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Chrono Rally League 🏁


I feel for you. RWD and hairpins are difficult. I understeer often so I’m being mindful of my angle of attack and how much handbrake I apply, just enough to lose traction and then moderate acceleration through the bend. I’ve found that I have to clutch kick if my revs go too low to remind the car that it’s supposed to be moving. @Doomy put up a video couple days ago in this thread that helped me lots.


Yeah I saw it and while I do technically know how to do it, I’m just not pulling it off. Most of the hairpins on this maps comes as a surprise some how, I tend to come in too hot. The one right after the first splash though I’m always too slow in so I have no momentum to swing into it and just under steer into the pit instead.

Here I lie in a ditch, where I belong.


Believe it or not, I started improving after I changed my FOV settings. You might be seeing too much/not enough if that makes sense. It makes a big difference because you start turning based on what you see, I found that by setting my FOV to max and driving in bumper cam gave me the best results. Fiddle with it cos it might make a difference…


Though suffering was intended for this past week most of you continued through hell and came out the other side remarkably quickly. Congratulations to @doomy for once again taking the top spot and I think @dontbesilly, @pylinaer and @NME1 all deserves a shoutout for how much you managed to improve your times this week. It was a great feat to see.

Week 44 Bidno Moorland
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Renault 5 Turbo 03:23.858
2 DontBeSilly Renault 5 Turbo 03:27.941
3 Vandem Renault 5 Turbo 03:29.624
4 Pylinaer Renault 5 Turbo 03:33.508
5 NME1 Renault 5 Turbo 03:36.974
6 M00 Ford Sierra Cosworth 03:55.757
7 Frag-ile Renault 5 Turbo 03:57.357
8 YQMaoski BMW E3O M3 EVO 04:17.356

We’ve played around in the mud of Wales with overpowered rear wheel driven cars, now lets do it with overpowered front wheel drive instead.

Pant Mawr, which is probably not pronounced in any way like it might seem, is a bit more laid back map it has actually straight paths for one but it starts a little tricky with an early 2 and square turn preventing you from getting up to speeds quickly. There’s also another sadistic jump here some where that will throw you into a pile of logs, so watch out for that one.

There’s only 2 cars in this week’s category, F2 Kit cars, and they’re remarkably similar. The SEAT Ibiza is slightly smaller and weaker of the two while the Peugeot has too many useless letters in it’s name and a few more lights on the dashboard. So I doubt it’ll matter much which one you like better.

Our 2nd attempt at an online season concluded this week and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Was the random week engaging enough that you’d like to continue doing this? Should I set up a new season with weekly events for the reminder of the year? Would you prefer the more ‘designed’ approach of setting up in one location at a time over going fully random, should we open up the car selection more and let you go in with anything? Did 5 stages seem like a good number or do you want more, fewer? Would a far longer event with lots and lots of stages be fun? Maybe set up a 3 week event with 15-20 stages in different areas? Let me hear your thoughts and ideas, thank you.

On that note let me welcome everyone back to another week of struggle and competition as week 45 is opened.

Good luck and have fun!


My best time was 03:27.941 actually. I’ll tag you on that post.

edit : i also believe that doomy did something around 03:23


Thank you, I have made the corrections. For some reason I keep mixing you and Doomy up. Terribly sorry about that.


Hehe , np. I guess that D is throwing you off :smiley:


I guess as per usual i will provide first time though i’m pretty sure it wont take long before @Doomy or @Vandem will sneak in and do something like 02:50 :smiley:



03:16.792 2nd attempt.


here’s my time for this week


Tried a few times, made a few incremental improvements and will sit here for now. :smiley: As long as you top leaders to go too far into the sub-3 range, I think I am happy with my relative time in comparison.

By the way, this seems like an appropriate track for @Pylinaer to go for a 03:14.159 score… haha… well, maybe not as a final score, but at least as one to try to hit in passing…


2:49 is my goal now


was having some issues controlling the Ibiza car. Ran the Peugeot a bit and was doing worse, so went back and tuned the Ibiza and got it pretty stable for me.

Churned out this:


Well, I just played a bit more and compared the two cars…

The SEAT Ibiza is smaller, but not necessarily lower powered for this track, it has more smoother accelerating all along to give you a predictable output. It handles easier in the middle of the road and gets better and sharper turns. The car does flip onto two wheels or even turn over with unexpected bumps so it’s better if you can stay in the middle of the road.

The Peugeot 306 seems to have lower center of gravity and giving it a more stable base, hitting bumps isn’t as much of an issue. While it has better power output at higher RPMs of the engine, in first gear it crawls, and the output is not smooth. With wider turning you need to plan ahead for the turns a bit better, and probably get used to the track a bit more.

For those people who cannot stay in the middle of the road and drive in headcam (inside cockpit), it seems to be better to get used to the track in the Peugeot. I personally prefer the more predictable and smoother driving of the SEAT, that is until I hit a bump and I am staring at woods or the asphalt before too long. The car decision plays a bit part here in this, and the Peugeot does regain its driving position a bit faster, so hitting a lot of lumps and bumps makes sense to go with the Peugeot. I just don’t like the extra sputtering noises of the engine and I enjoy the smoother turning in the SEAT.

I still can’t beat my original time either way, so this discussion is just a random soliloquy of my thoughts, and may offer nobody any insight or assistance at all.


I would go into tuning and push the Brake Bias one tick closer to front, push the front diffy stronger a tick or two, shorten the gears, and firm up the rear damping one tick.

See how it goes for you.




I think I’m going to really try both cars out this week. Started with the Peuageauwtx though and got myself a decent time after a couple of completed runs.

I tried a setup that softened the suspension, which I think pretty much every setup I’ve ever seen has done. But it had gear ratios maxed up, which I don’t find useful, in fact I think I’ll go ahead and lower the ratios a bit under the recommended. This run I rarely go above 4th gear, mostly muddle around in 3rd. I don’t feel the lack in power @YQMaoski’s mentioned though and if you watch the video you might see and hear that my RPM meter is generally twitching around 45-75%. I’m not entirely sure how to interpret that information, but with lower gear ratios I think I’ll end up shifting up and down more to keep a better RPM window for more power.


Slight adjustment to shorten gear ratios for 1st to 3rd which helped, I think. I dunno :upside_down_face:
Anyway here’s an 03:08.842

edit: and now 03:04.075 :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m coming for ya, just got a 03:04.075!!


Be my guest haha . I doubt i will have more spare time this week to improve upon my time so feel free to leave me behind :smiley: