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Chrono Rally League 🏁


First few times i was actually ‘brave’ and went full speed there and you can guess the end result :smiley: to be fair to the navigator he also says ’ deceptive ’ along side ‘be brave’ so yeah. Talking about mixed messages.


The deceptive jump…:persevere: The ruiner of most of my runs, it comes so late I keep forgetting about it.


Ok thanks, confirmed with my own friendslist SS. @Doomy be a little more careful with your cropping so all information is clear in the future, thank you.

@DontBeSilly so he basically goes “Be brave… psyke! now we’re both dead, it was just a prank bro!”


Ok, reposting this now cuz only now did i find some time to finish watching this (read: i took some time while actually not having it), and this frikkin’ guy did it again, he beat Dirt Rally 2.0 on the highest difficulty on his frikkin’ KEYBOARD after already doing the same in the first one, what a legend. Also, i feel it’s a must-watch for all here as it contains quite good lessons on how to drive (@Fraggles’ tip number one, lol) and it is also great to hear someone explain so passionately how good these games are.


I was on good way to taking another 15s off my personal best.

One crash in the 6th segment, came out of it with still 2s to spare only to crash again and end up 6s behind.

Used to be rather happy by how pretty dirt rally is, but then you go and show me Dirt 2.0 and now it feels like minecraft in comparison.

Edit: I also meant to ask, I’m considering trying something a little different for next week. Is there anyone who would be greatly opposed to registering for one of those codemaster accounts so we can utilize the in game league system?


I’m up for it


Be brave is a lie in a RWD car

In an A/FWD car, yes. Afterwards it’s a left 3 anyway and you will spin if you don’t hit it in 3rd gear.
Try taking it in 4th with a bit of brake to put the weight over the front wheels as you turn in.

Sorry about that, it was a rush job since I had to leave and it made perfect sense to me at the time (highlighted time is the right one). Dirt is weird and it shows my personal name in my leaderboards and my steam name in other people’s leaderboards. I’ll see if I can change it so i can post the full thing in the future.(EDIT: fixed in profile settings) The other time belongs to Vandem as you properly indicated now!
Luckily I’ll have time friday to beat his time and I can be put in the first place after all! :smiley:

I already have an account (through steam) so definitely yes.


just be brave


I would create an account and we can do a Chrono league.

I am just being a jackass, but logically you answered the question as if you would be greatly opposed…


I’m going to assume you meant smartass.


I am apparently not a smartass for misusing jackass…

I just looked up the definition of jackass… I meant as in a jerk kind of way… But apparently that’s not what it means… :man_facepalming:


I don’t want you to get bored too easily so that should hopefully keep you busy for a bit.


omg dude wtf




no worries :laughing:

Game on!


6:20.018 What were you driving, a helicopter?? I was happy with my 7:02.


considering the speed at which my car is spinning sometimes, you might as well call it a helicopter.

And you can be absolutely happy with your time! You just joined and if you keep at it, I’m sure you’ll see rapid improvements.


Thank you dude. I use the bonnet view and default setups. I’ve seen that you can tweek the cars performance and handling. Is there anything you’d recommend? Also I’m playing with no assists. Should I use some ABS or traction control? Also, should I me using manual gears or is auto/semi ok?


Such a good time. GG


I’m probably the wrong person to ask as I’m no expert by any means. There are plenty of great tips in this thread though.
Regarding my setup:

  • no assists, it’s just faster
  • no custom tweaking (I have no idea what half of the stuff even does)
  • automatic shifting (hats off to Fraggles, who’s driving with manual shifting, the mad man)
  • cockpit view


I like manual sequential shifting but with the magic clutch aid on so I don’t have to do that. I also use the headcam even though I’m not sure if it might be more advantageous to play in chase cam, I just enjoy it more. @m00 suggested early on I change headcam FOV setting to 0.5 instead of 1.0 which makes everything feel a little slower and I think that might be better even if it isn’t as exciting. The only other aid I have on is ABS, which I figured is a thing that exists in cars for real so it seems like a good idea to have.

As for custom tweaking, I have muddled around a bit with it on previous maps. On the first map I tried to get more stability out of suspensions because I couldn’t stay on the road in the later stages. For Monaco I changed the gear ratios for faster acceleration because I never got the car into 5th gear on that track anyway, so the cost to max speed wasn’t noticeable. For this week’s track though I don’t really know, it doesn’t feel like there’s any specializations worth considering since it’s such a varied track. It has plenty of both long straights for max speed and short cornering sections where acceleration is important.

Maybe I could look into the suspensions and see if lowering stability for more speed could be useful. Might allow for drifting more rather than taking everything at max grip speeds.