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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Passed the track with flying colors!!


Monaco’s mountain roads might be in impeccable condition but being so narrow they demand high precision driving, @DontBeSilly showed us how to thread the needle and posted his 2nd weekly win, congratulations.

Week 51 Route de Turini Descente
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 DontBeSilly Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 02:29.327
2 Doomy Audi Sport Quattro Rallye 02:31.443
3 Frag-ile Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 02:32.010
4 NME1 Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 02:34.943
5 Pylinaer Lancia Delta S4 02:36.843
6 YQMaoski MG Metro 6R4 03:02.209

Last week we had to exercise great control and constraint over these beastly machines so this week we will release them onto the fields of Baumholder and give them some space to push their limits.

This week’s another long one, Ruschberg does have a few good long stretches but they vanish quickly with the speed of these cars. There are also a lot of square turns and hairpins, this is a track that will really test your skills at handling your vehicle in every aspect. I believe this stage rewards the best driver among us, not necessarily the one who has the most time to practice the map. As you might have surmised we’re sticking with Group B 4WD for this.

As the year comes to an end I will now announce the opening of the final week of the Chrono Rally league. This event has been a lot of fun to organize and I think I can call the goal I had at the start met with great success. I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who have participated and helped make this so much fun.

This final week will be open until the end of the year so that anyone who might want to participate can find the time in between family, food and festivities.

Again thank you so much everyone, happy holidays and drive safely out there.


This is what I had in mind with the group B tarmac idea before, should be loads of fun. Thanks for organizing @Fraggles, congratulations @DontBeSilly and happy holidays everyone.




Nice. It’s a beast of a car, so much power.


So here it is then, final time :slight_smile: 06:12.901

I would like to thank you @Fraggles for taking time every week and organizing this rally league for us :slight_smile: It was a blast and Dirt Rally is now officially driving gaming which i have played for longest amount of time ( because i get bored of them pretty quickly ) and that’s all your doing lol :smiley:

Also thanks to everyone who have participated over months and kept me on my toes, especially @Doomy with your literally unbeatable times :smiley:

Cheers everyone and happy holidays to all of you fellow drivers! I hope we will meet on some track once again.


I got some work to put in on this track!!

Finally managed to finish in the Ford


Finally had some time to get back to this track now been trying the Peugeot for a bit but I just can’t make it not spin out in every corner, its just too light for me to get control over.
The Lancia however seems to offer a better balance though lighter it is not as powerful and seems to stay on the road better.

Still spin out a lot, especially in square turns coming in after any of the faster spaces, can’t find the right way to slow it down calmly.


I’ve managed to polish my time a bit over the last 2 days and I’m so close to catching up, but I keep either hitting a rock or spinning out in one or more corners.

Reminder that you have until Tuesday 31st to post your times.


Leagues is currently down…?


I don’t know.
I can find the league and it claims to still have 7 members, but I do not appear to be one of them and I can’t access it to manage it. Don’t know if it’s the system janking out or if it’s been shut down from inactivity.


I try.

Got stuck on the rocks twice, oof… poor metro…


I don’t feel like you really put the full effort you could have into that time @doomy still a couple of hours left to take that final #1 spot.

Though if you’re not going to do it I guess I’ll try.

I’d hate for it to be due to you just not bothering to challenge me for it though.

Backseat cam where you can really see all the terrible mistakes I still make this run. This time I take a lot of corners way too carefully, some times to the point of hitting the inside rocks and once having to back out losing several seconds.

Action cam version that just lest me look kind of cool. I really like the action replay camera setup this game has, I think I’ve mentioned before but it makes even mediocre driving look awesome.


I procrastinated a weeks worth of studying, I’m trying to catch up. It’s a fun stage but I can’t dedicate multiple hours of time to it right now!




Happy new year everyone.
Beginnings and endings, for either to exist the other is required and today has come the time to end the Chrono Rally League, at least for now. Congratulations to @pylinaer for managing to bring these two points in time closer together than any one else did this last week and finally managed to get himself the #1 spot, well done. Also congratulations to @doomy for the most first placements with 9 wins out of our 16 weeks, followed by @Vandem with 3, @doomy certainly dominated the score boards and gave us all something to aspire towards.

Week 52 Ruschberg
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Pylinaer Lancia Delta S4 05:59.685
2 Frag-ile Lancia Delta S4 06:10.951
3 DontBeSilly Lancia Delta S4 06:12.901
4 Doomy MG Metro 6R4 06:27.334
5 onLooSe Lancia Delta S4 06:38.967
6 NME1 Ford RS200 06:46.433

Again my heart felt thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this event I’ve had a lot of fun driving with you all and I would probably never have played this game at all had you not supported the effort I put into this by participating.

Should any of you be left with a desire to keep driving then I would strongly recommend checking out the daily and weekly challenges the game offers many of them are a lot of fun. I will most likely dip into them every now and then, once I’ve taken an extended break.

Finally as an afterword to any future readers.
Should someone come across this thread and be inspired to try this game themselves I would strongly recommend you do. This game is hard to pick up, it may feel impossible to move these cars reliably even down a straight path but it really rewards the patience and effort you put into it. If you try and want to share your results, troubles, questions or thoughts with others I welcome you to post them here no matter how long it’s been.

And so the games end thank you everyone, once again.


Thanks to you and everyone else for the fun times racing and crashing! Happy new year to you all too.


Dirt Rally 2.0 League Incoming???

(by way of Humble)


I think I am going to be switching the games myself. Though I have to uninstall 1 to make room for 2…

I am glad I resisted almost buying the game in the last two sales, and now it’s on humble, I will definitely claim my copy. :smiley:


I have had Dirt Rally for a while now, and as from 15 minutes ago, Dirt Rally 2. I don’t think I could join this group of Alpha competitive males though, back-stabbing and passive aggressively smiting your foes. I’M KIDDING! Jeezuz :wink: