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Chrono Rally League 🏁


crest, into crest, into jump, into big jump, into crest jump maybe, into bump, into crest…I think they even make fun of the track themselves with the achievement you get for beating the community delta :smiley:
But with the AWD cars I think it’s a very entertaining, albeit long, track :slight_smile:

@YQMaoski during my previous best I also lost one of the rear tires, you are not alone :smiley: (not to mention all the other violent crashes into the forest)


My first try and I chose the Lancia. This was way more fun that Sweden. So many jumps! I only spun out once but that’s because I was being cautious.
I’ll try the other cars too. I feel I could improve on this over the week. Nice track and nice cars. AWD feels way better than RWD.

actually just tried the Subaru:


I don’t know how you do it especially using the outside car view. GG


The run that I finished just a second behind @Pylinaer where I land two aileron rolls and a front flip without even cracking my windscreen.

Post weekend standings have been posted for anyone curious, in post #2.

@Pylinaer I watched your video and I’m amazed at how calm and even your driving is, compared to how hectic and chaotic I feel like my own driving is. Not sure how much the perspective changes it though. I burst out laughing at the 2nd attempt first square turn where you came into it looking like you’d take near perfectly only to snugly park yourself up against a telephone pole.


I don’t know how I did this. I had many crashes and off road sections but I managed exactly the same time as my Subaru time!


That is very impressive, exact down to the thousandth of a second. That’s so hard to believe I have to imagine the game isn’t measuring time quite precisely enough to use that many decimals.


The stunt man award this week definitely goes to Fraggles for some incredible rolls.


Found one of those lakes I was talking about earlier.

Also noticed that the Weekly online event is a 6 stage 60’s cars Greece event, if anyone was missing Greek road conditions and the old cars. I’ve managed to finish the first two stages with awful execution, but I did still climb ~50 spots after the 2nd stage.


I’ve messed around with the tuning and the car now feels more stable and reaches higher speeds than the standard set up, so that’s great and all. Except I can’t handle the extra speed and corners I used to have down I now fly out and I keep finding higher and higher points to impact that right pine in the first big jump with.

Got a couple of pretty cool screenshots out of it though. Don’t want to dump it all into the thread so I made an imgur album for those interested.

Completed the weekly Greece event, climbed almost 150 spots over the course of the next 6 stages finishing at 502 at the time. We’ll see how that placement holds up, I did not do well. I hope someone else here tries it out.

There’s also a pure hell track open right now, wales at night in the rain.


I tried for a bit and got similar results, you can clip the tree and spin your car in the air :slight_smile: Unfortunately I am swamped with work and probably not able to get a real run in.


So i’m really late this week with an entry,had some storage space issues and had to delete Dirt Rally from my PC for a bit. Anyway this is going to probably be my first and last attempt because i dont see myself having any time to practice more this week.

Really fun track



@M00 You lost your driver’s license dude? We are missing your competitive times as well as fact that we have a driving cow in our league.


I know, I know, and I’m rly sorry. I’ll try and get a time in tonight after work (no promises). I used to be able to do this while waiting for jobs, but they doubled the size of the team (we’re contractors, and the only way u make money is buy grabbing jobs as they appear in queue, and so it used to be I could just play a game and alt-tab out as soon as I heard the email notification, but now we’re so many that if u don’t use an auto-refresh on the queue in-browser itself to grab them really as they appear yr f-ed cuz by the time [1-6 secs] the email appears, the job is just gone, so even if before u didn’t get the first few, u’d get one eventually cuz others would be working already, but now if u don’t get the first few, there’s still a bunch of ppl waiting to pounce on them… [now that i do use auto-refresh after being informed that’s how they do it, let me just tell you that my 30 years of gaming and later fps experience is finally paying off financially :smirk: as now it’s about who hits that “claim” button fastest])

(ofc i could play in windowed mode or something, just like now i just read up on the news or watch youtube/twitch while waiting in another window, but i hate windowed mode and never play like that)


That sounds like a really weird messy system, I’m glad I’m not working with it. You can’t load the work site up on a 2nd monitor or a phone or something?

After way too many tries I finally gave up on the faster tweak and went with the standard setup and finally managed to get the car across the finish line again. Just in the nick of time and with a bit of an improvement to show for my efforts.

If there’s anyone awake at this hour who wants to still push me down from this position you have about 2h left to do it.


I guess it’s capitalism working as intended. I have no room whatsoever for a 2nd monitor on my desk (already using a 34 inch, lol [or maybe 32, dont even remember], which is great cuz it does allow me to watch stuff while keeping that system open on the side), and this system doesn’t work on phones afaik, but i dont mess around with stuff on my phone regardless, not even email. I use my phone almost exclusively like i did my nokia 5110 back in the day, lol, except i also use whatsapp and occasionally its browser


I was originally planning on trying to beat my own score at least, but concluding this particular work day at this time, about 10 minutes until midnight, when I started at 8 AM means that I am just going to shut everything off and go to bed…


We’ve reached the crest of week 42 and are about to recklessly throw ourselves into another but first congratulations to @Vandem for once again securing the top spot on the leader boards and I’ll take the opportunity to accept my nomination as this week’s stunt driver, also 2nd place! …because everyone who’s better than me are too busy to compete.

Week 42 Hämelahti
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Vandem Lancia Integrale 06:54.433
2 Frag-ile Lancia Integrale 07:12.166
3 DontBeSilly Lancia Integrale 07:17.165
4 Pylinaer Subaru Impreza 95 07:22.315
5 NME1 Subaru Impreza 95 07:57.814
6 YQMaoski Subaru Impreza 95 08:12.713
7 Doomy Subaru probably DNF
8 M00 Sandals DNF

I hope the rest of you enjoyed Finland as much as I have because we’re staying put and have another go at one of the shorter tracks for week 43.

Oksala is at first glance more straight on than Hämehlati but it still has a lot of tricky turns and corners to it. It should still be a pretty high speed track, just remember you can’t turn while you’re airborne. Same cars as well for good measure, I hope to see more of you attempting to push your limits this week.

I have also set up a new league season on the side for everyone to participate in. This time I’ve made 2 week-long events the first one in Finland with 5 stages but the 2nd week is all random and will be a real pain to get through. I hope everyone perseveres as the fun lies in suffering together. If you had already joined the League you’re automatically invited to participate, if we have any newcommers that would like to join up this time around please make yourself an account and apply to join here

Week 43 of the Chrono Rally league is now open.

Good luck and have fun everyone!


03:50.957 Though i feel like this time will get beaten soon. I did plenty of mistakes.


top-10 bb!


Correct! When I tried I was doing fine runs too, 10 seconds under master at the 3rd checkpoint but I needed some time to practice the last section. I won’t have (much) time this week either, but the week after is a holiday week so hopefully I can get some 1st places then!