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Chrono Rally League 🏁


(using a different controller which has an issue that does impact boosting in RL but nothing here, lol)


Getting closer! Nice to see some stratos in the list :smiley:



With a little of bit of self-conscious throttle control and mindful braking, I improved quite a bit:

Thanks to @Doomy for the suggestions on mindful acceleration. :smiley: I really did feel much more in control.

This was a going to be a sub 7:10 run, until I spun out trying to rush the finish line with 200 meters of the finish, I was so mad at myself… But really clean otherwise, and I am happy with it.

Who knows when the minds are in the stratosphere. :wink:



The Fiat is the only one I can control when I inevitably munch some grass. Everything else wipes out.


Hi Everyone

May I ask what version of this game you are playing? I have one in my steam library and if its the same game I’ll post a time because this looks like fun! The version I have is called DiRT Rally (not a sequel or anything). My steam username is SPEXWISE so feel free to add me and let me know on there too. Also @YQMaoski nice one for the PB dude.
Cheers Guys


This is what we are playing :slight_smile:


Thankyou for the reply.
I do indeed own that game and my current playtime is 100 minutes according to steam! I don’t fancy my chances. I’ll have a read through this post and find out what track you everyone is on and you’ll probably see me at the bottom of the league…

Edit to add: This is really hard, like really hard. I’ve tried the wk37 and 38 tracks so far and yup 2 secs behind last place but I will say it’s my first real try. I’ll keep at it though.


Congratulations @YQMaoski that’s a great time and you even managed to beat me, for now.

You mean like the #1 advice I gave in the week opening post? : )

@nme1 all relevant information is in the first post, which I keep updated forthis very reason, to having it all easily findable by any newcomers. Happy to have you join us and I hope you don’t feel discouraged if you’re not able to measure up to Pylinaer and Doomy on your first run. We have a couple of really skillful drivers here and then there’s me and maoski bringing up the rear. Welcome and I hope you’ll have fun.


@Fraggles Thanks! I have read the first post and the archived scores etc, it’s really easy to navigate and find thank you. I have given wk 37 and wk 38 a quick go each and I’m behind @YQMaoski by about 2 seconds. I’ll see about posting a time later today for the current track.


It’s the only run I didn’t severely screw up :laughing:


Thank you! Glad you could join the party! :smiley: I find this game incredibly difficult, but I also enjoy improving slowly one little bit at a time. (I play using the Head/Dash cam, and I think @Fraggles does the same. Also @DontBeSilly is in the same boat. I know that @Truly and @Pylinaer play using the Chase cam. I don’t know about everyone else. I enjoy the experience of the more thrilling ride from inside.)

I saw your advice originally about not going in full acceleration, but it was this line from @Doomy that really got me to think seriously about the way to approach the track:

Those were the best I could do in a week’s time, and you are already right on my heels. Of course I came in last each week, but good work!

Wow… You are improving so quickly… I guess I will still prepare mentally to be dead last this week… :rofl:

I am loving this game, by the way, and I don’t mind coming in dead last, after all, someone has to… I will take the honorary each week… haha…


I dont play using chase cam. I’m using one from inside with steering wheel visible.


Oops… pardon me, I meant @Truly

Sorry about that… (Will go and edit my post to be more reflective of reality.)


Head cam here, preferably nothing else on the screen too.

Welcome to the league! More players = more fun.

Remember my first run ended in a tree. I think the subsequent 20 tries too… The first time I set was probably one where I spun and got >7 minutes. Also I have a lot of hours into each track already and already know where I’ll likely end up going into the trees (everywhere with the stratos).

That being said, I want to pump out a sub 6:30 in the stratos really badly :slight_smile:

EDIT: I was going to post about how much better the stratos felt today, but I didn’t manage to finish a run. :man_shrugging:


First run of the day and made a nice improvement. @YQMaoski we’re neck and neck man!

Edit: Ooops not anymore were not!


Finally managed to pull off a time where nothing went hugely wrong. Plenty of places I could have been braver and I did slide off the track once but on a straight part so I could get back on without too much pain, stalled out in one or two hairpins too.

I should be able to break a sub 7 minutes time.
I have updated the current standings in post 2 for anyone curious.


As one , now deceased , navigator said ’ be brave ’ :smiley:


So close!! Just 1.5 seconds behind you. GG :fist_right::fist_left:


You, anyone, actually go like flat out in that be brave section? Because now that I don’t mess up the corner before it I’m barreling down towards that turn in 5th gear top speed and that’s WAY too brave for me.


I’m definitely not, cuz it seems way too sketchy for me with the immediate right turn after it. Also, being brave is relative, lol.

btw @Fraggles Doomy’s time is 6.31.850 in the Stratos; that time (6.31.558) above his in the Fiat must be from someone on his friends list or something i think