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Chrono Rally League 🏁


You guys are running some really impressive times here, you’re improving before I can even catch up to your previous results. Spent yesterday and this morning trying to reach 44 and now you’re all approaching the 30’s. Will @Vandem stand for @Pylinaer taking the current top spot?

I’d like some input on what you would like to do for next week, any car pools that seem alluring or fun maps you’re aware of, because I’m at a bit of a loss at this point.


I’ve been having a blast on the hill climb in the modern car. It’s something different and gets the old ticker going!
Or perhaps you could just go with the option to randomly generate an event, whatever track and cars come up, that’s what we use.


I see you went for the nose grind again at the end :laughing:


Well I majorly screwed up the league events. Wrecked my car pretty badly on Hämelahti, ended up running the last segment and a half on front rims ended up taking a good 10m30s to crawl across the finish line. Luckily enough you do get to put on new tires between stages even without a repair station.

Continued on and got through stage 2 reasonably well, very slowly though. Wrecked out again early on stage 3, ruined my radiator completely so my engine was overheating through out most of that run had a puncture to repair as well as many minor crashes.
Stage 4: Finally I get to repair things!

Just the radiator, huh? And just a quick patchjob at that. At least I have my lights.

I think stage 4 was the best executed of my attempts as stage 5 would again bring a long series of crashes. Had two punctures, repaired one of them but still ended up running on rims for most of the last stage.

In the end I did manage to finish this week’s event but I’m 10 minutes behind everyone else.


Congrats to @Pylinaer for beating my time. I won’t attempt to knock you off the throne this week.

But I did have Oksala showing up during my current championship with 70’s cars so I gave it my best try to see how well I can do on the same track but with a different car (Opel Kadett). I also recorded it this time:

On the way there I might have caused some damage…

edit: @DontBeSilly hmm, strange. for me it’s normal. I looked if I could change something in the youtube settings, but didn’t find anything.
Well, except for some interesting auto caption interpretations of the pace notes:
image (I didn’t run poor Bob over, I swear)


Might be just me but your video keeps on slowing down and then speeding up and that repeats every 5 or so seconds.

EDIT : @Vandem Yup, viewed it from a different PC and it runs just fine so it was my browser/PC acting up.


100% Damage. Every single piece of your car, wrecked. That’s impressive.


Stunt time


How the hell did that landing happen? Looked like you just magnetically stuck to the ground, how did that not bouncy you all over the place?

The game does have a few weaknesses in the physics simulation, some times to your advantage it would seem.


Does my driving style indicate to you that I know what I’m doing? Cool, I’ll take it.


Best time so far 03:36.341


So I did the league to get back into the groove of things. Did not go as well as I’d hoped, a lot of crashes and I accidentally pressed recover when I was chatting on steam on one track. Still good fun and managed to finish alive.


Last track is super fun and quick though!


Happy to see you back and competing @Doomy. Reminder to everyone else you need to finish the first 5 stages before tonight, I think the time ended up around 3 or 4 GMT.

So the two suggestions I’ve seen so far for next week is 80s cars in wales, though @DontBeSilly seems to have retracted it? Or Hill climb. Still open to suggestions, I’ve only once tried hill climb myself and it’s insanity, but I suppose it could be fun to give a proper go at.


Insanity you say? Bring it on. My vote is for hill climb. Should be lots of fun.


brap brap


Such a good time. :clap::clap: In the Subaru as well! That car feels so weird to me, like really heavy or something. GG for taming the beast.


This week was certainly full of excitement and competition, everyone did a great job improving their times all week and then @doomy slides in at the end to steal the top spot, congratulations, hugely impressive! Special mention goes out to @NME1 this week for marked personal improvements, fighting it out at the top of the board for the first time, well done!

Week 43 Oksala
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Subaru Impreza 95 03:31.474
2 Pylinaer Lancia Integrale 03:34.508
3 NME1 Lancia Integrale 03:36.341
4 Vandem Lancia Integrale 03:36.941
5 DontBeSilly Lancia Integrale 03:40.907
6 Frag-ile Lancia Integrale 03:46.974
7 M00 Subaru Impreza 95 04:00.390
8 YQMaoski Subaru Impreza 95 04:23.198

Now we’ve had enough fun with our nice 4WD, modernly equipped and safety regulated cars. No more proper road surfaces either, theme for week 44 is suffering so we’re heading to Wales and we’re doing it in 80’s fashion.

Bidno Moorlands seems to be a stage designed for the audience. There’s a decent mix of straights and hard corners, there’s a straight up slalom segment out on the moor that I’m sure once figured out could result in some fancy looking driving. Add to that a couple of water traps that probably look real cool from a good distance, a big drifting curve and you’ve got some pretty entertaining motorsports going on.

80s cars, as I’ve been lead to believe are nightmares in mechanical form, but it’s possible they’ve been a little over hyped. We’ve got ourselves a BMW for the first time and since we’re on a rally course no one is even going to mind it if you’re not using your indicators. Something feels a bit weird about it’s center of gravity to me, it flips real easy and once it’s on the side it just stays there. The Ford is as usual the heaviest car of the lot which makes it feel more stable and grounded, but throwing it’s weight around in the corners will take some effort. The french tried to make a Mini with the Renault 5 Turbo and I think they might have pulled it off. It’s a very light small car but thanks to it’s mid engine, I think, it feels stable but still very nippy.

Additionally the 2nd season of our online league enters week 2 with a fully random selection of stages and conditions. Here we’re still using Group A vehicles however so it might be a good idea to tackle this first before starting out and getting used to the 80s cars. I wish you all luck in getting through this one and I hope to hear your thoughts on it at the end.

Chrono Rally League’s week 44 Halloween event is now open.

Good luck everyone!



I cannot, for the love of all things get the Renault to do anything except stall and lose front wheel traction on the hairpins.

Either it sits at stupid low RPMs and refuses to accelerated until it basically hits 0 MPH and then accelerates like a 90 year old woman’s sedan until it remembers it’s a freaking rally car at 2000 RPM.

OR it just continues to move the back wheels with the front one just pushing dirt, requiring you to fully stop the vehicle to get it to actually turn.

The BMW can’t get out of it’s own way. The Ford is slightly better but has the same problem.

Personal (annoyed) opinion. These cars are shite.


I probably won’t be doing too much driving this week, but I am happy to beat the Delta. :smiley:


The only way to handle these cars that I found is to be super careful with the accelerator. You have to start everything you do at 10% and only press harder once you feel traction, press too hard too fast and you lose traction and just spin on the spot.