t used in a typical fashion compared to normal driving.


Impressive time for a Fiat. I might give it another spin if i can find some spare time this week.