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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Damn… I suck :smiley:


Haha, you dont! This is really tricky track. It;s enough to just graze a snow and you best case scenario spin around 3 times and lose 10 seconds or worst case scenario keep on going north until you reach north pole and visit polar bears.


That’s actually not bad at all and with a front wheel drive car at that. You’d probably be faster if you shifted up your gears instead of redlining the engine in first and second so much. I also think you might want to go a little lighter on the gas in the first section, throttle at 25-50% first instead of slamming it right out of the corners. You do seem to temper the accelerator in the later half so I’m sure you know what you’re doing.

If you got up into 3rd quickly at the start, hit 4th before 2nd corner, drop down back to 3rd going in, half throttle coming out of it back up to 4th and I think you’d have more power giving more control allowing for higher speed.

The finish is great though, you took the last section of the track really well and I have not yet finished a run where I have not hit the leftmost goalpost.


My man fraggles hitting goal(post)s!


Seems to be limit of what i can do on this track .



Well done everyone, I think we can confidently say the challenge posed by Swedish snow to have been met. Congratulations to @Doomy for taking the first spot with a decisive lead over the competition.

Week 50 Elgsjön
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 03:40.207
2 DontBeSilly Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X 03:44.207
3 NME1 Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 03:50.807
4 Frag-ile Lancia Delta HF Integrale 03:54.257
5 onLooSe Peugeot 306 Maxi 04:03.347
6 Pylinaer Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X 04:03.840

After indulging me to playing around in the snow for a week I thought I’d reward you all with some tarmac to run on and so we’re heading to Monaco again.

Route de Turini Descente is a short sprint but there’s not a lot of straight bits to it, only a few hairpins but when the road is this narrow even a 4 feels dangerous. This track is going to reward tight control and razor sharp timings. So 4wd is going to be nice to have, I’m sure you’d also like a good bit of power to quickly accelerate out of the corners and take best advantage of the short straights offered. Sounds like a job for Group B 4WD.

We appreciate power. Lets see if you can hold on to the reins of these beasts and wrangle them through tight quarters.

Week 51 of the Chrono Rally League opens to the roar of engines through mountain tunnels.
Have fun everyone and try not to die now.


I’m glad I could fill in for @YQMaoski on bringing up the rear of the pack.

Also @CoralineCastell, r u gon use that copy of dirt u got?


Well, I tried to run this course on several occasions and ended up with DNF… I just didn’t have a time to share. Kept on getting into a tussle with the compacted snow banks… So really, I was still dead last.

I just don’t enjoy the iced over scene that much and didn’t try to push on though. After I had a really bad accident a couple of years ago in really icy conditions, I have generally avoided driving as much as possible in the snow/ice.


Here’s a non-Retired result to start… :smiley:


Oh, @Fraggles this week’s track and car combination is going to be a proper laugh i can tell you that much .



Dang son I really want to but I’m planning two trips, writing to papers and busying my nights with drinking myself to death with friends lmao I seriously haven’t been home for more than 3 hours at a time for the past 5 days lmao


The time in your screenshot is from a championship I did. Have not competed yet but will probably do so soon :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck everyone




This track is hilarious with these cars. I’m not so much driving as I’m more of a pachinko ball bouncing down the mountain. Managed a decent time still, without a single bit of good driving involved.



I keep trying other cars but I’m most comfortable with the audi…


I have a hard time keeping the smaller Peugeot or Lancia from bouncing off the walls, the Quattro is so big and bulky I fear it’ll just plain get stuck in some parts.




It was tough trying to keep straight on the straight bits. This car feels really light and I had difficulty keeping it under control. Slightly behind @Fraggles with 02:34.943


I tried so many times to get this ping pong ball of a car down the mountain without crashing horribly. I could do the first part up to 3s faster than my previous record I just couldn’t keep it steady through the rest of it. Funny enough it was the 4 corner into the tunnel and the 5 on the straight bit after it that I tended to spin out in and crash, not all the 2s and 3s leading up to it. Though I probably wasted 10s on taking all those hairpins like an idiot.

I finally managed to get the car through with a slightly better time this morning, still didn’t manage to catch up to @doomy.

Some times barely managed chaos did seem faster than tight control and neat maneuvering, some times you don’t get to pick between them.

My finish left a little to be desired:

The stage complete message appeared before the “car destroyed” message, so it counts!