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Chrono Rally League 🏁


I cheated in this time(turned up the brightness to learn the track). Tried a few more runs and got some fast ones but crashed near the end every time. I hereby disqualify myself


Dont give up , dude. You should be able to do something around 04:10 in my estimation.


My Gosh. I just can’t do it. This track is so hard I fail every time. How you guys are making it to the finish with lights I have no idea…GG though. This one got me good.


Well I spent the first day pretty much running real slow with the only goal being to get to the end with my lights intact. Once I pulled that off twice I started trying to do it with some speed involved at which point I immediately cut 15s off the first section and then crashed.

Kept doing that for a bit and after far too many tries I finally got across the line, but as I showed, not without cocking up the finish.

Also I wouldn’t consider it cheating if you want to practice running in daytime, setting your time with maximum brightness settings I don’t know that kind of defeats the purpose a little.


Sometimes I use shadows as a brakepoints so it helps to do it in night mode and turn up the brightness.

That’s ambitious.


It seems this night time romp through the mountainsides of Greece was not attractive to many of us, though this does not discount the solid victory of @DontBeSilly, wholehearted congratulations on such an impressive time and finally breaking @Doomy’s winning streak, even if he self-disqualified. @Pylinaer as always putting a solid respectable time on the board while making it look easy no matter what difficulties are piled on top.

Week 48 Abies Koiláda (night)
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 DontBeSilly Hyundai Rally 04:19.656
2 Pylinaer Ford Fiesta RS Rally 04:30.939
3 Frag-ile Ford Fiesta RS Rally 04:47.421

It’s quite frankly been raining here for just about 2 months straight, today was the first day I’ve seen the sun so I really don’t fancy driving into another rain storm. So we’re heading back to Finland and some brief pleasant weather.

Kotajärvi is a medium length track with a lot of softer turns across dips and crests though this one also have some nice open fields to get lost in. This track quickly reminded me of an ancient Swedish dad joke. “Vart tog vägen vägen? Vi är ute på en åker och åker”. So don’t do that!

For this week I’m going to allow free pick of cars, drive whichever car you fancy and show us the best you can do in your favourite vehicle.

Week 49 of the Chrono Rally League will be a bit more easy going and relaxed affair in the hopes of seeing a few more willing participants.

Have fun and good luck.


How did you know pogo stick at 7000RPM is my fav?


Could’ve sworn I removed the bhp stats for all 3, must have ended up on a layer I ended up not showing in the end export.

I went to my garage and brought out a couple of my past favourite vehicles, ran one shakedown attempt to get a basic grip of it again then did a one take run for each.

The Opel kadette has so much power in the rear wheels they constantly try to overtake the front ones. Torque steering is something that happens to front wheel cars so I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it’s always trying to veer off one way or another.

The car I used on other Finland maps and it’s clearly well suited for the map, or it’s just a great car in general.

The polo is behaving itself a lot more on Finnish gravel than it does on Greek gravel for some reason. Though stats wise there’s barely any difference between group A and 2010 cars I’m not sure how they differ.

How is this your favourite car @NME1? It’s awful in every way. It’s so damn noisy, feels really heavy and being driven on the right side it’s really weird to get used to. There’s also something about the interior that makes headcam feel like you’re not going straight, you have to drive the car slightly on an angle. Might be better in chase or front cam.


I just like the look and the sound of the Mitsubishi. Right hand drive is no problem for me because I use bumper cam and also I’m British so we have RHD cars here. I shall give it a go but I have a feeling I might do better with the Peugeot 306. I now have 5 days off work so I have time to attempt it in a few cars.


fixed that for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I might post a time tomorrow. not happening tonight.


4:01.540. definitely could’ve gotten less than four. almost ate some trees right before the finish.


I like this track, great fun and I like this car too, just a random pick but it’s super sweet.

This is my first time which featured two crashes so I feel lots of room to improve.


Well, since this week we are not limited to what cars we can choose from only logical thing would be to choose newest , most powerful and stable car … but where’s fun in that?

I whwholeheartedly accept my defeat this week but i really wanted to try this car from the day 1 of Chrono Rally League. So all the way back from the 80’s i’ve picked Audi Quatro Rally.

While this car isint one of my favorite classic rally cars it might be the most important one because it was first rally car to introduce 4WD which changed the game completely and suddenly everyone had to eat Audi’s dust , it won championship after championship until competition adopted 4WD as well.

Here’s my time in this grandpa.



Nice. The quattro does sound like fun.


It was ,what i mean that i was waiting to pick this car from the day 1 , given @Fraggles chose this category for the week.


Try the Citroen C4 Rally 2010 and lower front and rear ride height to 0.79 inches. Awesome car in my opinion. Handles really well.


This is how I’ve been feeling a lot on recent attempts:

@DontBeSilly I tried out the quattro and damn that thing sure has power in it. I feel like one could get a pretty competitive time with it if you figured out how to get it through corners. Once you find an even slightly straight line it shoots off like a rocket.


Had a fairly clean run with only hairpin issues and a couple of hiccups. This time I remembered the massive jump followed by immediate left!


First try in the 306 exactly 1 second slower that the C4.


First try and WOW the Quattro is Superb. Forget everything I said about the Citroen lol.