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Chrono Rally League 🏁


I’ll skip this week :wink:


To me, this is what it’s all about.

There’s not much to post for the more active players. For me, I’ve practised the past week and I knew the tracks, there was no reason to keep practising since I knew what fast routes were.

For me, this depends on a week-to-week basis as I’m in school, but this makes sense for people at work etc.

This was my idea as I was reading your post. However, I see that this is not a perfect solution. I know most of the tracks in DiRT pretty well, I may need to run through each of them a few times to see what gears to use(more so in RWD cars, AWD is very forgiving imo) but generally I wouldn’t want to practise more than that. If I practice too much, much of the fun is lost. Though, I really enjoyed running through spevsi-turini-oberstein since I knew the tracks very well, I was a bit disappointed that I lost ±5s/stage but that’s rally. It’s not a circuit race, it’s getting through as fast as you can without knowing all the corners. A lot of this is lost when you know the tracks, which is why I now enjoyed pushing really hard to get the fastest time.

So, I’m a bit conflicted, I thoroughly enjoy rallying in the classic sense, where you don’t really know the track that well and you have to struggle through with just the pace-notes, but since I’ve played through dozens of championships, this version of DiRT rally will never provide that for me, and the playing field is completely unfair for the newcomers to the game. On the other hand, I enjoy fighting for the fastest time with the forum members, it’s fun to have human times to compare to, instead of hackers on the leaderboards. I really wish codemasters added some API’s/tools to add custom maps, it would extend the lifetime of their game by, checks age of Richard Burns Rally, 15 years. I feel like reinstalling RBR now for the umpteenth time. :confused:

Maybe we should do one country, pick one race to get best time on and run an event in the same country with different stages and this event as last stage @ night or something to spice it up after practising during the day? I feel like some of the value of this thread is lost when we have to do all tracks at once. It’s more of a “you do the run and you’re done with it” kind of race that way. What’s the motivation to check this thread when you have already done your entry? Maybe we should hold the event on the weekend only?

Tbh, I’m a bit bummed out. I really want leagues to work since it’s so much fun, but this week I only had 14:28.897 minutes of it. I believe doing double events, league + stage, will fail judging by the response/enthusiasm in this thread. I hope I’m wrong. @M00 @Pylinaer @Vandem @Fraggles @SPEXWISE(not sure who this is) Thanks for competing. I’d love to hear everyone thoughts on this too, especially those that didn’t enter.



I haven’t had time to play much this week so far, so I am a little behind. But I will get to it before the end of the time limit.

I am totally okay with multiple events, I just still feel very uncomfortable in these RWD cars, and I just feel rather out of control so much, I am a little hesitant to do the stages and throw a really large number up to pad the bottom. LOL… But I will anyway.


I don’t remember so many places I could fall off the road/cliff in the first leg, fortunately my car survived the few times it did…

The second was decent for me, only had a couple of places where I got turned around.

The third was terrible, started the run by cracking my windshield on that first left 4, right 2, got spun around, and ended up in some trees. A couple of groups of cheering crowds were being sent to the nearest trauma center as we speak, and I was quickly arrested for vehicular manslaughter, without bail, due to them not really sure whether or not it was intentional or not…


Played a bit more of the career mode this morning. Got a couple of surprises out of that, first is that I absolutely dominated the 2nd event of the first championship. Beat out the 2nd place with ~50s total at the end and that was with me even crashing out a couple of times. They were so good in the previous Greece maps, why are they this slow in Germany?

Second surprise was this

Beating @m00 out with 40+s on my first try on the map, even if he’s using the Mini. Also no idea how @onLooSe managed to spend 6 minutes here, come race with us! : )

Anyway, the week is almost over. The results are in and I have my plans for next week. But I still really want to hear what the rest of you think going forward. We are slowly dropping participants and while I understand people have varying amount of time to dedicate to videogames I’d really like to try and keep this going.




Wax on, wax off…

He’s been a little bit too busy and other things have taken priority. This is the guy who racked up 700 hours of Dead Cells in a few short months, but now he’s not even been on Steam for a couple of weeks…


Today’s delta is hella fun, last part of oberstein reverse but raining. You get a lot more grip than I thought.


Running a track you know fairly well backwards is interesting, you feel like you know the basic layout and what to expect but all the corners are wrong so you still have to be a bit careful with it.

Even managed to beat doomy!


It’s not fair, I was having fun in the trees!


Found something rather neat on the dirt rally page.

They collect telemetry of your runs for the dailies and you can see what you were doing. You can also look up other people’s run and compare them to yours. I can’t find a way to link directly to a specific run so if you want to see mine you’ll have to search by name.



we finally discovered @Fraggles intentions behind organizing all these games


Another week over and another challenge overcome. Congratulations to @Vandem who finally manages to hold on to the top spot until the very end. I’m impressed everyone managed such great times without a single one of us failing to finish.

Great work everyone!

Week 40 3 track event
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Vandem Opel Kadette 14:09.898
2 Pylinaer Fiat Abarth 14:17.364
3 Doomy Opel Kadette 14:28.897
4 M00 Opel Kadette 14:48.014
5 Frag-ile Opel Kadette 15:03.080
6 NME1 Fiat Abarth 16:42.525
7 YQMaoski Fiat Abarth 17:15.076

For week 41 we’re taking the show to my neck of the literal woods, we’re heading to Sweden!

When I first started with this game these are the tracks I most wanted to try, I’ve actually been to some of these places. The snow however is a mighty challenge to handle and it got the better of me then. So now we’re back with friends and some experience and this time I’m hoping to beat it. While it is indeed slippery the biggest hazard to look out for is the snow banks on the side of the road as they will seemingly suck you into them. Being aware of your car’s placement on the road is going to be the key to success here.

I don’t think we need to bring any more power to the table yet as it’s going to be tricky to put even the 70s era torque into the ground as it stands and I believe we could stand to use familiar cars in road conditions like these.

Winter is here and week 41 of the Chrono Rally League has opened.
Good luck everyone!


Hehe i was waiting for when will we go to Sweden :wink:


Well we need some time to begin with , 02:57.392


Snow is so damn hard to drive in. I don’t know if the 70s cars are harder than 80s but if that’s the case then I have my work cut out for me this week. I did manage to get a time beating the community delta at least and I’m always pleased with that.

Also tried another of the daily challenges which is a night rally this time around on a 10km track in Greece with a car I’ve never driven. Lost my lights halfway through the first section and decided to retire.


I’m pretty sure the lower powered modern rally cars are way easier to control than '60s-'70s-'80s


I’ve tried BMW from 80’s and it’s pretty much undrivable so yeah. 70’s beasts are pretty tame compared.


Ah, so we started with the worst and hardest cars. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I expected complexity and difficulty to climb with the newer cars. But I guess it makes sense that modern cars would be easier to drive.


Well that’s not entirely true before we get to AWD modern cars. Something like Lancia from 60’s is way easier to control than Cadet from 70’s and as i’ve mentioned i’ve tried BMW from 80’s it’s pure nonsense :smiley:

I also tried a modern hill climb car in one of the dailies and f*ck it . Impossible to drive.