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Chrono Rally League 🏁


You’re not using manual?

Custom tweaking is useful imo but you need to understand a bit about car dynamics.


When I’m not happy with the car i just get some stuff from the workshop and see what’s good for me. I dont know anything about car adjustments myself.


Have not had time to jump in this week, I hope to tonight. Anything specific to watch out for here that hasn’t been mentioned several times yet?


spin on right 2, hairpin left hairpin left hairpin right, lose track due to bad camber on the next left 4, spin on the hairpin left, spin on the hairpin right, hit the rock on the inside of the corner, hit the rocks with people on the outside of the corner, hit a tree in the left through gate, right 4 left 4 right4. spin on the hairpin right spin on the hairpin left, hit the rock or miss the road on the right 1. hit the rocks on the be brave section. hit the inside rocks on the left 3. hit the spectators on the right 3… list goes on :smile:


Third turn that is a left 4 immediate right 2. You probably want to take that slow unless you want to get stuck in a bush.

Fiat has the best backend control, everything else will spin as soon as you munch grass.

Right 5 dip you should take slow.

There are a couple of chicanes in the middle of the course. (took me ten minutes to figure out how they were spelled)

Slow down for the right 5 right after the “big jump stay mid”





changed my profile to firstname D last name oomy now so it shows properly. It was all messed up before which is why I cropped it out @Fraggles


Once upon a time there was a Daddy.

He cared so much for his rocks on exit that he gave them the biggest hug he could.

The End.


@doomy you really need to make sure your name also shows in your screenshots, or I have no idea who’s time we’re looking at.

I managed to pull off another pretty good run, so very close to beating @Pylinaer, I’ll be damned if I couldn’t find 33ms to cut somewhere, if I had another day to do it.

Captured a video of this run as well, mainly for my own analysis. But if anyone wants to see the run I wouldn’t mind uploading it.

In preparation for next week could everyone please go join this league, thank you.


apparently I did a thing

Not sure if my application got through. The whole site seems extremely slow and borked to me.


yeah, not just you, took me a lot of tries to finally get through.


Second week in a row my fulltime job interfered with my dream to become best rally driver in a world so i could only get in only handful of tries this time around as well. Here’s my final time 06.38:184 . I feel i could do much better but i’m exhausted and will just leave it like this.

I must say i hated first few stages of this track but once it opens up…it’s no better because you need to do those sillly hairpins and just basically slow down to a crawl, get out of your car and do two laps around it and then you can continue. So i hope next track will be bit shorter and will require less stoping.

Looking forward for the next week!


hm, yeah, i think there’s yr problem right there

come on guys, who told this sloth (there’s yr other problem right there too) that they actually had to do this, huh?


Think it should be Dirt with 70s cars.


After seeing all the talk about how impossible the Stratos is I decided to be cheeky and try to master it over the week :grinning:
First two tries went well enough:

And then I ended up not touching the game for the whole week, so I tried the Kadet and now I’ll go get some sleep.


@Fraggles, I clicked join and I clicked confirm. I did this twice, but it doesn’t show me as being in the league… It just refreshes with the four people I see who are already in it.


once it actually goes through, Fraggles still has to accept it


I’ll try and get around to that tomorrow. Called T/O on setting up the computer today. Steam is mostly set up, just have the rest of my programs.


3rd week of the Chrono Rally League has now officially concluded, and what a week it’s been. We embarked upon a much longer journey than previously but with a whole lot more power at our disposal and some of us certainly put that boost to good use. It is my pleasure to once again congratulate @Doomy on a hard fought first placement with @Vandem giving them a remarkable time to beat. A warm welcome also goes out to @NME1 for joining us this week.

Congratulations to everyone for making the top 10!

Week 39 Oberstein
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Opel Kadette 06:18.068
2 Vandem Opel Kadette 06:20.018
3 M00 Opel Kadette 06:27.201
4 DontBeSilly Opel Kadette 06:38.184
5 Pylinaer Fiat Abarth 06:46.450
6 Frag-ile Opel Kadette 06:46.483
7 NME1 Fiat Abarth 07:02.683
8 YQMaoski Opel Kadette 07:19.732
9 Strifeborne Opel Kadette 07:22.965

We’ll be trying something a little different this week, namely a multi-stage rally. Over the past weeks we have raced on gravel, down a narrow twisty mountain side road and across open fields. We have, if just barely, managed to wrestle control over new beasts of iron and steel. With the experience we’ve gained, tricks learnt and skills mastered we will be returning to where we began and do it ALL over again. This time to nail everything in one attempt.

I would ask everyone who wishes to participate in this week’s challenge to join this online league.
The site can be a bit slow and I will have to manually OK everyone to join, so be patient please, but I will try to keep an eye on things and get people in as soon as I can.

This is the first time I work with this system so here’s how I HOPE things will work:
The event will start right away and be open all week so that anyone is able to put their attempt in at any time they wish. You are encouraged to practice these 3 tracks with the 70’s era cars for as much as you like over the weekend or rest of the week before stepping up to the starting line. I am hoping that the game wont require us to do all the 3 stages back to back but will allow us to do them one at time so we can put our best efforts in for each stage.

I have set up so that you can tune your car for each stage and there should be a repair station after Col de turini.

The maps in order will be:

  • Greece - Oura Spevsi
  • Monaco - Col de Turini descente
  • Germany - Oberstein

The 70s cars on gravel should pose an all new horrible challenge to overcome and the final score will be based on performance across all three stages for this week.

With a huge thank you to all you lovely participants week 40 of the Chrono Rally League is opened!


Cool I wasn’t last!! I have joined the rally league. I will appear as SPEXWISE (steam username). 3 tracks back to back sounds like fun. 70’S RWD on gravel does not.