Chrono Rally League 🏁


I saw @YQMaoski review this on steam.

Low poly rally league anyone!?:grinning:


I absolutely suck at it, but I would join. :slight_smile:


I tried it for a moment in beta and didn’t much enjoy it, I heard they were working on many of the issues I had with it but no idea how it turned out in the end. Wouldn’t buy it for myself unless it shows up in a bundle some day.


Turning off steam overlay does the trick.

Edit: nvm, it seems i cant read , lol.


Hmm… Might be difficult to achieve without doing so. I dislike those progress-counting non-achievement pop ups as well and would like to know too!


I just tried it for a bit, but no first person cam? I also wasn’t able to set controls for my xbox controller so idk, not for me. Shame because I think there’s potential in a no-nonsense graphics rally game


That was my big complaint is that the lowest chase cam was still too high for me. I wanted the headcam or a dash cam. Even bumper cam would have been fine, but everything is from above, so I had a bit of trouble with it.


Lucky yellow car.


Wow, that’s a 40 MB gif…maybe hide it under a click to reveal with a data warning.

But seriously, super lucky car, lol!


that explains the 1 FPS playback until it fully loaded.

I usually use Imgur for that type of stuff.


I have reuploaded compressed version which is around 8mbs , i cant get it down any lower though :slight_smile:


Yeah, it loads a lot faster now, good stuff.


Cool :slight_smile: i never really noticed the size of it but it is just me being a privileged prick with a good internet i guess…



That is without a doubt the cheapest it’s ever going to get. Get it now if you can!
It’s even worth it if you have the base game already and just want to pick up the DLC.


It’s almost sold out, so if anyone wants one, should go grab it soon:



Oh just casually barrel rolling.


I bet that looked cool in spectator cam


Actually this view from inside the car ( the way i play the game ) looked best to me. I took several other gifs with different camera options but since it was kind of dark none of them looked very nice or sharp for that matter.