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Chrono Rally League 🏁


wp @Vandem, I have to admit, it took me quite a bit of time to beat 6:20

Cool! I played around with it a bit this week and I found out that softening the suspension and loosening the differential helps a bit (on tarmac). But the kadett is definitely easier to control :smiley:

For anyone still joining, there is no “request confirmed” - page. So just press apply and wait for fraggles to catch up. Also this is the perfect time to join since everyone has a better chance at winning now. Driving consistently at a slower pace is more likely to pay off than driving risky/fast.

I think I’ll need it :blush:

I think you can quit out, practice in custom events and join in afterwards.

I’ll probably try all at once since it’s all pretty fresh in my mind still.
We only get one try right?

No stage retires, no event restarts. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone can manage to get close to their personal best time with no retries! I’ll definitely lose >10s per stage being careful/crashing.

Thank you for the organizing efforts @Fraggles
Good luck everyone, drive safe~


Heads up, due to a confusing website the repair station is after Greece / before Monaco. I think there’s no vehicle tuning except for at the repair station where you can probably chose how to spend your half hour between repairing and car setup. (I’m not sure, didn’t try) Also I don’t think there’s checkpoints, so you have to do the whole thing at once or DQ, I’m not sure but be cautious in the menu’s. If the first person after me could verify this - thank you.

I did okay, went a bit slower but still managed to fudge something up in every stage.
I recovered in greece(+13s), clipped the wall in the beginning at the straight section before the hairpin(+inf seconds trying to turn the damn car around) and clipped the chicane in germany(+4s or so).


Well @Doomy decided practice is for chumps and went out to set the time for us all to strive towards. Certainly a viable strategy, get into the head of the opposition and cause us to stress about whether we’re measuring up or not instead of focusing on the driving. Lets see if it pays off.

The set up for this event is experimental so do keep an eye on the menus to see what’s actually available where as I don’t know for certain. Also might be worth mentioning that the check point system should simply show up as a key-prompt that allows you to “save and exit” at the bottom of your screen. So if you want to take advantage of that possibility then keep an eye out for that.


omg, just a warning, there’s no “shakedown” at the start of the stages, which comes as a huge surprise to me cuz I’ve never seen it like that, and I though I’d use that just to get a quick feel for the car and the track and just jump right in (as i always do); result: 14 sec penalty in first stage :joy: so i can forget about being competitive this week already


That’s weird, there were no settings for such penalties. I’ve used the shakedown for the career championships at no penalty, as far as I’m aware, and I’ve used them for the custom events too. Are you sure that using the shake down was the source of the penalty?

You should get 10 shakedown attempts, resetting the attempt costs 1. Is it possible you tried and reset your shakedown more than 10 times and the penalty came from overextending that limit?


sry, no, lol, I mean there’s ‘no’ shakedown (it threw me right in the first stage, no possibility for shakedown at all), rofl, so i couldn’t use that to first get a feel and the result was i got a 14 sec penalty cuz i ended up in the forest :joy:

in any case, i enjoy this setup way more (1 try, several stages)

and I would’ve lost to @Doomy regardless, I beat him on the second stage by 3 seconds, but even without the penalty he was almost 1 sec faster on the first stage and a whopping 7 secs on the last


Oh I’m sorry, completely misread you. Weird still though, because with tuning shakedowns are almost necessary to test your settings out for the track in question, how else are you supposed to get it right?


I don’t think there’s any tuning options for the first stage either (nor the last), it just threw me right in, unless I missed something

@Doomy can u confirm this?

@Fraggles generally in rallies all stages are in the same setting, so u dont get tuning/shakedown for each stage either, it’s only every 2-3 stages, starting ofc with the first one

also, another thing cuz we discussed that way back; i read online that in custom events all cars are completely upgraded by default. This was on a forum, so i cant confirm 100% that this is correct, but that would mean we don’t even have to worry about that.


confirmed, something weird is going on. I think enabling the service area is a must if we’re doing different countries.

Definitely feels like it, tuning is still a big factor though.

Yeah I clipped the wall and got myself stuck orthogonal to the wall and the railing :confused:


Wait…I have to “repair” my car between stages? Any chance we can do this voodoo between corners instead?


I have to say, I am really enjoying watching all of you “get gud”. I think this was a great idea and I really think @Fraggles should be really proud of himself for handling all this. I appreciate all the time you have put into this endeavor. I am looking forward to more races and more fun.

Thanks @Fraggles :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

I still have a spare key…Hopefully, it still works.


Just completed my attempt.
Can also confirm that there’s no shakedown or tuning option for the first stage.

thanks @M00 for letting us know. I made one test run for the greece and monaco track because I haven’t driven a 70’s car on there yet and I think that helped a lot. I wasn’t driving super fast at all but managed to have somewhat clean races without recoveries. Gets the heart pumping though :smiley: be brave my ass


Well done, clean races are definitely winners when you only have 1 chance. I had a lot of fun too and was kind of sad there were only 3 stages!


you can, it just costs you 1m 30s in time and you have to stop. and generally you need to have a big problem with the car. Like a flat tire.


LOL! I had no idea! I have finished some races with just a rim on the back end, and it looks really funny…


I only figured it out on the first track after losing a tire on the right 3 past the crowd and getting stuck on a rock.


I lost about 10s on the last stage, a lot of it due to getting stuck on the hill on the first hairpin on the last event.


glad to see we’re doing an actual “tour” this week. Didn’t have a chance to jump in this last week, but I have an essay due Monday so I’ll have a little time after that to give it a go. Best of luck everyone!


At least I didn’t break my car this time. I drove so sensibly. All that matters is that we get there safely.


Anyone tried the heart attack that is Hill Climb in the modern category?


Oh boy, I figured I wouldn’t do too well in this format. But I was rather pleasantly surprised with my spevsi attempt only a few seconds behind my previous personal best, no big crashes, I think I went into the wall at the first segment of square turns which almost always happens. I felt like I held out well in the mountain roads, even took those long wide 2 turns with some confidence.

Heading into Monaco I made my first big mistake, from previous experience there I changed my gear ratios to be a fair bit shorter than standard. Turned out great for Col de turini and I absolutely crushed it, in fact I beat my previous best with 12s and even that was with a few wall scratches and coming in too hot in the first pinhead turn again, as usual. : )

I knew Oberstein would screw me though, just not by how much. Started out of course being stuck with those shorter gear ratios and this time the max speed penalty was going to be a problem. I managed to crash not once, or twice but three times. First time tossed into the audience for an instant reset and 15s penalty a few turns after the be brave corner. Then I hit a rock in the left 3(?) bad camber space a little after that and having misjudged the hairpin around hay bales on my previous run and stopped far too early I tried to do better, judged it all wrong and found myself stalled and spun out on the far side of the corner.

I had a 4th placement going into Oberstein, I think if I didn’t lose more than 10s off my personal best I had a chance at taking 3rd from @doomy. I figured that would be unlikely but it could be possible. Instead I’m now 5th 15s behind @m00.

Well this was nerve wrecking but fun, certainly not my strong side and I’m going to have to do some research into event setup for future events.

There’s still 2 days to make an attempt for this week. @DontBeSilly and @Strifeborne if you intend to try please be advised that you need to join the league and for me to accept your application before you can make your attempt So please do not try to join at the last minute even if you still want to wait to do your runs. Anyone else who wants to join is of course also welcome.
The link again just for your convenience.

Now I’d like to talk a little about format and solicit thoughts and ideas from the rest of you. The way I structured this thing from the start was with the goal of fostering competitiveness and the strive to improve yourself by having something to compare to. I do not feel that this week’s league event quite fulfilled that, evident by how quiet this thread has been this week. We have not had the back and forth for the top placement or the rowdy but steady climb of us on the bottom half.

The reason I chose to start each week on Saturday morning was because I figured some people would only really have a few hours available to them on the weekends. Events tend to be more lively at the start so this would allow them to be there while the first entries to populate the tables started coming in and be part of the early activity. We could instead start things off on Monday, but I fear that we’d then have a mostly dead thread and inactive score board for most of the week with a last scramble of activity as everyone finally have some time at the end of the run.

Another option is to make this more of a bi-weekly thing and start a run on Saturday morning, just like now, but run each event for a full week plus a second weekend. We would then take 5 days off until the next weekend and not start another event until then.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on both race and time format going forward. Did you prefer the league setup of several tracks at once or do you enjoy spending time practicing a single track at a time?

Of course one does not necessarily exclude the other, we could possibly run two events side by side. Setting up a league with weekly events isn’t much work, just gotta figure the setup out first so we know what we’ll get.

Let me know how you’ve enjoyed these past 4 weeks and if there’s anyone here who’ve not participated yet but might want to, what can we do to make your participation possible?