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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Does a tree count?


For some reason my save doesn’t remember this time but I did get a screenshot. I think I quit with Alt F4 which might be the problem.

Does anyone have tips about the cars setup cos I’m just using default settings at the moment?


Wow! Even 2 1/2 rolls, I’m impressed :smiley:
I think this stunt man award really needs to be a weekly thing now. The rail grind of Pylinaer was also great (and a little lucky I might add :stuck_out_tongue: )


Oh damn that’s some spin you got going there. Py’s rail grind was great too and since he came out of it intact it gets my stunt driving nomination so far.

For car setups I think I’m using this one
I’ve largely found Porkhammer’s set ups pretty decent so far. I would advice going into the setup menu, load up a workshop preset then mark the standards out and read what each line does. Compare the standard to the workshop setup and try to get an idea of what they were trying to accomplish. Then run a shakedown with a few different setups with that in mind and see if you can tell what effect it had.

I find that this setup makes the car feel heavier somehow, more stable. Probably accomplished by the lower acceleration of the really long gear ratios and the differentials. It also gives you a ridiculously high top speed, though you’ll rarely reach it.

What set ups do the rest of you use? I’d greatly like to see them if you don’t mind.


Yeah it gets my vote too. So smooth and perfect right in front of the finish like a real stunt.


Thanks for all the tips. I managed this with the new setup!


I love how one of the spectators is just clapping in awe of this magnificent feat.


I finished a run!

You guys are all doing so great, I am happy that I beat the delta, but boy do you have some impressive times. Good job everyone!




Nice one Maoski. GG.
I really like the mix of all the flags in your picture. So cool that we can all come together and race each other from the comfort of our own country.
I’m also glad it’s a video game otherwise I’d be suffering terrible guilt and remorse at having repeatedly killed my co-pilot and a bunch of spectators. Oh well…vroom vroom!


I really want to shave off 2 more seconds and join the :44 group, but this is the best I could manage today. Didn’t even get any good stunts pulled, though this run does have one hand stand into cartwheel and ace ventura class parking job that still left the car intact enough to continue the run.

I would like to remind everyone about the league and the new season I started this week. So far only @vandem has attempted this weeks set, I do hope he wont be the only one.


if i remember right we do have 2 weeks for that, right? so in that case I think I might do it this weekend, as I do want to, and it also suits me better. I used to never play Dirt Rally the way we do it now (constantly repeating tracks for better times) and used to always just drive whatever stage i was in and move on to the next one (I would restart sometimes, yes, if i immediately messed up big, but the amount of restarts is limited to 5 anyways, i think, and i’d only rarely do it regardless), so I’ll just be driving the way i enjoy it: one and done, so this suits me better too


There’s 2 events, one for each week. You have to finish the first 5 stages this week and the next 5 stages next week.


I’m working on it. So far with a slightly different and shorter gear ratio I have improved by about 6 seconds over the first two splits but then I mess up the last half. I’m consistently better now during the first half so just need to perfect the next part. I’m hoping to reduce my time by 8 seconds over all.


ok, I’ll try to find some time for that at night


03:40.907 some improvement



I also did the League and ended up 15s behind. all from the night round.



not sure what happened to the sound.

and one of my old times:


Getting there, not the 8 seconds I was hoping for but I think I know where I’m braking unnecessarily. There are at least 3 corners I can take flat out (thanks @Pylinaer).

edit: Just improved to 3.41.791 hardly worth a screenshot for -00:00.033.


You are breathing down my neck :smiley: