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Chrono Rally League 🏁


I have a wired one, it has a battery compartment for 2 AA sized batteries and it also has bluetooth/wifi functionality. I’m on windows 7 though so I only get the wired connection but it’s a nice controller. Ironically, if I plug my steam link into my monitor I can play it wireless even on windows 7 because the steam link has dedicated drivers for that stuff :man_facepalming: I have the mini-usb(? horrible connector) version unfortunately, but nowadays they make em in USB-C.

The adapter you plug into your PC is actually wi-fi and not bluetooth I think. If you have a NIC with bluetooth capabilities you don’t need a dongle.


@Fraggles, could you put the time of day/road/weather conditions into the description up top as well? I am looking for what people are doing right now, but if you include it in the top post it would make it easier.

Actually I see people driving under different light conditions for this one…


I’m not dictating which specific condition you have to drive in, as I mentioned earlier I often prefer the softer lighting of mornings and often find mid day light conditions very harsh and unpleasant. That said I’ve switched from morning to mid day for this map myself because there were a few passages where I couldn’t tell the road from the snow on the side.

Unless we’re doing something that is specifically meant to be a hindrance, like rain, snow or nights I see no reason to force a time selection.


Okay, that makes sense. I just figured that especially in these tracks that feature a lot of snow, different times of the day might have different amounts of ice/packed snow distribution that might actually affect the times…

Somehow I made it past the Delta for this track with this time, but I sure don’t feel like I should have…

really have no control on this track whatsoever, just a big slippery slide…


Just played a bit more, made some improvements:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It was, umm... fairly clean...


I’d like some input about what you want to do about cars next. I’m thinking we’re heading to Finland for next week, probably a slightly longer track. The car situation after the 80s got a bit weird and I don’t know what the segments mean, so let me know what you want us to do next.

  • 80’s
  • Group A
  • Group B
  • F2 kit car
  • R4

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Feel free to also motivate your choice that I might understand the inherent differences here.


I’d suggest either Group A, F2 kit car or R4.

80’s would be the next logical step since all of them are more powerful RWD again but that also makes them even harder to control.
In order to make it more attractive to more people, I’d say we try out 4WD cars (Group A, R4) or FWD (F2 kit car) to make things a little easier.

Group B are absolute monsters and should only be tried out if you want a speedy, violent death or support the destruction of our forests.


Completely agree with you, hence I’d suggest we start with the F2 and then later go to whatever’s easier between Group A and R4 and then the other one.


Read the follow up explanations, make perfect sense, voted after… Initially I was just going to say let’s go with 80s, but higher power and violent cliff jumping really doesn’t work. I need to get into my head that DiRT Rally is not a typical platformer.


I nearly forgot to enter this week. I can’t seem to open the chrono rally (probably finished after last weeks?) so I did my time on a custom event. There’s slippery white stuff everywhere making this really hard.


My vote goes to group A . Has two iconic rally cars ( you could say i ‘grew up’ with these ) and also has 4WD which should makes thing a little bit more accesible for everyone to enjoy.


This week unfortunately petered out a bit in exhaustion from wading around in too much snow, the road conditions this time was certainly taking it’s toll but more than that I think the cars were probably not too well suited to the task at hand. Still @Vandem managed to impress with both perseverance and swiftness clearing the track in an astonishing 2:40.626 almost 10s before @doomy in second place.

This one took a lot out of everyone and you all did admirably under the circumstances.

Week 41 Björklangen
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Vandem Opel Kadette 02:40.626
2 Doomy Opel Kadette 02:50.109
3 DontBeSilly Fiat Abarth 02:51.859
4 Pylinaer Fiat Abarth 02:57.976
5 M00 Opel Kadette 02:59.456
6 Frag-ile Opel Kadette 03:03.056
7 NME1 Fiat Abarth 03:10.992
8 YQMaoski Fiat Abarth 03:11.725

We will not be traveling too far for week 42, just a short hop across the Baltic sea taking us to Finland.

Land of the thousand lakes, all of which we’ll try to stay out of, though that will be easier said than done because the place is about as even as a washing board. Finland features some pretty lengthy tracks that are largely straight with very few sharp corners instead there’s big jumps and crests all over the place. The trick will be to remember which jumps are safe to speed through and which ones will throw you into the woods or someone’s front yard.

We’ll be leaving the 70’s cars in whichever snowdrift you last saw them in and get ourselves some new rides for this one.

The 90’s group A selection of cars have a few nice quality of life improvements like 4 wheel drive, which could probably have come in real handy last week. We’ve got ourselves another Ford this time, the American car is of course still the heaviest one and it comes with just plain too many gears. Will anyone ever even use 7th gear on anything but a highway?
I think this might be Subaru’s first foray into rally cars and the fact that I know the name Impreza suggests it was probably pretty successful, despite it’s mere 5 gears. Lancia makes another appearance and this time finally manage to put out the highest power to weight ratio, if that helps will remain to be seen.

If anyone new fancies joining up, this week would be a great time to do it as these cars are far more pleasant to drive than our previous machines.

So I’d like to extend a warm welcome to everyone for week 42 of the Chrono Rally League.

Have fun!



Guess I’ll post the first time!

Only did the following:
Crash into a sign on the first jump
Crash into a sign because I didn’t hear the RIGHT SQUARE
Bust my coolant on said sign (and managed to finish the race)
Spun out not once, but THREE times
Side swiped a tree (that caused one of the three spins)

I’ll upload a video when it finishes, I haven’t properly set the settings so it might be kinda choppy.

Lol, perfect thumbnail


Massive improvement already and plenty of spots to still improve:

I changed up my video settings so hopefully it’s smoother now:


Co-driver: "We’ve got no coolant left"
My thoughts: How the f do I have a front end left?

I may have lost a tire due to another pole related incident.


One small correction i was driving a Fiat this time around not Opel.


Noted and rectified, I try to double check these things but some times they slip through anyway. Thank you for pointing it out.

So, my first run was rather eventful... LOL!

The only good news is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to improve on this score… :man_facepalming:


Slightly better:

Although just as eventful:


So eeeh… funny thing Hämelahti was actually not the track I was thinking of using this week, it should have been Oksjärvi or Oksala, the 8km tracks. Seems I used the wrong SS when I created the graphics and then used that info when I wrote things up. This is fine too though.

I’m not sure yet but I don’t think I like the Subaru, it either sounds like a coffee percolator or a squealing pig, but it’s the first car I think I’ve driven that actually has a speedometer on the dash. I think I enjoyed the Lancia a bit more, I’ll have a few more runs with them both before deciding.

The first big jump has a trick to it, there’s 2 big pines visible over the crest, aim for the left one and you’ll be fine, so much as glance at the right one and:

I did finally, after several tries manage to beat the community delta, which is what I consider a good result for a first day’s practice.

That’s still with one car reset and a couple of visits to the forest, but without any really big collisions and managed to keep all my tires with me.


Hard to keep track of things, and I was doing fairly well this run, until I popped another tire and then the car did more than I can in somersaults.

I just can't keep it clean

The not-visualized wheel is just a rim, once again, sparking all over…

@Fraggles, I don’t mind this track at all, I just can’t practice it as much, which is fine. I actually think the Subaru handles pretty well, and I feel most stable sitting in the coffee peculator, since I know it’s actively leaking coolant, gasoline, or engine oil anyway…