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Chrono Rally League 🏁




Tried my luck with the league first, ended up with a result that should be familiar to @Fraggles

Wales went a little better fortunately


Did you get a weird hissing noise coming from the car? I had that for the last couple of stages previous week and it wasn’t fixed with the radiator.


Haven’t attempted the last two stages yet but didn’t hear anything particularly weird. Just a lot of smoke when the car stood still. Well, maybe the occasional death screams from the crowd but I’ve gotten used to that by now.


“The radiator has taken a knock.”




For the League.

It’s a good thing I don’t record my mic, because at 11:34 I was 100% yelling “THAT’S A LOAD OF BULLSHIT! WTF.”


I just finished the league. Decided to drive slowly in wales because that track is death. Ended up driving all the stages safely and noticed I was up 20s everywhere except Germany. Seems like @Fraggles got you guys good with the track selection :stuck_out_tongue:


This ain’t easy. I’d like to say that the reason I’m using the renault is because my dad had this exact car with body kit and all when I was a kid and it brings back cool memories but it’s not the case. I simply cannot get the other cars to go round corners :laughing: I also like how this game is so true to real life in that there are no sunny options for wales.


First time driving just about all of the tracks actually. I remembered bits of the greece ones I had run with the 70s cars just after the first week.


OMG why did it do that to you? That’s a true Alt-F4 moment in my book.




3:26.258 Lots of improvements to be made still imo.


Great time , as always :slight_smile:


I’m having great difficulty with RWD in general and hairpins are a nightmare. I can’t figure them out. I might as well head into them straight, whack on brakes and handbrake and reverse out at an angle while swinging out a 180. None of these cars want to go round corners for me properly. Despite various approaches, I can’t tame the RWD cars.




A bit more aggressive and apply some handbrake gently. Keep it in the right gear, 1 or 2 depending on gear setup, and keep the throttle at 30%ish.

Does this help?


Thanks buddy. I’m going to keep practising. Never really thought I’d get into a rally game but I’m enjoying this quite a bit.


When we’re all experienced sim rallyers, and when we are all done with DiRT Rally we can head into Richard Burns Rally and have some real fun :smiley:

I ran through the track in the Renault, definitely the faster car. Not my best driving and the video is a bit choppy but here’s a 3:23.858. Sub 3:20 definitely possible since I was behind 2 seconds on first split.


Could have been about 6 seconds faster than this if I hadn’t forgotten about one of the hairpins! Still struggling with them but a lot better now thanks to @Doomy