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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Looking forward to see you fight it out with Vandem again. Can’t keep letting him win this easily. : )


Well, I am going to try again another day I think, I tried about 10 times, can’t finish, car gave up each time… This track is brutal…

This one I managed to crash and destroy the entire front axle and both wheels came loose at the same time:




If you are using controller try LT/L2 for the brakes my dude :wink:


So I actually think the Ford is the most stable at stock settings. Give that one a whirl, and yeah, remember to use the brakes like @NME1 said.


Ahem…about them brakes…


That’s the one big jump right? Nicely set up with a long straight ahead and if you go over it flat out you fly right into that strangely indestructible sign.


Yup that’s the one, not too far from the end. I managed to avoid this time though.

edit: best I can do for now


And cars to a degree. That picture where I mowed over the telephone pole I was doing like 100 MPH. Was also kinda surprised you could knock them over. Usually it’s those developers make into solid objects.


I like this course. It’s short and easier to remember all the certain death parts so I can slow down in time. Improved to 03:50.224




Your comment was fine ,dude :smiley: I’m a sloth!


Sweet time for a sloth! Have you seen the scene in Zootropolis with the sloths at the DMV? Funny AF.
Hope you don’t mind, I sent friend request via steam cos I’m gonna race you on this track!.


Nope, accepted :wink:



my head feels dizzy from all the pacenotes :dizzy_face: Don’t know where exactly but somewhere in the middle my co-pilot went for the WR in talking speed and I was just hoping he’d shut up for a second :smiley:



Some screenshots.



And a video:


Been having some crashing issues with the game recently. I get about halfway through a run and it just CTDs for no apparent reason. I have none the less managed to get a handful of finished runs in.

Found a good roll jump spot too, the red flags give bonus points right?

I believe with some practice I might be able to get a double roll in before landing in a pile of logs.

Week end standings

Week 43 Oksala
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Vandem Lancia Integrale 03:36.941
2 Pylinaer Lancia Integrale 03:44.507
3 DontBeSilly Lancia Integrale 03:44.974
4 NME1 Lancia Integrale 03:50.224
5 Frag-ile Lancia Integrale 03:58.473
6 M00 Subaru Impreza 95 04:00.390


Ah @Pylinaer just had to beat me by 0.5 seconds :smiley:

I’ll see what i can do about that later this week.


That nose grind of the entire rail at the end was epic!! Is this still dirt rally or have we moved on to Tony Hawk games now?