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Chrono Rally League 🏁




Pretty quick in the polo, I cannot get that thing to brake in any good way. How do you do it?


Well i’m 4secs behind you so i cant say i’m doing it ‘in any good way’ but i just dont go for anything fancy. Polo has quite decent acceleration so i often just slow down keeping it steady by applying some acceleration while breaking at the same time and just get around those corners in a boring but sure way.


Tried out the Ford today and it feels so much more stable, feels like it grips a lot better than the Polo, but I’m having some issues with understeer.

Managed to score myself an identical time

I’m still ending up crashing both cars, just in different places for different reasons. I feel like I can keep the accelerator down in the Ford harder than I can in the Polo, but the polo is faster on the long straights and quicker out of the sharp turns but the ford handles 4s and 5s better so it provides a more even speed.

Got some pretty great height on this one crash


I am completely amazed at the fact that you got these precise millisecond same times… that’s incredible… You could try the rest of your life and never get that same time again… But for do it twice on the same day…


I think you started up the wrong game. Please shut down kerbal space program and try again.


The Polo time was from last weekend, not the same day. It’s not the first time we see identical times either, I think it was @nme1 had such an occurrence a few weeks ago too. At which point I theorized the game doesn’t actually keep track of time in an entirely correct manner since such a precise duplication of results should be highly unlikely and now we’ve seen it happen twice.


Today I gave the mini an attempt and after a few tries I got it around the track with a new personal best to show for it.

But I think it feels almost exactly like the polo to drive so I figured I’d give that another go this evening and managed to improve on that time just a tiny bit.


Channelled my inner @YQMaoski and @Fraggles to get these great shots.

Cameraman has not a care in the world. lol.

like really, watch the crash.

And managed to pull this time off. Still a few mistakes so I could do better.


Haven’t had the time to race this week, been working away from home did 55 hrs in 3 days with about 9.5 hrs sleep in total. No point entering another time in my current state…sleeeeepy :sleeping: well done everyone on your awesome times. I shall return for the next instalment instead. GG


@Doomy continues his domination of the leaderboards as week 46 comes to a close, congratulations once again, is there still anyone out there able to challenge this winning streak?

Week 47 Kreuzungsring Reverse (Rain)
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Mini Countryman 02:43.176
2 DontBeSilly Volkswagen Polo Rally 02:46.843
3 Pylinaer Ford Fiesta RS Rally 02:47.843
4 Frag-ile Volkswagen Polo Rally 02:52.559
5 NME1 Volkswagen Polo Rally 03:06.092
6 YQMaoski Ford Fiesta RS Rally 03:15.108

We’ll get out of the rain and cold for a bit this week and head back to Greece again.

Other than rain and cold winter also brings darkness and while Greece might have a good couple of sun hours more than up north it gets really dark at night. So better make sure you bring plenty of headlight fluid to last the week.

Abies Koiláda is a medium length track with a lot of varied turns and corners spaced out with a few decent straight bits. But it’s still not going to let you go too hard and fast as the road is narrow and in a right appalling state. This week is about playing it safe and making sure you keep your headlights intact across the finish line.

I feel that the 2010 cars still have more to offer and I’d like to try them out on a few different road conditions so we’ll be sticking with them for this week as well.

Dust, darkness and random road boulders here to greet you all welcome to Greece for week 48 of the Chrono Rally League.
Yukkuri shiteitte ne!



I must say i’m not huge fan of this track , especially at night but what will you do ,eh ?

So. At the end of the last week i was quite comfortable with Polo so that would be a safe bet to pick this week again but where’s the fun in that? I took Mini for a spin and again , ( same as in Germany ) it just didint click with me so i guess it’s just not for me in general or something. I was left with Fiesta or i20 and since most of you guys got behind wheel of Fiesta i’ve decided to go with the i20 this time , give the underdog some love.

I cant say i love it but it sure feels better than it did in Germany and i think it’s capable of some competitive times.



Do you realize how much you’ve improved, dude? You’re only 9 secs behind the fastest time. That’s fast too. I’m impressed.


Yup, i agree with the moomoo.


Sure I have improved massively, but I’m also hitting a ceiling. I am a consistent percentage slower than @doomy every time and I thought I JUST might catch up to @Pylinaer last week then he goes and sprints another 5s ahead, so much for that!

Only really @NME1 who is still climbing the scoreboard now.


yeah, but that goes for everyone, even Doomy, and I can’t beat him either, for that matter, lol, not when he really goes for it, same with Vandem btw


I really don’t think I’m benefiting from imposing these extra weather conditions, but it certainly makes things interesting. I ran the course a couple of times in the day to practice just trying to get through it without any major crashes but restarted right before finish line in order to not score any high personal bests to beat at night.

I’ve been trying out the Ford on account of being unable to manage the power of the polo last week and not benefiting much from it’s higher top speed here I figured the Ford’s stability would be a greater fit.

Not too shabby for the first day I think.

This rock is absolute evil.

It’s right over a crest that would naturally aim you straight at it. It’s at about 3/4 in, so at this point you’re very invested in the run but there’s still enough of the track left that if this thing takes your lights out, which it will, you’re just screwed.

Here I am now finally on the home stretch, just floor it for that last sprint!

…and ruin everything.


Sometimes I get obsessed over running the track as flawless as I can. I have an inhumane amount of deadlines this week but I’ll try to get a time in anyway :slight_smile: Pretty hard track choice with some pretty fast cars. Glgl everyone


A little bit of improvement.