Chrono Rally League 🏁


I tried the Citroen out after your recommendations, it is a very mellow car. It’s decently fast but its’ acceleration feels kind of soft like it’s putting it’s power in gradually as you need it rather than dump it all into your lap right away like the Quattro does.

Had a pretty good run going there but messed it up on the bit after the deceptive left 3. My best time is still with the first try Polo run.


Stock settings. Decent car this one.


Who would like to join me in the under 03:50 club??


Oh! We’re doing Kotajärvi? I think I will.


Nice @doomy beating out @NME1 from his first potential top placement by 100ms.
I finally managed a run where I only crash a little bit and stray off the road two or three times. Probably losing about 2-3s at most to slowing down from those events.

This track is fun but it requires a deceptive level of concentration, there’s just no part of it that’s plain easy sailing.


Finland again turns out to be a really good time, but all things must end and so does week 49. @NME1 managed to eke out an early lead for himself and presented some good times only to be overtaken in the last minutes by @doomy just barely edging him out and off the top spot. Congratulations to @doomy again and well done to both of you, very good show.

Week 49 Kotajärvi
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Ford Fiesta RS Rally 03:49.557
2 NME1 Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 03:49.657
3 Frag-ile Volswagen Polo Rally 03:53.423
4 Pylinaer Subaru Impreza 2001 04:01.540
5 DontBeSilly Audi Sport Quattro 04:03.490

Sweden has long stood as an out of reach challenge that just seems impossible to grasp so this week we’ll have another go at it.

Elgsjön (Not to be confused with Älgsjön) is a bit longer than the last Swedish stage we tried, but it has some wider stretches and also a couple of really decent straights where you can unleash your power. Just make sure you’re able to keep it steady for the turns beyond. As with every other Swedish stage however the main hazard is not so much the lack of grip but the snow banks on the side which will grab you and throw you into a roll if you’re going too fast.

The 2010 cars proved very pleasant and fun to drive, so we’re banning them this week. Feel free to pick anything else you fancy, though I would recommend going for something with 4WD, for example:
Group B - A lot of power and low weights makes for very fast cars, but can you control them well enough to use that advantage?
Group A - Weaker but more clever cars, slower but steadier and with more gears to make the power output more even.
2000 - Still very good cars, almost as comfortable as the 2010s, can the other groups stand up to them?
Every other group is open, so if you do prefer front or rear wheel drive then go right ahead.

The Swedish Rally runs in January, so we’re starting early before all the pros get here. Week 50 of the Chrono Rally is now open.

Show us what you can do!


@Doomy I knew you’d drop in at last minute and claim top spot. I was hoping you would so I could see what time you got and I’m happy to see you beat me by the skin of your teeth. That means I got a decent time so I’m happy in 2nd place. GG. I think I know which car I will be using this week but that all depends on the track I suppose. We shall see when I put a time in tomorrow when I return from work. Good luck everyone and hopefully @YQMaoski will join us this week :smiley:


Not by choice unfortunately, drowning in work atm, send help. You did get a great time in though, I kept crashing near the end where the sign is on the outside of the corner, I’m sure you know which corner I’m talking about. You did it in the 2007 focus too… damn


Help incoming: I advise filing every under F for floor and kicking it under your desk then proceeding to pretend it never came your way to begin with. Some sort of communication error on someone else’s part tends to work well as an excuse.



@YQMaoski @Vandem @onLooSe Join us this week ,guys :wink:


I’ve tried out a handful of cars today. Had a decent go with the Citroen C4 Rally 2010 as it’s a pretty stable and inoffensive car but it really cuts into the snow drifts and gets thrown easily.

A Citroën frolicking in the snow.

So I figured I’d give the Quattro a try and I actually beat my best citroen time with it almost straight away and got myself the community delta achievement.

Then I decided to go back to an old favourite, the Lancia Delta HF Integrale and it’s surprisingly fun to drive in the snow. though it has some frolicking desires as well.

Look at it rolling around enjoying the snow.

I’ve found that the audience is a bit of a nuisance on this track though. The hairpin is very tightly occupied making any mistakes in it an instant 15s punishment, but these guys also needs to leave:

I would totally have landed that one!

Did get a pretty good time with the Lancia after a couple of attempts.


Clipped that dude’s leg.

Gotta get the work done right for once in my life.


Here’s my first entry. I really like this car, it’s stock settings are great.


My frolicking entry. I’m sure there’ll be more fun in the snow this week. Here I got stuck and kicked up some snow only to reset and get covered in it. Reminds me of a snow globe.


Since I’m in the spirit of breaking your times by a just a tiny bit…

Can definitely be done faster but those snowbanks are death.





I really like this car, did a bit of snowbanking but still managed to improve



Not fair, your car is newer…

Jokes aside, great time :slight_smile: I dont think i have a chance of pulling anything like that.


I did some pretty good runs in the 2001 version too :slight_smile: The suby is too bulky for me on this track.

I was trying out some group B, pretty underwhelming grip, we should really do some peugot group B on tarmac sometime @Fraggles