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Chrono Rally League 🏁


yeah, no, i mean like a fully kitted peugeot 206 or 307 or whatever else is similar that they have. They have those in Dirt Rally 2.0 and it’s like yr on rails. The car has very limited power but controls like a baby stroller in yr hands on a sidewalk and it’s just a dream to drive. (I don’t know why i’m using such a weird simile that doesn’t even make sense but whatever.)

random guy’s opinion on random reddit thread:

The modern 2000’s, 2010’s, and F2 kit cars are the easiest.


True but I prefer it to ICY roads any time!!! :exploding_head:



I think that’s good enough for me honestly.


Are you sure?
I figured I could do a fair bit better myself so lets hope this will get @Pylinaer back into the competition. : )


What a track. So hard to keep the car in the middle of the road. My left thumb felt weird just after a couple of tries because of all the small corrections you have to make. You are really not going easy on us with that track selection, @Fraggles :smiley:

ps: haven’t tried Afternoon/Cloudy yet, but that might make it more difficult compared to Midday/Sunny?


And yet I tried to pick one that was as simple as possible from the selection. I tried to go for something that was mostly straight and didn’t have a lot of sharp corners to it, since we’ve been doing a lot of that lately. That’s a damn impressive time you’ve managed there.

I prefer the softer lighting of mornings and afternoons, not sure if midday sun will snowblind you in the game, but it damn well would in real life. You’d have to bring some sunglasses.


We’ll see. This track is annoying me faster by a factor of 4. But that might be just today.


Impressive. I have no idea how did you managed such time. Anything under 3 minutes is a lot of luck and effort already but 2:43… lol.




Today’s daily in Finland is a pretty fun race. It’s a long one but going at a pretty rapid clip with a lot of big jumps. There’s a couple of them you can’t trust though that will throw you into the forest. So not knowing the map well I took it very gingerly after the first betrayal.

Recommend giving it a shot if you’ve got the time.




There you go, see I knew you could do it. Well done! : )


Tried my new gamepad out (finally switched from Xbox 360 to Xbox One) and managed to improve my time a bit


Unrelated question but is your xbox one gamepad wired or wireless? If it’s wireless did you need to buy extra bluetooth adapter or ?


I think all Xbone gamepads are wireless. But you can buy a “charge as you play” adapter that makes it function as a wired. You have to use win10 in order to use it wirelessly at which point you can use any BT reciever your computer already has or buy a dongle. None of that stuff comes with the controller.


There are several options. The one I purchased came bundled with the wireless adapter that you need for windows 10:

There’s also the Play and Charge Kit that you can buy separately if you want something rechargeable instead of changing batteries all the time:

But there are also versions that come with a cable (not fixed on the controller):


So if you buy one with the BT adapter included how do you charge the controller afterwards? Any USB wire will do?


I think so, of course I suspect they would prefer it if you bought THEIR cable.


Hehe , i imagine.


I have a fake recharger set, been trying to order an original forever now, but all they ever do is send fake chinese crap (though ofc in the pictures and descriptions its original shit), so in the end i just ended up keeping one that came with a controller after sending all the ones i ordered separately back

so i prefer to just switch batteries and charge them in a normal battery charger cuz im too scared to use that chinese thing and dont want the controller to blow up in my face, rofl