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Chrono Rally League 🏁


And my times in the first Dirt Rally would be classed as good if the car I was driving was a Robin Reliant that had lost its front wheel. Yeah, I’m pretty crap :wink:


It’s 100 gigs, I uninstalled DR1 as well :confused:


Chrono Rally League


I saw that the other day, looks like the car was lowered too far so when he started to bounce the undercarriage scraped reducing his ability to both steer and slow down. Though he was also probably going in a bit too fast into that S section.

Was glad to see they were both alright at the end.

The clip I saw, has a couple of other camera angles.


Car stability is important. It’s still crazy the way they drive! Imagine every experiencing every in-game roll you’ve had IRL!


That’s exactly what LT and B are for. Keep trying to tell these IRL drivers but they don’y listen.



free if u bought season 1+2 or 3+4 or any deluxe edition



I don’t know how the math works out. All I know is I already had season 1+2, and somehow i’m getting 3+4 for $18 instead of the $30 store price, which is pretty sweet. I’m sure it makes sense somehow, I guess.


apparently this is the price for everyone, for all 4 seasons, so that’s a hell of a deal guys


I am so excited for this! Definitely am ready to plunk some time now to get used to this game… haha…

So far, only 0.5 hours, but now with the additional cars and tracks… I am sure another 0.5 hours are coming up really soon! :man_facepalming:


That deal is pretty well hidden. You have to go to the page of the undiscounted Season 3+4 DLC to even see the “year one pass” upgrade option. Might be worth it though, thanks for the heads up.


They gotta keep it hidden when the Deluxe Upgrade (S1+2) and Deluxe 2 (S3+4) combined is cheaper at full price than the Deluxe 2 upgrade alone… Whatever thing they are trying to pull here is beyond me. I am just happy to get the upgrade for a good price… :smiley:


I’ve never seen that thing before either, lol. I also still feel the math is completely wrong on this and so i wonder if there’s some type of mistake here.


@Doomy this might be of interest to you as well, possibly


I bought the package and now have ALL the DLC except, for some reason, the Opel Kadette. The DLC claims it’s for an “early unlock” is the car in the game already but you have to unlock it some how?

Why the hell couldn’t they have just tossed this one into the package as well just for completion’s sake?


This is what I found in the comments…It’s for the people who pre-ordered.

"This was a Pre-order Bonus at selected retailers.

Quote from official page:

Exclusive Pre-order Incentives at selected retailers.
Available at selected retailers, players who preorder the game will receive an exclusive Steelbook, and/or the Opel Kadett C GT/E"

But I agree. That’s pretty crappy.


Remember when you could just buy Dirt Rally and get all the cars and tracks?


I still haven’t downloaded the game with my monthly data cap (and exams) :confused: but thanks for the mention.


That’s rly a pointless dlc anyways, the only thing it does is immediately add that car to your garage instead of you buying it from a dealer.

That’s why it says early unlock @delenn13


Now that I have access to some of the old maps I can make a more accurate comparison between how Dirt 2 and Dirt Rally feels to drive. So I loaded up one of the stages I really enjoyed a lot and know fairly well from last season, Kotasjärvi.

Though I forgot which car I was using last time so I picked one I also remember enjoying a lot in finland, the Lancia HF integrale.

First attempt in Dirt 2.

Polished personal best in Dirt Rally

The polo is certainly a faster car, but I think most of the time was wasted in spinning out 3 times. Dirt 2 is also far more lenient in penalty for killing your audience, a mere 4s compared to Dirt rally’s 15.

The sensations of driving was very similar, maybe a little more floaty in 2 but the issue I’ve had before where I’ve felt like 2 was much slower did not seem to be the case here. The sense of speed on this track was very much similar to how it felt in the first game. I really miss being able to download community created tuning profiles though. They’re how I learnt what little I did figure out about tuning and Dirt 2 has a lot more options that means even less to me than the first game.

Also not a fan of the steam achievements that count how many times you do something trivial on any new map because it results in a never ending spam of achievement popups ever time you bounce the car, change gear, slide a little or whatever the hell is going on. I don’t have time to read what they’re on about. I don’t want to disable steam overlay entirely, can I just stop achievement popups?